The Sword Dynasty

672 Assassination

White Eagle opened his mouth and sprayed another bit of blood, which was mixed with many transparent crystals, like gems.

These are his purest true crystals, but some of them are actually separated from the blood, following the flow of some heaven and earth vitality, they naturally fall on the body of the square embroidery screen, and then disappear.

Most people cannot see this kind of picture, but the three armies and some other practitioners in the vast wilderness feel it.

These people were frightened, and coupled with the previous performance of the Su embroidery screen in the battle, this means of "swallowing" others' real elements for their own use is no different from the legendary monster.

However, the breath on the body of the square embroidery was natural and pure, and the sword light even carried that sacred taste.

So these people, even the White Eagle, have a brand-new perception, associating with something that is not recorded in the classics.

These experiences and perceptions cannot directly transform why things, but they are like seeds that fall in the hearts of these practitioners.

In the vast wilderness between the three armies of Menghou House and Qianzachenshan, there are naturally other masters. However, even the three eagles have not been able to block the square embroidery screen, and even seem to not let the square embroidery screen suffer. What hurts, this will make people feel emotional and shocking, even desperate.

Since the battle of the Changling Mausoleum before the Japanese Yen Wudeng reigned, the world of practitioners has been relatively calm. However, after the Lushan Alliance, there has been an amazing flash in the world of practitioners.

The monk of the East Hu killed the imperial palace, and today the Su Xiu curtain instantly broke the three eagles, as if entering the unmanned realm, once again let the practitioners of the world clearly realize that even among the masters of the seven realms, there are still huge gap.

Now these desperate practitioners in the wilderness know that they can’t change anything, and they can’t stop the Fangxiu Curtain from going forward. However, the battles they see with their own eyes, these seeds that fall in the heart, will definitely cause great problems to the future practitioners’ world. Big changes.

When no one stops, Qianzai Dust Mountain is in sight.

Feeling the sword in the Thousand Dust Mountains, Fang Xiu curtain produced great respect in his eyes, and then he invested in it without hesitation.

There are some unstoppable delights in the wasteland that like to be heard.

These people are friends of Bashan Jianchang, or the enemies of Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu, but they are either blocked by their opponents, or have no combat power to approach the dust mountain. In their view, the arrival of the Fang Xiu curtain has been able to Decide the final victory of this battle.


Fang Xiu curtain entered the dust mountain formation. The Qi machine on his body naturally pulled the vitality among the thousands of dust mountains, which caused a strange rhythm.

"The square embroidery curtain is here."

Ding Ning immediately felt such a wonderful rhythm and said with emotion to Chang Sun Qianxue and Dantai Guanjian.

At the same time, the enemies in this formation also knew the arrival of Fang Xiu.

Fang Xiu curtain is greeted by a mysterious and violent sword spirit.

This sword spirit is like a furious giant, tearing the sky in the shocking world of hysterics.

The Fang Xiu curtain didn't even see the scenery in front of him. The corner of the dust mountain in front was broken. This mysterious and violent sword gas has blocked all his ways and exits like an overwhelming dust storm. .

Anger itself is a terrible power, the soul of this sword spirit, but it encounters such a terrible sword energy as soon as it enters the battlefield, and the Fang Xiu curtain has no slight tension. Because of his breakthrough, he rises due to his anger.

A practitioner like a stone Buddha will either not be angry, but will be angry.

So Fang Xiu curtain naturally returned a sword.

His sword spread out the fury of losing his most dear brother.

With his sword waving, even a golden flame ignited in the air, with a loud noise, the sword in front of him could not be matched, as the cloth was torn by a sharp weapon.

In an incredulous scream, the practitioner who issued this sword appeared at the bottom of the pit not far from the front of the square embroidery screen.

The giant pit came from the collision of this sword.

This practitioner is Meng Fangying. His lips and teeth are full of blood. Although he still stands like a cast iron at the bottom of the pit, there is a shocking sound in his body.

Even the heavily hit Meng Fangying seems to have reached the limit, but without any stay, he once again screamed.

Along with this loud roar, the sword light was in front of him, and a new smell of cocoon broke out in his body. The power of this sword light was even stronger than the previous sword.

This sword is the first of the seven unique swords of Menghou Mansion, breaking the cocoon.

This sword intention not only breaks through the limitations of many meridians of its own, but also stimulates stronger power after being injured. The most important thing is that there are some laws of flow of vitality in the sword gas, which hinders the strength of the opponent's vital energy. .

With the generation of Li Xiao and Jian Guang, a sad body appeared in the dust mountain on the left side of the square embroidery screen.

This is the old monster who was cut by Ding Ning in Jiaodong County.

When the remnants of the real element in her body spouted like a torrential rain, she could not suppress the injury of the body. Endless blood and even some broken organs splashed out of her body. .

The last power that burst out of her body involved the vitality in the magic circle, and finally turned into a red-red glow.

This radiant light is full of a corrupt smell, like the decay of years.

Fang Xiu curtain took a deep breath.

He made a sword.

There are countless thunders in the dust mountain.

The thunder did not spread outward, but came towards his body.

In front of him was a sword light with a divine light, and then split into two.

There was a stun.

The body of that old monster in Jiaodong County shook into countless fragments, like many bright petals flying in the dust.

The square embroidery curtain fell into a pit hundreds of feet away.

There are countless blood lines on his body, and the crimson glow of light reveals in his skin, giving his body a rotten taste.

Meng Fangying sat down at the bottom of the pit. He looked at the Fang Xiu curtain that was hard to hit, and his heart was ridiculous except shock.

At this moment he couldn't understand why the Fang Xiu curtain dared to take such a joint blow with him and Zheng An.

Then he began to vomit blood, vomiting blood gulp.

A tiny trace of Jian Qi that he couldn't contain immediately struck his heart and cut off one of his main blood lines.

He couldn't control the surge of blood in his body.

He only vomited blood non-stop, uncontrolled, as if he wanted to spit out all the blood in his body.

The hot blood of the gorilla was bitter in his mouth.

Now he understood.

Facing Fang Cai's assassination, Fang Xiumu completed his assassination.