The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 679

When he said this, his eyes were deeply moved.

In this capital city, which had no fighting spirit and was chaotic to the extreme, more dignitaries and wealthy merchants arrived and came to the mission to express their surrender and loyalty.

There are far more cowardly and fickle people than people who dare to persevere and have their own will.

Even if what he said is truth that everyone knows, but many people say fate, how many people have the courage to insist on changing their destiny?

How many people are there in a dynasty?

However, it is often just a duel of millions of troops that has finally determined the destiny of a dynasty.

As it is now, these UFO ships are only loaded with more than one hundred thousand sergeants, and just defeated the defenders here, which means conquest.

A young wolf can scare a group of pigs.

The most important thing is that this group of pigs can also help this wolf to scare and control other pigs.

At this time, in Su Qin's eyes, these dignitaries who were born in peace and worried about losing peace are no different from a group of pigs.


Several unburnt flames fell to an unmanned courtyard, and fell on the neatly stacked woodpile in this courtyard.

The wood stack slowly rose into smoke. After some time, some flames were slowly ignited, and then the whole wood stack burned quietly. The tongue swallowed up the wall and slowly ignited the eaves on one side.

This is a scene that happened in Chuduli at this time, but it is like the fate of this dynasty.

The great Chu dynasty had a large number of troops backed up in the areas of Yangshan County and Yinshan, and was still strangling with the troops of Daqin.In central Chudu and northeast, there are a large number of granaries and gates of the family, and a large number of workshops, which can continuously deliver fresh blood to the border troops.

However, when the whole Chu fell, many dignitaries lost their fighting spirit, and many family gates also fell.

The entire central and northeastern part of the Great Chu Dynasty will fall into a situation of headless dragons.

Especially after losing the rule of Zhao Xiangfei's iron fists, the choice of the vast majority of the family's doormen is even more unpredictable.

The most intriguing is the movements of the Dayan Dynasty.

Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu never worried about the loss of the Great Qin Dynasty. From the beginning of the war, Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu had already expressed their intention to smash all the decades of accumulation into this war.

Therefore, the troops of the Great Qin Dynasty who had already retreated at the border will retaliate at any cost.

In this war, Chu had little chance of winning, and there was no way to take care of the border with Dayan Dynasty and Daqi Dynasty.

So, next, is the Dayan dynasty aiming at aligning its troops, or does it feel overwhelming, why not take the opportunity to send troops into the territory of the Dachu dynasty, seize a lot of resources that are beneficial to oneself in the rich northeast, and strengthen the strength of one's own dynasty?

Su Qin believed that Emperor Yan would choose the latter.

First, there is not much choice, but this is the weakness of human nature.

If Yan Qi suffered both defeats, even if Daqin's national strength was lost, Daqin won in the end.

So the emotion in his eyes and the sarcasm in his heart are partly because of this.


"Where did those people go?"

An old man walked into the depths of another royal palace in the world, the sound of the roar was almost roaring, and the flame of a giant candle burning by the wall was swaying.

This is the palace of Daqi. The ground is covered with black mountain stones. The walls are also ordinary rough stones. Unlike the palace of Chu, it is gorgeous and a bit cold.

Emperor Qi dressed in black and sat on a dragon chair.

On both sides of him was a long, wide black cloth, embroidered with strange runes.

These runes weakened the strength of the vitality deep in the palace. Even if the master of the Seven Realms came here, I am afraid that only the strength of the practitioners of the Three or Four Realms can exert it.

"What do you mean?" Qi Di said humbly and calmly, listening to the old man's roar.

This old man is Tian Yanghou, and in terms of seniority, it is his uncle.

At this time, the Daqi Dynasty was probably the only one that could threaten his throne.

"Han Luoli, Qisi people... These masters of our Daqi dynasty, as well as those generals, where are they now?"

Tian Yanghou’s angry lips turned purple, saying, “There are also our Huayin Sect and Tomb Rune Workshop, and we took a boat out to sea three months ago...why, at this time, would you still hide from me, When do you want to hide me!"

"It turns out that you have checked so clearly, uncle."

Emperor Qi sighed softly and said, "However, it is still late."

In this sentence, he came with rare sincerity and seriousness.

Tian Yanghou was cold all over and said, "What do you mean?"

"They have already gone to Chudu." Qi Emperor looked at his eyes and said, "If there is no accident, my envoy of Daqi and Qin has conquered Chudu."

Although there were signs in my heart, Tian Yanghou still felt a cool rush out of the heavenly spirit when he heard the words of Emperor Qi himself.

"Are you crazy?"

"Have you ever heard of the story of seeking a skin with a tiger?"

"Are you an idiot?"

His brain was blank, and he scolded three words in a hurry, completely forgetting the distinction between a prince and a minister.

Qi Di didn't answer.

There was silence in the palace.

But Emperor Qi was not angry, just looked at him quietly, just like usual humility.

"You shouldn't think so."

When Tian Yanghou's breath sounded extremely heavy in the hall, but finally he resumed normal breathing, Qi Emperor said, "You should ask me the real reason, and you have forgotten one thing."

Tian Yanghou took a deep breath, sounding as loud as an old python sucking water.

His chest bulged high, but he didn't speak, just looked at Qi Di.

He didn't hide his emotions and thoughts.

As long as Emperor Qi could not give reasons for his conviction, he would use desperation to make a lot of artificial rebellions.

"The Great Qin dynasty is very strong. After the reform, the annihilation of Han Zhaowei and the three dynasties has already become terrifying. The Great Chu dynasty is also very strong. Who was the opponent of the Great Chu dynasty 20 or 30 years ago?"

Emperor Qi looked at him and said slowly: "However, many years ago, the seven dynasties were side by side, and many small countries called the seven largest dynasties as the seven heroes. Of these seven heroes, my Daqi was the strongest!"

"Uncle, don't forget. Qi is Chu, and Chu is Qin."

"Chu Qi is the first in the world, but in the old days I had a famous courtier who defected to Chu with his doormen."

"Qin Zhijian is the first in the world, and Daqi is only the best at the deceitful means of the Yin God, the ghost, and the world's heroes. But a hundred years ago, the world's practice method was the strongest of my Da Chu Dynasty."

"Our Daqi national power is weak. First, we experienced civil unrest and lost several important county affiliations. The most important point is that we lost the most important things and the most important heritage."

"I just want to get back what belongs to us. Who said I am trying to hide from the tiger?"

Emperor Qi looked at Tian Yanghou, whose eyes had changed, and smiled bitterly, saying, "Who is the tiger?"

Tian Yanghou could no longer control his shocked emotions, and exclaimed: "Twelve Witches?"