The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 663

The skin above the Qihai sea felt cold and tingling, and the flaming master knew that he was on the last line of death before the sword appeared.

In view of his previous experience, he forcibly imprisoned all the real elements and closed the air instead of letting it go.

He groaned, and even a strange echo sounded in his body bones. This intuitive reaction of forcibly imprisoning his body was as uncomfortable to a practitioner as pressing his palm hard on his body.

However, with a puff, the cold and tingling sensations continued to penetrate into his flesh and blood. This sword did not just receive as much as it did before, but continued to penetrate deeply, and pierced his flesh and penetrated into his qi sea. !

"Prince Yugou!"

The fireman howled like a wounded beast.

His qi sea broke a hole, and the precious Zhenyuan overflowed from the hole without being controlled by him.If he is attacked by other low-level practitioners, even if Qihai Zhenyuan is unavailable, he can still rely on the sword move itself to deal with it, blocking the opponent's next killing move, but he is facing It was the character who broke the world's various swordsmanship between the believers, and he knew that only Prince Yugou could save his life at this time.

When Ding Ning's sword tip pierced into the sea of ​​flames, before the roar of the flames sounded, Donghu monk, who had been sitting on the ground with his eyes closed, sensed the danger and suddenly opened his eyes.

His injury has brought his body to the brink of disintegration, and he can't use any force at all, but he is after all the second real eight realm in the world. His thoughts still touch a touch of heaven and earth, although without real However, the strength of a practitioner who is hiding in this circle is ready to feel a strange breath.

This practitioner who is hidden in the magic circle is naturally Prince Yugou.

The hair on his body was slightly exploded like a frightened wild cat, the breath completely closed in the body was slightly exposed, and a cold wind blew around the body.

Qian Tomb whispered, and he also felt this familiar energy.

Immediately afterwards was Qing Yao Yin.

When Huo Ran was alert, his eyes and perception were completely out of Zheng An in Jiaodong County in the sky.

At the next moment, when the screams of the blazing man like a wounded beast passed into everyone's ears, his figure had disappeared in place and appeared on the left behind Ding Ning.

The poof was the same as when the sea of ​​flaming fire was pierced.

He turned his back to Ding Ning, and a black dagger appeared in his left hand, piercing the air ahead.

A ray of light, as pointed by his sword light, is now in the void air.

A white helmet like a skeleton god would show the figure of Crown Jade Crown Prince there.

Crown Prince Yugou's indifferent eyes rippled with a weird emotion, some seemed like admiration, and more seemed sympathy and pity.

Qing Yaoyin's hand pointed to a blue flame in the place pointed by the short sword. It was a small skull light and shadow, but with a kind of cold power that did not belong to this world.

Qing Yaoyin's sword seemed to pierce into an unknown space. The runes on the sword suffered from the bondage and impact of countless yin gods and ghosts, as if there were thousands of unjust ghosts and spirits rushing Into the rune on the sword.

There was no breath blooming on the body of Prince Yugou.

That little skull light and shadow is now like his stand-in, attracting all the perceived attention for him.

The moment Qing Yaoyin's sword was bound, his palm also struck Qing Yaoyin's body.

There were countless harsh bursts of sound in Qing Yaoyin's body.

Even if the real element in his qi sea erupted thinly, the mass of qi that moved like a mountain between heaven and earth quickly condensed into a gas film and condensed on his chest, his body bones still seemed to be crushed by several major mountains and could not bear it.

His sternum shattered, and then even his spine couldn't bear the force, and he burst.

A cloud of blood mist spewed out from Qing Yaoyin's mouth.

His entire body flew like a broken kite into the dust mountain behind.

This moment of fighting naturally did not escape Ding Ning's perception. His body was close to the edge of the collision between the two forces. His body was shaken by the violent wind, but his pace and sword were not at all chaotic, and his mood was still maintained. With absolute peace.

Qing Yaoyin has put time and effort on the ghost dragon for more than ten years. Prince Yugou is naturally one of the countless strongmen in this world, and even the hard to predict the coming, but even so, Ding Ning didn't think that Qing Yao Yin would be so easily hit by Prince Yugou's palm, or killed directly.

The big sword in his hand was contaminated with the disengagement of the popular sea from the blaze, so at this moment he unleashes the hilt very easily and grabbed another sword in his waist.

A dazzling white flower splashed before the face of the flaming fire. These white flowers seemed to be soft but stung the eyes of the flaming fire, and even hindered his perception, so that he could not see Ding Ning's position and Ding Ning. Out of the sword.

The fine white flowers bloomed in the air, hit each other, and sputtered more flowers.

Looking at the fast-moving shadows of Ding Ning and the Fire Master in the dust shadow, and the countless fine white flowers sputtered in front of the Fire Master, Fu Su suddenly reacted to it, and his body became stiff.

At the same time, the body became stiff as well as Prince Yugou.

He flicked Qing Yaoyin with a slap, and a white bone stick was raised in his hand, and he would point to Ding Ning's back.

However, at this moment, half of his body lost consciousness.

He didn’t even feel any strangeness, or even feel any uncomfortable breathing machine, half of his body is no longer his own, even the real element flowing inside seems to have gone. Another place.

He was terrified. In the afterglow of his eyes, he saw that the palm of his hand that had been photographed on Qing Yao Yin had turned into a miserable green, and there were dots of faint green light dots that were constantly seeping out of his skin. Like countless strange fireflies breed in his body.

His breath stopped suddenly.

Both defeats hurt!

At this moment he woke up completely, and Qing Yaoyin deliberately used both defeats and injuries!

With a thud, Qing Yaoyin landed heavily at this time, and a lot of blood was splashed on his body again, which looked extremely miserable.

However, looking at such a miserable body, Prince Yugou's eyes no longer have color and pity, only deep fear.

His vision was blurred at this moment.

The world in front of him turned into miserable green.

What a poison this is, even his true yuan can't stop the spread!

It was at this time that the fiery master made another cry.

The final sword in Ding Ning's hand pierced his body again.

This time it was his back, behind Qihai.