The Sword Dynasty

664 Crying

The wound on this back is not deep and does not really penetrate his qi sea. However, even the flaming fire does not know it, or until this time, it is an important trick for his body's meridian operation. .

The fiery real person pressed his hand against the Qihai at this time, trying to stop the pouring of Zhenyuan in the Qihai.

It was just a little pressure, and there was a soft bang, just like a real fire who broke an eggshell with his palm, and the wound behind him suddenly burst out.

The wound penetrates back and forth.

The crimson true element not only rushed out of the wound behind him like a sword, but also walked through the meridians that had been completely cut off in his body.

These real elements are very gentle in his body on weekdays, like nourishment to nourish his body, but at this time he made him feel a lot of pain and a burning sensation. In the remaining light of his eyes, every inch of his skin All the blood veins showed fire.

He was terrified, almost crying.

He knew that he was going to die soon, and his whole body would be burned to ashes by the fire from his true unit.

At this time he was 100% sure that the young man in front of him holding the residual sword of Mahua was the same person.

The other party seems to be intending to use this method to try to feel the feeling of being burned alive by his own fire.

This is the true way to cure others with their own way of life.

In the following moment, he was full of regret and felt like an idiot.

Although a fire burned the man to ashes, it was in a situation where the manpower was exhausted and even an ordinary person could not cope with it.

He vaguely remembered that when the man fell on a mountain of corpses piled up by the bodies of powerful practitioners, and when he could no longer rush to kill, many people were already cold-hearted and dared not go, including him.

When the flying sword of a low-level practitioner pierced the man's body, he finally boldly shot and released the fire.

However, after more than ten years, I really forgot the pictures, and really became an idiot. In the case where this man can still carry a sword, he was so confident to collect the body.It was so stupid that it was hopeless.

He knew he was going to die soon, and his lips and teeth were filled with indescribable suffering, but at this moment, Ding Ning's voice passed into his pinna: "Do you still want to live?"

Without any hesitation, it was entirely a physical and mental reaction, and he nodded with all his strength.

The more powerful practitioners like him, the more difficult it is to get one's self-cultivation, and I don't know how much hard work to undergo, how many difficult choices to make and how much to give up.

Therefore, the more powerful the practitioners are, the more afraid they are of death, the more like the rich people with countless wealth in the world, even before they die, even if they hang in a breath with countless elixir, they will not be willing to leave this world with great pain .

His response did not meet Ding Ning's expectations at all.

The trajectory of many practitioners during their lifetime has been determined as soon as he has determined and deepened his practice.

The separation of fire from the fiery fire was originally the practice of burning one’s own real element and the opponent’s consumption. Although this means that some practitioners who are even more powerful than him are not willing to use their own cultivation practices to kill him and make him It becomes surprisingly difficult to cope with, but in another sense, this is also a particularly fearful practice.In particular, no one wants to kill him, and the edge of life and death he experienced in this life is less than that of most guru in the same territory.

As early as in Changling for many years, he has seen through this old monster from the fire.

Ding Ning said nothing more.

He made another sword.

The sword filaments of the end flower of the end flower split apart and turned into a lot of fine needles piercing into the body of the flaming man.

The flaming man instantly felt his body cold, and then he was shocked and terrified to find that his whole body meridian that had been sealed by Ding Ning Shujian was opened at this time, but it was completely unfamiliar to him. The line is circulating.

In other words, Ding Ning's sword is like reorganizing his meridians, giving him more channels and circulations that he cannot understand.

The true element in his qi sea is naturally running without chaos.

The sense of power belonging to the Seven Realms returned to his body.

At this moment, he intuitively had the power to kill Ding Ning. However, this sense of intuition toward practitioners who practiced lower than himself only appeared for a moment.

At the next moment, a panic caused by this thought made him cold and sweaty.

He was awake and felt that this sense of power in his body seemed to have some connection with Ding Ning. It seemed that Ding Ning could always give it, but he could always get it.

He was stiff on the ground, not knowing what to do.


At this time, Prince Yugou screamed sternly.

His eyes were completely out of sight, even the dismal green color disappeared into his world, and his eyes were completely dark.

He could not suppress the erosion of toxins in the body. The most important thing is that the toxins completely interfered with his perception and caused him countless illusions.

He didn't feel the existence of Ding Ning and Qing Yaoyin and others. He only saw countless strange shapes and even dead enemies who had been killed by themselves walking around in chaos.

"How are you?"

Qian Tomb rushed to Qing Yaoyin's side, watching Qing Yaoyin whose body was almost twisted, but also stiff.

"I can't die for the time being, I have used the medicine first, but you have to help me to correct my bones, otherwise I won't die, I'm afraid the bones in my body will become messy, and don't look like a man." Qing Yao Yin wanted to squeeze a smile, But I can't laugh.The fragments of the bones in his body reminded him of the messy thatch in the wasteland.

Before playing against Crown Prince Yugou, he had no chance at all, he could only use this method, so he had already taken drugs before the fight.

Fortunately, Crown Prince Yugou underestimated him, and his plan succeeded after all.

Qian Tomb squatted down, no longer thinking about the outside world, and began to search for the broken bones in Qing Yaoyin's body, and then stitched them together.

He is very young, yet he is extremely focused on doing things.


Dantai Guanjian repeatedly coughed up blood, and his situation was only slightly better than Qing Yaoyin.

The fastest swordsman in the world can't even stand up now.

Qing Yaoyin used this method to solve the most difficult to deal with, the Crown Prince Yugou, even the strangest ghosts and ghosts of the enemy had no chance to exert it. However, the crisis now has no past, the biggest crisis comes from Heavenly.

Ding Ning raised his head.

A mountain-like shadow is falling.

These snakes could not stop the old woman in Jiaodong County in the sky, and another snake was killed.

What really caught her footsteps was actually the power of Qing Yao Yin, his six-winged gold cicada.

But now, Zheng An's figure has fallen with the falling dragon.

She got rid of the Yihe mount underneath, and she had no longer managed to fight the battle between Yihe and the six-winged mixed cicada.

She came straight to Ding Ning.