The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 665

"You are just afraid of dying."

"What happened then... Fortunately, you just escaped the Bashan Sword Field's pursuit, and didn't help Zheng Xiu kill the Bashan Sword Field, so I can't blame you."

"Today, if you help me through this difficulty, it is equivalent to help me live a life, and the grudge between you and me will be fine."

Ding Ning began to speak.

He looked calmly at Zheng An falling in the sky and spoke to the flaming man.

Inexplicably, just hearing Ding Ning's first sentence, the flaming man suddenly felt relaxed.

All the remaining real elements in the sea of ​​Qi in his body followed the new meridians in the body, and as the voice directed, burst out of the dike, toward Ding Ning's natal sword.

Ding Ning had put away the residual sword of Malhua. He held the big punishment sword while the fire was extinguished, but the sword body was hot.

The fire was shocking.

But he suddenly understood why.

He thought of the strength of the Yuan armed force against the heroes of the Lushan Association, and he thought of the most crucial moment when Huang Zhenwei's Zhenyuan was attracted by Yuan Wu's intentions, and he used it for him.

This method should come from Yuanwu.

The former Yuanwu knew most of Wang Jingmeng's methods and secrets except the nine dead silkworms.

Because they used to be brothers.

Wang Jingmeng's contribution to Yuanwu is no different from that of Baili Suxue.

Whether it is the exchange of exercises or the speculation of practice experience.

Therefore, many Changling practitioners who are loyal to Yuanwu have to admit that the reason why Yuanwu was able to break through in the ten years after assuming the throne became the first practitioner to truly enter the Eight Realms in this era. Part of the reason is because Wang Jingmeng.

Wang Jingmeng's relationship with Yuanwu was also that of brother and teacher.

Therefore, when a person like Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu suddenly changed to deal with Wang Jingmeng, in the eyes of the fierce flames, Wang Jingmeng was undoubtedly mortal.

But now I think the other way around.

For a long time, Wang Jingmeng also knew Yuan Wu.


At this time, Zhenyuan gushed from the popular sea on the fire seems to have nothing to do with him at all, even if he is so confused, thinking about a lot of things about Yuanwu and Wang Jingmeng, staying outside the general level, flowing out of his body The true yuan of the operation is extremely smooth.

Those sword swords and pierced meridians pierced by the remaining swords of Mohua's body were like a magic circle, perfectly simulating Yuanwu's methods, and even better.

The scorching fire neglected a little.

In addition to the world's first use of sword moves, Wang Jingmeng had the most terrifying point. When he started to shoot, a battle seemed to him as a strategic situation.

He has already arranged what the next sword will be brought by this sword.

At this moment, when he gave up killing the fiery fire master, he was ready for the sword.

Ding Ning's body began to fall down.

Zheng An, who fell in the sky, was incredibly old. The body of the oldest practitioner in Jiaodong County did not seem to have much weight, but the old and thin body contained terrible power.

It was just that the violent wind formed by the vitality brought by this town had already pressed Ding Ning's body like a real giant wall, so that his feet began to sink into the wet land infiltrated by the blood.

Those remaining snakes set off wind and rain tide, chasing her behind, but the force striking her pushed the trend of her, and even because their strengths were very similar, some of them did not threaten her, but were used by her.

A large number of red-red true elements flowing smoothly from the human body into the flames turned into countless crystal bands in the air, converging on the Da Xing Jian in his hands.

The big sword in his hand started to burn.

Without any superfluous movements, he just lifted the sword slightly upward, and the ruby ​​dust-like flames ignited on the sword burned the calm wind above him.

His body lightened and he became stress-free.

Then he made a sword and drew a sword towards Zheng An who was close to him.

The Great Sword itself is the strongest sword he pursues. The vitality of the world contained in the sword body is extremely strong. At this time, it spouts out, but there is no violent breath, even all the true elements drawn from the human body on the fire. Cheng Li's fire, all condensed together into a thin line.

This trick is called Yixiantian.

This is one of his strongest sword intentions, and also the sword trick that killed Liang Lian in the past.

For example, the water flow is very soft, but when compressed to the extreme, it becomes a thin line, and has a terrible speed, then this thin line is enough to cut gold and iron.

At that time, his realm was far from Liang Lian, but he used this sword to break Liang Lian.

What's more, this sword is now the power of the seven realms of the fierce fire, and it is the fire that can burn all the real elements in the world.

In addition to the eight realms like Yuanwu and Donghu monks, who can now hold a sword like him?


Seeing such a thin line forming, Zheng An in the sky could not suppress the scream like a crow's hissing.

Even before the fierce flame master and the crown prince Yu Gou lost one after another, in her eyes, Dang Ning was already a dead man when Dandantai Guanjian and Qing Yaoyin had no combat power.

Why did she think that Ding Ning could still use such a terrible sword!

What is the difference between such a sword and that person's personal shot!

In the hysterical scream, there was a little crystal light in her air.

A bright ball flew out, blocking her.

This is Zhedan nourished by her life.

The longer the nourishment is nourished, the stronger the strength.This is the accumulation of years, and she may live longer than all the practitioners in the world now. This powerful nature of this mortal creature exceeds the imagination of most Seven Realm masters.

However, there was a soft click.

A crack appeared in this zhetan. When the entire Qianshan formation was shaken violently, this zhetan was divided into two pieces, and the broken vitality even instantly flew several approaching snakes.

This still cannot stop this sword.

When Zheng An was using this mortal creature, he was already desperate.

Her body was traversing in the air, and in an instant it seemed to smash a lot of crystal walls. Her remnants continued to sonic boom, and a lot of white lotus-like shock waves visible to the naked eye continued to spread.

It was just that all seven realms couldn't catch Wang Jingmeng's sword.

Now that this sword already has the sword of the former King's dream when it was approaching its peak, how can Ding Ning fail it?

This sword line still fell on Zheng An.

All these efforts made by Zheng An only made this sword line unable to completely cut her body from it.

A red line appeared on her right body.

The near half of the right shoulder and right leg were cut with her small half of the body, and the white stubble with the stubble between the blood and the blood seemed to stick together, which seemed more terrifying and disgusting than killing it directly.