The Sword Dynasty

660 Breaking the Heart

Prince Yugou first entered these thousand dust mountains, but as soon as he entered this magic circle, the white gas spewing from his body was suddenly taken away, and the boneless ship under his feet disappeared instantly, all recovered to him, actually forming a pair The horrible bone armor, only his eyes were exposed, shining a little bit of fire.

This scene is exactly like the demon god transformed into bones.

When the flaming fire man entered this circle, the flames immediately ended, and the big red robe on his body shone slightly, but it even covered some of the vitality fluctuations that his practitioners should have.

On the contrary, the old woman in the yellow robe above the two kept roaring like a thunder, and the vitality in the body was surging like a tide, just like a storm was forced into her body by now, and she was about to explode.

"It's Zheng An."

Heming came from heaven, and it was impossible for people to perceive this thunderous roar. When the first crane sounded, Qing Yaoyin's complexion became extremely solemn and he said quickly.

"People in Jiaodong County?" Qian Tomb hadn't heard of this name, but his face changed from Qing Yaoyin, and he knew that the people who came would be no different.

"The old monster in Jiaodong County lived longer than anyone in Jiaodong County. When he was young, he practiced in Nanhai Jianzhai, and he killed the suzerain of Nanhai Jianzhai when he was younger." Qing Yaoyin glanced at Qian Tomb , "The swordsmanship of Nanhai Jianzhai itself is very weird, and Jiaodong County itself has many weird means."

Thousand tombs frowned suddenly.

For practitioners, if they can’t step through the gate between the seven and eight realms, the only way they can adopt is to keep learning more ways to fight the enemy, the longer they live, the strange ways they can learn and comprehend Even more, this is another way of constantly growing.

At this time, I felt the thunder that was constantly sounding in the old monster of Jiaodong County in the sky. At least he can be sure that the amount of heaven, earth and true energy accumulated in the old woman in the yellow robe would be far more than the ordinary practitioners. .

And for some reason, the heaven and earth vitalities that ordinary practitioners introduce into the body are gentle and calm. When they are stimulated outside the body, they will mobilize a larger number of heaven and earth vitalities to become powerful, and then they will show their violent side.

But the heaven and earth vitality that the old monster of Jiaodong County accumulated in his body was very violent.

"You have to prepare to shoot, I may not be able to handle it alone."

At this moment, Qing Yaoyin glanced at Dantai Guanjian, and then said something that shocked Qian Tomb.

Although the descendants of the old imperial enshrined in the previous city were dead when they fell, everyone can feel his power, and Qing Yao Yin, who can easily kill him, is naturally more powerful.

But now Qing Yaoyin does not have enough confidence to face this old monster in Jiaodong County, and needs to join forces with Yantai Guanjian.

How terrible are the people here?

Dantai Guanjian was just about to nod, but Ding Ning shook his head and said softly: "To break his person, break his heart first, she will use Teng Snake to consume us, and we will let Teng Snake consume her. yuan."

Qing Yao Yin stunned slightly, and then silently promised.

Long Sun Qianxue's slightly shocked sleeves let the young dragon feel his heart.

No one has objections.

Because no one has more experience and vision than Ding Ning when it comes to fighting against the enemy.

Ding Ning looked up.

In the sky above, crane shadows have appeared.

At the same time, Zheng An, an old monster from Jiaodong County on the White Crane, also saw the figures of Ding Ning and others.

Looking at the old Donghu monk and Changsun Qianxue and others, the old lady in yellow robe was satisfied, but she didn't want to waste time and did not want to have any conversations with these people.

Following her heart, the white crane beneath her seat uttered an even more crackling crane.

Along with the sound that was so unpleasant that the sea of ​​qi was a little uncomfortable, a golden line of fire spewed out from the mouth of this red-crowned white crane.

The golden line of fire had only a thin bundle, but the space passing by caused a gust of wind, and even the space seemed to be distorted and deformed by the power of vitality contained in it.

Qing Yaoyin's eyes narrowed slightly and his sleeves flicked up.

A bright and bright sword gas shot from the sleeve, intercepting the line of fire falling from the air.


In the dull and horrible explosion, the line of fire was broken up and turned into countless clouds of fire sweeping out. This different crane was also struck by the air waves, and his figure could not help but rise above ten feet.

Qing Yaoyin's knees were slightly bent, seemingly evenly matched, but a little golden light had followed his sword energy, and now through the scattered fire clouds, he had reached the body of the white crane and hit the white crane. abdomen.

This white crane is a more powerful beast than those dragons. It naturally sensed the fatal danger, and the feathers like platinum were exploded. At this moment of utterance, a ray of golden fire was spit out hard in the mouth and hit the lower part. A little mixed golden light.

The golden light flashed, avoiding this ray of fire, and flashed to another place on the white crane.

The white crane swept across, and then spit on the line of fire.

In an instant, the Golden FireWire and this mixed golden light spot have fought for several rounds. The Golden FireWire and the mixed golden light dodge in the air, as if the flying swords of two powerful practitioners are fighting, the speed is terrifying, But for a while, no one can help each other.

This mixed golden light spot is naturally a six-winged mixed gold cicada raised by Qing Yao Yin, a legendary foreign body, but at this time, Zheng An on Bai He did not distract from it. The storm inside her body has been violent to the extreme. Rushed out.

She held out her hand, and her wrinkled face shone with fanaticism.

A blue light cluster appeared in her hand, the size of a goose egg, but there were countless seawater and lightning rotating inside, even reflecting the light and shadow of many islands and giant boats.

The faint blue light group simply and violently disengaged from her hand, just like a child hitting a stone, hitting it down.

"What kind of exercise is this?"

At the moment when the faint blue light group released, Qian Qian's eyes were filled with shocking light.

He is a formidable guru, but he is also a child.

In his perception, in this faint blue light group, real islands, real giant ships, real waves and lightning appeared.

"Rong Tianqiu."

Ding Ning quickly explained the problem of Qian Tomb, "The secret technique of Jiaodong County, but first of all, the crystal pill of the sting is needed to become a mortal creature in order to practice. The sting is a deep-sea beast that can directly swallow a world. No matter whether the vitality is good or bad, it is suitable for oneself. For practitioners, this is equivalent to directly devouring the vitality of a world."

Qian Tomb immediately understood why this old monster in Jiaodong County could hold so many worlds of vitality in its body. This was due to the refining of the crystal pill by some powerful beast, but this method really made it difficult for ordinary practitioners to imagine. .

It was at this time that more than ten huge shadows appeared in the dust mountain.

Sensing the strength of the vitality radiating from these dozens of huge bodies, Zheng An in the sky also stayed for a while, even the falling "Rongtian Sphere" paused.