Eye pain and heartache, this is a very direct feeling.

This severe pain was so heavy that Li Yunrui couldn't breathe in an instant.

Neither he nor Bai Shanshui are ordinary people.

He was originally the most trustworthy deceased person around Chu Emperor, and Baishanshui had been fighting against the iron hoof of the Daqin dynasty and many strong men in his life. Above the general officials.


There are fairy mountains overseas and fairy medicines.

For many years, the strength of Jiaodong County has come from the abundant production overseas, and many of the great medicines of the Daqin dynasty, some of the medicinal materials that allowed the practitioners of the Daqin dynasty to enter the country quickly, are inseparable from overseas navigation.

When the Great Qin Dynasty reform began, the Great Qin Dynasty used the armored fleet to conquer the waters outside Jiaodong County and conquer many island nations. Since then, the fleet of the Great Qin Dynasty has been able to sail to the unknown seas of the rest of the dynasty, sailing for several months without returning.

The iron armor of the Great Qin Dynasty was unique to the Great Qin Dynasty. It is said that the catalogue was made from the Great You Dynasty, and the catalogue was carved on the eight golden men.

This giant ship was called "Yufu" during the Great You Dynasty.

In various accurate records and rumors, after Yuan Wu ascended the throne, he enhanced the exploration of more unknown sea areas in hopes of getting more elixir.

This kind of exploration was considered to be based on the desire to break through the eight realms before the Lushan League.

However, after the Lushan Alliance, everyone in the world knew that Yuanwu had officially broken through the eight realms. Later, they all believed that Yuanwu still spent a lot of national power and sent a larger fleet to explore overseas, hoping for a longer life.

A strong body, vigorous energy, and long life span are of great significance to a practitioner.

When a cultivator grows in age and the five qi in the body are exhausted, even with more practice experience, qi and blood and true element will go downhill and cannot reach a higher level of practice.

After the Eight Realms is naturally the legendary Nine Realms.

After having an unprecedented strong dynasty, it must be a longer-term possession and reign.

So everyone thinks that Yuan Wu is already pursuing the road to longevity.

The commander-in-chief of the "Yufu" fleet that ruled the Great Qin Dynasty was Xu Fu, a schoolboy and practitioner who grew up with Yuan Wu. He was originally one of Yuan Wu's most trusted confidants.

He ruled almost all the "Yufu" armored ships of the Great Qin Dynasty to go to the unknown sea area, and opened up new territories and searched for fairy medicine for the Great Qin Dynasty.

However, with the impact and turbulence of the river water, the ferocious armored fleet was forced to reveal from the water, not this "float" fleet, what is it?

"Why are you here?"

Bai Shanshui is used to many scenes.

Even when she was found in the streets of Changling and rushed out of the city, she didn't feel much palpitations, but at this time, her hands were cold and stiff.

Because she knows exactly what this huge fleet means to Li Yunrui behind her, and what it means to a city close to you.

However, she couldn't figure out many things.

No matter in any record, this extremely heavy armored ship can sail on the sea with wind and waves at a very fast speed, which is a miracle and mysterious thing in itself, and there has never been a record that such a UFO ship can Sneak underwater.

If you can, Ye Leng had already told her that night.

Because she lived in Changling with Ye Celen for a long time, in addition to learning from each other, she naturally exchanged many secrets about Daqin.

Ye Celian has close contact with these fleets overseas, and she cannot fail to understand the structure of this armored ship.

Therefore, these UFO armored ships must be secretly transformed into monsters that can sneak underwater after going out to sea!

But even so...the fleet is too large.

Hundreds of such armored armored ships inevitably produce unique energy fluctuations when they pass underwater.

This kind of vitality fluctuation cannot escape her perception, and naturally cannot escape the perception of some practitioners who practice special exercises.

From the offshore waters through the harbour, through this river to reach here, along the way to cross the vast territory of the Daqi Dynasty and Dayan Dynasty.

The Daqi Dynasty and the Dayan Dynasty have many powerful people. How could they hide from the sky and appear quietly, so that the world knows nothing?


Li Yunrui couldn't breathe in heartache.

The vast majority of the troops and strongmen of the Dachu Dynasty were in the battlefield of Yinshan and Yangshan County, and even the real hostess was desperately fighting on the battlefield.

The power of such a fleet suddenly came here, which means the end.

He finally took a deep breath after several hours of interest, and then drank out the medicine in the bowl.

He put down the bowl, jumped out of the window, and stepped on the river to the side of Bai Shanshui.

The mountain-like steel giant ship jumped out of the water like a huge sea beast, and then hit the water heavily, stimulating the huge wave, and floating steadily on the water.

All these giant ships are extremely draught and carry a heavy weight.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and through the mist of water, he saw some runes like giant skulls and demon gods engraved on these giant ships, and saw those haunting in these runes, even forming a dark gray shade over the entire giant ship. gas.

He took a deep breath again and said bitterly: "Qi Emperor betrayed us."

Bai Shanshui also took a deep breath.

The previous softness on her face had completely disappeared and turned into a cold light.

She didn't answer, and took Li Yunrui's hand.

If you don't understand, you must see the facts clearly.

Obviously, these giant ships depended on the transformation of some kind of ghosts, ghosts, and ghosts in the Daqi dynasty, and they had the ability to sneak.

These giant ships are named out of the sea, I am afraid that they secretly stayed in a harbour, and there are many workshops composed of the strongest practitioners and craftsmen of the Daqi Dynasty.

Only when Qi Emperor was originally on the side of Zheng Xiu, these giant ships would pass the Daqi Dynasty silently.

As for the Dayan dynasty, in the old days of chaos, the Daqi dynasty did its best to help the chaos. With this point, Qi Emperor naturally had the trust of Yan Emperor.

Perhaps Emperor Yan did not know that a huge army belonging to the Great Qin Dynasty passed through the border quietly, approaching Chudu.

This Chudu became the victim of a conspiracy!

Regardless of the final victory of the war between Yinshan and Yangshan County, when this huge Daqin army appeared here, the outcome of the Dachu dynasty was already doomed.

So now, she is not worried about the result, only what Li Yunrui is going to do.

"What will you do?"

She held Li Yunrui's hand tightly and asked.

Li Yunrui stayed silent for another time, looked at her, and said: "I hope you go... I hope that at the end of all the wars in this world, you can live in peace and joy."