The Sword Dynasty

659 Eradication

The uneasiness of the fierce fire comes from the fear of the Bashan sword field and the nine dead silkworms, but the violentness comes from the extreme self-confidence.

He believes that if the Nine Dead Silkworm really has a unique spirit of resurrection, if even the fire that he cultivates can not be eliminated, then no one in the world can eliminate the Nine Dead Silkworm, and more practitioners who are responsible for the destruction of the dead Is useless.

However, when Dahongpao encountered the white robe, and he saw the face of this practitioner, he was shocked and exclaimed, "Prince Yugou!"

Even the night owl, whose consciousness was not very clear, could hear the deep horror in the sound of the blaze.

"Even he came?"

This is the first time that the thought of the night owl came to mind.

The appearance of this white robe practitioner is similar to that of Yuan Wu, because he himself is Yuan Wu's brother, and he is only half-brother.

He was Cheng Jiao, the eighth son of Emperor Qin Xian. After the battle between the imperial prince and Yuan Wu, who was the favorite of the Emperor Xian, failed, Yuan Wu did not become a prince so smoothly.

The original emperor still didn't want to establish Yuanwu as the prince. Even in a draft edict, Cheng Jiao was already selected as the prince of the prince, and he wanted to restrict Yuanwu and Bashan sword field.

There are also many peculiar stories about this prince in the folk, saying that he was born with the title jade belt, and he was the god-given king.

Regardless of the story, however, he was defeated faster than Yuan Yuan's enemies.

Before the edict was issued, he had disappeared from Changling.

There are two reasons for the fierce horror at this time.

First, he was the old man of Changling who had experienced most of the battles of that year. Yuanwu was absolutely confidant. As the last sweeper of the battle of Changling, he naturally knew that the defeat of Crown Prince Yugou was due to the cultivation of a powerful The evil spirits, ghosts, and ghosts turned out to be too anxious and turned into evil spirits.

Another reason is that, no matter in which version of the story, Prince Yugou has been killed, but now he is still alive, and it is obviously another practitioner who needs to wait to ensure the elimination of the nine dead silkworms.

Whether he himself or this prince Yugou, can appear so quickly outside the magic circle of the Thousand Dust Mountains, it must be because of the initial arrangement of Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu, because this spring cutting Chu, in order to lead nine deaths If the killing bureau set up by the silkworm is an accident, Fusu is also stuck in this bureau.

It stands to reason that Prince Yu Gou is the enemy of Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu. Why are they used by Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu instead?

"No need to doubt my intentions."

Crown Prince Yugou is close, and all the people can see that the white bamboo stick in his hand is actually made of delicate white jade, but only carved into a bamboo shape. His face is calm, but he is a spiritual practitioner who has a breath on his body and all the methods of repairing the gods and ghosts. It’s the same, it’s overcast and gives a chilling feeling. He looks at the blazing fire, and there are two white flashes in the depths of his eyes, just like two small white skulls are talking, the voice is Like from these two white skulls, "Since I can appear here, naturally representing Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu are at ease with me, so you don't need to worry."

After a pause, Prince Yugou glanced at Thousand Dust Mountain and said coldly: "If it is hateful, I hate Wang Jingmeng and Bashan Jianchang more than everyone else."

The flaming man nodded slowly. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down quickly, saying: "Let us both come, each will be useful, what should we do?"

"The source of your cultivation can be found from the fire, and you can find any drop of flesh and blood of a practitioner, burn all the things that are contaminated with his breath into ashes, and even the ashes are melted." Prince Yugou said indifferently: "If even that Not enough to eliminate the nine dead silkworms, then let the nine dead silkworms not flow out. You can find every drop of flesh and burn it into dust, then I have a way to collect all the dust. I don’t believe that if even those dusts are confined Inside my rod, what else can the nine dead silkworms remain in this world."

"Even if the dust can be resurrected in my rod, I will destroy it again, live a hundred times, and I will destroy it a hundred times."

When Prince Yugou said this last sentence, his expression was still indifferent, but everyone present heard the extreme resentment contained in his words.

The flaming master did not know what happened that year, making this prince resentful, but the flesh and blood of the practitioner are nothing more than the accumulation of all kinds of vitality, and no trace of vitality is lost, even if the nine dead silkworms are no more magical, It is naturally impossible to have a rebirth.

He will be at ease when he truly suffers from future troubles.

"You can enter the battle."

The old lady in the yellow robe in Jiaodong County urged lightly.

Although she is just an old lady, she is the highest-ranking person in Jiaodong County and the grandmother of Zheng Xiu.

She lives longer than any strong man of the same era in Jiaodong County, so she knows whether a thing can succeed, the most important thing is that it needs to be on time, and don’t cut corners.

Many practitioners have not arrived yet, and many practitioners have been blocked.

Although Qing Yaoyin had killed an old imperial enshrined in the city and forcibly entered the battlefield, it was not easy to win.

So many dragons are inside, besides Qing Yao Yin, who else is in combat?

And now she is able to enter the battle to decide the winners and losers, she, the fiery fireman and the crown prince Yu Gou.

No matter what kind of practitioners come outside, it is no longer meaningful after the victory has been divided.


Crown Prince Yugou looked at her and Master Lihuo, nodded, and was equally satisfied.

When he arrived here, he just wanted to see if all the people who had come had already come.

In the next moment, a white wave was swelling under his feet. An extremely uncomfortable yin gas condensed into a big bone-shaped ship immediately under his feet, but it was stuck to the ground like a windsurfing in the waves, and the speed was amazing. Dust mountain.

This kind of yin gods and ghosts are not close to the rest of the practitioners. The flames frowned slightly, and the flames flew around the body, and they were separated by dozens of feet from this Yugou Prince.

Above them, there was a crane.

The old woman in the yellow robe was riding a red-crowned crane, like the fairy in some stories, Yunxia lingered.

The red-crowned crane's feathers shone like platinum, and all the clouds of Yunxia poured out from its body. The strength of the vitality was as good as those of the previous snakes, and it was also an extremely rare foreign body.

There was a smoldering bang.

The Thousand Dust Mountains were all shaking, the circle was like a torn mouth, and a lot of dust was sprayed out, but as the three people entered, the dust was collected, and the Thousand Dust Mountains were still in motion. .