The Sword Dynasty

678 The Young Man on the Ruins


Yuan Wu, the most powerful emperor in the history of the Great Qin Dynasty, began to drive back to Changling.

His chariot is extremely simple, only one car, count horses.

The rain is gone.

The practitioner holding the yellow paper umbrella no longer holds the umbrella, sitting in the front of the car.

The dark clouds over the Yinshan dispersed, and the bright sky fell, illuminating his face.

This is a man in his fifties, with a sullen face and exquisite long whiskers.

Although the convoy of Emperor Yuanwu returning to Changling is extremely simple here, as long as he protects with him, there will be no problems.

Because his surname is Xu, one of the chiefs of the Great Qin Dynasty.

In any record and military information in the outside world, he helped Emperor Yuanwu to find elixir overseas.

However, his huge fleet has arrived in Chudu with terrible power.

And he is here.

The most important thing is that, many years ago, he was one of the top practitioners in Changling and the predecessor of the rest of the chiefs.

When Mo Shoucheng passed away, the inexplicable Donghu old monk was hardly repaired. When Baili Suxue was almost exhausted, he looked at the whole world. On the way back, no one could threaten him anymore.

Not even Zhao Si.

If it is a variable, then his existence is the biggest variable in this war.


"It's a real disaster."

A young man climbed up to the broken city wall of Chudu Linjiang, looked at the burning palace in the distance and the city-states full of panic and doomsday scenes, shook his head and said contemptuously.

Chudu has been completely defeated.

These hard city walls, which took a hundred years to build, were torn apart by various siege charms on the armored ship.

A huge hovering ship was pressed behind the young man like a mountain, and the head of the ship crashed into the ruins of these city walls, but the head of the ship was not damaged in the slightest. A dark, frosty luster.

At this time, the surface of these monster steel giant ships was still hit by a lot of scars from the practitioners of the Great Chu Dynasty, many even penetrated into the cabin, but all the originally closed doors have been opened, protruding from them. All kinds of huge ordnance, and the equipment of most of the giant ships are not the same, making these giant ships look like different huge steel hedgehogs.

The densely intertwined charms are woven into a jungle of steel, and the vitality that has not been completely concealed in the battle is stirred inside, and the collision stimulates a variety of weird howling, mixed with a thick draught, like a piece of Ghost domain.

The powerful weaponry and sword formations in these giant ships, especially the overwhelming number of masters who came out of them, destroyed the rebellious forces along the coast in a short time, while the sergeants and practitioners in the giant ships were Not many casualties.

Compared to the city walls, these densely hugged giant ships are harder fortresses.

The number of people who stepped out of these giant ships and landed at this time is staggering.

The sergeants are as dense as clouds, there are thousands of people in each giant ship, and the number of all sergeants exceeds 100,000 people, among them there are a large number of practitioners and the presence of the masters from Qi.

Compared with Chu Capital in the doomsday scene, the most striking contrast is that the landing order of these giant ships is orderly. Not only are the military vehicles and horses extremely orderly, but also complete missions, officials, courtesans and even maids. Wait for the team.

This scene is completely like a country's migration.

This young man was wearing the official robe of the Daqi dynasty. He was one of the first people in the mission to land on the ground. It was obviously one of the most important officials representing Qi.

It's just that he is disabled with one hand, even if it is shrunk in the sleeve, it looks extremely strange and even disgusting.

Compared with the deadly resistance, the surrender of some powerful people in the city is also extremely efficient.

Street fighting is still going on in many places. Some civilian practitioners in the hidden world have already fought against the wolf-like Qin army. However, some missions composed of surrendered powers have come to the wall ruins for the first time.

The representatives headed by these surrenders are King Chu Cheng and Zhong Zheng.

The former is one of Lilingjun’s elder brothers in terms of blood lineage, but was born with a certain intellectual disability. Prior to this, he was placed in a village in the Chudu countryside to provide for the elderly, and a king was arbitrarily sealed.

His role at this time is obviously only a sign. The obese and swollen face is full of frightened expressions, the head is shrunk between the collars, and the probe is not even dare.

Zhong Zheng was one of the prime ministers of the Da Chu Dynasty. He was a powerful minister in the court, and he was also a guest of Li Lingjun and one of his close friends.

He is actually the mouthpiece of this surrender.

When seeing the face of the young man on the city wall, Zhong Zheng's eyes instantly widened to the extreme, his face full of incredible.

Because he knew this young man.

In Changling, not long ago, this young man was only the object of their mockery and despise.

Young people naturally know him too.

Looking at the clock with his eyes widened to the extreme, the young man smiled softly and said, "Long time no see, Brother Zhong."

Zhong Zheng quickly lowered his head.

First of all, he showed humility, and secondly, he really could not let the young man see the cloudy changes on his face.

"Master Su Qin." He bowed deeply and said.

"You are Welcome."

Su Qin looked at him lightly, calmed down all emotions, and said: "In the future, this Chu thing needs Brother Zhong's help."

At this time, the status of the two parties suddenly changed, and Zhong Zheng did not know how to answer.

"You don't have to think too much, we are all just a spray in the river. The change in encounters only depends on the strength of the master we follow."

Su Qin's voice was low, so low that only he and Zhong Zheng could hear, "But the larger the territory of the empire, the more difficult it is to grasp in many places. Here you represent the old Chu, and I represent Qin and Qi. You and I am the future here."

Zhong Zheng heard some of the meaning in Su Qin's words, and could not help but feel some shock in his body.

"Everything I heard from Master Su's arrangements."

Zhong Zheng bowed again to salute, and then asked softly, "Why is Qi Emperor here?"

This is his statement.

As long as he shows that he obeyed Su Qin on his side, he can ask this very private, but most confusing question.

Everything is naturally for profit.

Qi Di's existence cannot be so stupid as to sacrifice allies like Chu.

After all, Chu is Qi's shield for anyone.

And even Chu Chu, and Yan.

The Daqi dynasty did this, not only the Dachu dynasty but also Dayan.

"In this world, only true power is the most fascinating."

Su Qin smiled, "And of all the power, anyone most desires, naturally, does not depend on the power of others, but has the power of real control."