The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 666: Finalizer

Zheng An continued to scream in pain.

The small half of the body was completely separated from her body, but her figure was still receding into the dust mountain at the rear, the blood flower was still in the air, but her figure disappeared instantly.

Looking at this picture, the fiery man almost knelt down.

This sword is like the pinnacle of Wang Jingmeng's dream. Although most of it comes from his power, but the thought of Ji Wei of Wang Jingmeng... If Wang Jingmeng didn't die after killing the sea of ​​corpses in that year, now renew Appeared in front of many practitioners who saw him in the war, I am afraid that all these practitioners will feel the same as him.

"You and I have grievances, but only after this has disappeared can you survive."

Ding Ning did not go to see him.

He looked at Zheng An's disappearance and frowned involuntarily.

A small half of the body was cut directly, and the internal organs and meridians were fatally hit. However, he intuitively felt that Zheng An was still struggling to seal his wounds with the true essence of the world.

Zheng An will eventually die.

However, in the world of practitioners, there are many examples of continuing to fight for a period of time after the body is cut off, until the true element is exhausted and died.

Now Zheng An is not just trying to suppress the true element and the blood flow in her body. What she needs to suppress most is probably the indescribable fear of her body being cut open.

"If she shows up again, no one in us can stop her."

Long Sun Qianxue approached his side and whispered to him.

"If you must die, people like her would not be willing to die like this. It is only a matter of time to overcome her inner fears. She will definitely show up again." Ding Ning listened to Chang Sun Qianxue's words, thinking to her heart But after all, it was still one point worse. After all, the real element of the fiery fireman was not his own.Then he took a deep breath, then slowly said: "There is one less person, and there is one who should come who hasn't appeared."

His words made everyone present at the scene stunned, even including the fierce flames.

"Prince Yu Gou is indeed a character he didn't even think about."

Ding Ning turned to look at Prince Yugou.

At this time, Prince Yugou had been poisoned and even lost his perception, and could not even make a sound. In the dust mountain chaos, the skin and flesh on his body began to erode and fall off.

When a practitioner is unable to suppress the proliferation of toxins in the body, even the true elements are corroded, and the final result is only death.

Hidden in the world for a long time, but thousands of miles to die.

Everyone thought this matter was ridiculous, but they didn't understand who Ding Ning said was one less person.

"Prince Yu Gou is named Prince, but he hasn't made it for a day's prince. Now it seems that he hates me and Bashan Jianchang more than Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu, but just looking at it now, even without me and Bashan Jianchang How can a person like him fight with Yuanwu and Zheng? People in Changling and other counties in Daqin need the glorious and bright holy things like Yuanwu, not a haunted devil. At that time, he chose exercises At that time, I didn’t even figure this out. How could I get the support of those nobles in Changling?"

Ding Ning regained his gaze, and then said directly: "I thought that Meng Fangying should have come in with the people in Jiaodong County, not this Prince Yugou."

The flames jumped in his heart, and even he immediately reacted.

Especially at this time, Fusu, who was in a very complicated mood, suddenly changed his complexion.

Meng Fangying is Meng Qihai's father, Menghou.

Zheng Xiu has the only cousin Zheng Feiye, who is married to Menghou.

Therefore, as everyone knows, in the 13th Hou of Daqin, Meng Hou and Zheng Xiu came closest. In a sense, Meng Hou was the confidant of Zheng Xiu's enthusiasm, paying the price of marriage and giving some benefits to Jiaodong County.

Killing the nine dead silkworms is Zheng Xiuchun’s biggest purpose in cutting Chu. At this time, several princes have died on the battlefield of Yinshan and Yangshan County. There has been military evidence that Menghou also arrived in Yinshan, but did not appear on the battlefield at this time. Where can he go?

"Meng Fangying's personality is similar to that of Zheng Xiu, and he will not show up until the most certain moment. So he won the trust of Zheng Xiu."

Ding Ning lowered her eyelids and said indifferently.

When his face changed, a cold and majestic voice had already sounded, "You really know me very well."

At the same time as this cold and majestic voice sounded, Prince Yugou stumbled, and his decaying and decayed body was directly crushed by a powerful force.

Pieces of miserably green debris landed deep in the dust mountain like ten thousand Daoli arrows.

"Although Crown Prince Yu Gou has won the title, it is generally unknown to steal the world and steal the name. But after all, it is the blood of the royal family. At least it must let him die simply, with some respect."

A middle-aged man wearing a Hou Wang Dynasty costume appeared from the dust mountain.

Although his temples have been stained with wind and dust, his face is still beautiful, but his arms exposed outside his sleeves give a hard feeling like iron.

Some scars on the surface of the skin are like scrapes of blades, but the wounds are covered with iron and even shine with a cold luster.

He was originally an eagle raiser in the frontier.

The raised eagle was only used to convey military sentiment, but he spent more than 20 years, but climbed from the bottom of the border to the height of Changling, became the prince of the Great Qin Dynasty, and married Jiaodong County Another famous beauty in the world, Zheng Feiye.

"You are Wang Jingmeng."

Meng Fangying looked at Ding Ning deeply, and then said: "Sacred words are indeed good. You are not the heir to the nine dead silkworm, but his own rebirth."


Ding Ning looked at the familiar man and did not answer.

There is no point in thinking about any response at this time.

The only thing is, inside and outside the dust mountain, who else can stop Zheng Xiu's move, and finally the real ending.

Lin Zhuojiu and Zhang Shishi were too late.

They were originally in Chu Capital, and the focus of attention was on how to ensure that Chu is not disordered, and that Zhao Xiangfei will not die.

"Any last words?"

Meng Fangying narrowed his mouth with a faint smile, glanced at Chang Sun Qianxue, and then seriously looked at Ding Ning and proposed: "Or can you tell me the secret of the nine dead silkworms? This way I might also make it easier for everyone here to die. ."

"Even if I really tell the secret of Nine Dead Silkworm, do you dare to listen?"

Ding Ning suddenly smiled and said slightly: "Even if you heard from me and told Zheng Xiu, Zheng Xiu will allow anyone in the world who knows the secrets of the nine dead silkworms to exist besides her?"

Meng Fangying suddenly stagnate, his heart chilled.