The Sword Dynasty

676 Emperor Cries

"I know you were born here and grew up here, but it doesn't make sense."

Bai Shanshui's face paled inexplicably, and she shook her head. "Even if we can block some time, Chu will not stop the effective resistance."

After a pause, Bai Shanshui increased his tone, and then said: "At this time I have more experience than you. This kind of nobles in the capital are not prepared for battle at all. Although they are going through war, they I never thought that one day where I lived would become a fortress. You can't imagine how despicable and cowardly they will behave when they see an army influx."

"It is the soldiers and some practitioners who are going to die, but these dignitaries...just thinking of begging for mercy and still guaranteeing a superior life."


Listening to these sincere words and watching Bai Shanshui's pale face as he looked back, Li Yunrui breathed hard and said, "The country will perish, there will be no more in the future, and I want to do my best."

Bai Shanshui shook his head, with an indescribable stubbornness, "You still have me."

Li Yunrui was stunned.

"Even if the country is gone, but I have a family, so you can't die without meaningless death like today." Bai Shanshui looked at Li Yunrui and said.

Warmth appeared in Li Yunrui's stiff body, but he wanted to laugh but couldn't laugh, "What you said makes sense."

Bai Shanshui's face was cold for a few minutes, looking at the "UFO" fleet that had completely revealed the rumors and filled the river surface densely, said: "I said it was justified."

Li Yunrui no longer hesitated, nodded and said, "Then we will go back to Chudu and take some people to kill."

"You take me back to Chudu, and then take me and some people to kill out." Bai Shanshui looked at him, correcting what he said.

Li Yunrui was dumbfounded and could not understand for a while.

"If you want to enter Chudu on water, you can't let them go so easily." Bai Shanshui said.

"Go away with one blow." Li Yunrui understood, and looked at her solemnly.

Bai Shanshui nodded.

Then she looked up.

A transparent drop of water dropped from high above.

When this transparent and pure drop of water was created out of thin air and dropped, the river surface under her feet produced countless ripples.

The water, which appeared pale green in the sun, suddenly became darker.

Then many straight white lines appeared in these ripples.

The real elements in her body almost spewed out, fell into these straight white lines, and merged into the river.

A boom.

The transparent water drop hit the river water.

Numerous raindrops suddenly appeared in the clear and clear sky, and the world's vitality was pulled by these raindrops, turning into a violent force.

The whole river surface is like a solid, cut into countless pieces, and then thrown up one by one, just like to re-stack something.

She and Ye Celen were the strongest masters of the world's royal waters at this time. At this time, they tried their best. The picture was like a miracle. Even Li Yunrui felt suffocated and felt that the whole world was turbulent.

The giant armored ships that had just stabilized on the river surface suddenly popped up by countless giant pillars.

These giant ships themselves have an unknown weight of tens of thousands of pounds. If they collide with each other in a mass, the damage they will suffer must be extremely alarming.

Only at this moment.

Countless whistle sounds from inside each giant ship.

Countless transparent sword qi surged from the ship, forming a very spectacular sword river.

At the same time, these seemingly no gaps in the armored ship suddenly cut many doors, and each door had an amazing black and gray guts.

These yin qi rise like mountains.

Every UFO ship turned into a mountain in their perception.

There are two major formations of sword qi formation and yin god ghost creature vitality formation, which firmly suppressed the force of collision and pressed the river underwater.

Bai Shanshui's proud eyes suddenly filled with an incredible look.

This large array of sword qi comes from the material and runes of the UFO ship. I don’t know how many artisans are needed for the layout. At the same time, it requires an amazing number of sword masters to instill a long time.

What made her shocked and angry even more was that the spirits of these yin gods and ghosts were full of different atmospheres of the seven realms.

This shows that she and Li Yunrui have no problem with the inference.

The Daqi dynasty took a bite of Chu in the back.

There are many Qijing masters of the Daqi Dynasty who may be in these giant ships now.

A muffled noise rang involuntarily from her mouth.

Her body was pryed with a great force, but bounced upwards.

It was at this moment that all the spirits of the Yin Gods and Ghosts that had risen from those UFO giant ships suddenly condensed into thirteen strands.

There were several beeps in the air.

These thirteen black and grey yin qi formed thirteen hurricanes, crossed the sky, and rolled towards her!

Li Yunrui's pupils shrank violently.

With a stern drink, the vitality of his body poured out, enveloping the white mountains and rivers, and he didn't know how many feet backwards in a moment.

However, this is still not able to completely get rid of these 13 hurricanes.

A bang.

Thirteen black hurricanes slammed into the sound of him and Bai Shanshui, such as the thirteen black dragons, who slammed him and Bai Shanshui under the surface of the water, splashing countless waves of water upwards.


When the clear skies changed, the world's vitality fluctuated violently, and the rainstorm hit, the practitioners in Chuduli had already seen the Great Qin Dynasty fleet on the river.

As expected by Bai Shanshui, the whole city was in chaos.

Many crying noises sounded.

The vast majority of crying is not from the courtyards of civilians, but from the courtyards of some nobles, many of them are people who seem to be high on weekdays. They can't live forever, and there can never be big people crying and running in front of the world.

The palace has also been chaotic.

Many officials and concubines were in a mess like a mindless fly.

"I have reminded you, and now you should understand why I remind you that way."

In the most majestic Jin Luan Temple, the official who had previously warned Li Lingjun on behalf of Zheng Xiu looked at Li Lingjun on the dragon chair and sincerely said: "Now is the time for you to make the right choice."

Li Lingjun's body twisted uncomfortably on the dragon chair.

He burst into tears.

He didn't even think of himself. He actually started crying like a coward.

This is a feeling of everything, and all previous efforts have been completely crushed.

"As long as you want, you are still Chu Jun."

The expression of the official standing still in front of him remained unchanged, but continued sincerely.

"I have brought the edict from the empress and the queen. As long as you order to be subordinate to the country, don't fearlessly let the Chu people die here. You are still Chu Jun."

"Or die, the corpse will be hung from the gate."