The Sword Dynasty

680 True Jiaodong County

"Am I really crazy?"

Emperor Qi looked at Tian Yanghou, who was shocked, and exclaimed: "If it weren't for the Twelve Witch God Heads and Tomb Fushan, would I go with Zheng Xiu to grab a piece of soup from the Chu people?"

Tian Yanghou was still shocked and stunned. After a few breaths, he recovered a little and shivered: "Zheng Xiu really willing to return the twelve witch gods to me?"

The corners of Qi Emperor's lips slightly raised, revealing a hint of unintelligible smile.

Tian Yanghou's body suddenly stiffened, "Already in my direction?"

"The Tomb Rune Workshop has been checked and sent to Anmiao at this time." Even if Emperor Qi only stated, his mood could not help but be aroused and his voice trembled a little: "The ceremony of heaven sacrifice has been arranged. Just wait for the twelve witch gods to come back and inspire."

Tian Yanghou was silent for a long time before finally calming down.

"Tomb Fushan will also draw back to me?" He looked at Qi Emperor and asked seriously.

Emperor Qi nodded, "This was originally the condition for the Tomb Rune Workshop to do so."

Tian Yanghou was silent, not knowing what he was thinking.

Emperor Qi's eyes warmed up a bit and said, "Uncle, do you think it's worth it?"

Tian Yanghou nodded slowly, and then he took a deep breath and said: "It is worth it to be worth it. The heads of the twelve witch gods return to their positions. Tomb Fushan returns to our country, even if it is the life I wait for. It is worth it. just……"

Emperor Qi frowned slightly, looking at Tian Yanghou, who was still talking, and said, "What is it?"

Tian Yanghou shook his head and looked at him and said, "There is only one thing you forgot, you are sorry Master Yan."

Qi Di was silent.

"If Master Yan is alive, he will not let Tomb Rune and Zheng Xiu cooperate to deal with Chu. So no matter whether you are deliberately or unintentionally, he is still dead. Only when he is dead can you implement such a plan. "

Tian Yanghou said, he felt a bit painful, "Master Yan is the object I admire to many practitioners and yearns to be, and he still has descendants to stay. When the news of the fall of Chudu spread, if I can think of At this point, his descendants and many practitioners of my country will also think of this. They will not forgive you."

Emperor Qi was silent for several hours.

Then his face became firm and dignified again, "Just as you said, these people hate me, not hate me. As long as they can make me regain the power of the tiger, even paying my life is worth it. ."

"So uncle please support me."

He stood up from the dragon chair and bowed deeply to Tian Yanghou.

Tian Yanghou thought it was natural, but he looked at Qi Emperor's manners, and besides the news to him still felt a little shock, he was not much moved.

Because he thought of Master Yan.

The former Qi Emperor respected and relied on Master Yan more than anyone else.



The long-lasting flame in Chudu reddened half of the sky, and gradually burned with the sunset at the edge of the sky.

Dajiang faces east.

Crossing Chuqi to the east, it is a fold, entering the Qin State, intersects with the big rivers from Qin, and merges into the East China Sea.

The eastern end of Jiaodong County is like a long and narrow canine tooth, with one end piercing into Qin State and the other end piercing into the sea.

In addition to amazing materials such as elixir and sea beasts, rare jewelry and spices, Jiaodong County's most important produce is food.

After a large amount of fish is made into dry goods, it can even meet the meat needs of one third of Qin Jing.

In a certain fish farm, a large number of small marine fish of only one finger thickness were cooked in hot water, spread on a flat stone floor, exuding the smell of heat and smell in the sunset at this time.

After several days of exposure, these dried fish are simply cooked to give a delicious taste, which can make the most rudimentary meals in the march meals become delicious.

A woman wearing a yellow cloth robe sat on a bamboo chair watching the transformation process day after day.

Many of the labors in her sight are also doing this kind of work day after day, until a middle-aged man walks into this fish farm in the setting sun, which has not attracted the attention of those people.

Still here.

The woman sighed with emotion in her heart, still sitting and watching the man, until the dark skinned, very short, middle-aged man walked not far in front of her, only some arrogant soft voice : "Zhang Fifteen?"

The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Mrs. Jasper?"

The woman smiled slightly, which was considered the default.

"Who would have thought that Zheng Xiu's adoptive mother would always live in such a place." The middle-aged man sniffed his nose and said, "It doesn't really smell good."

"When you smell something, you will get used to it, and you will eat the same." The woman's eyes wrinkled. "Not to mention that she avoided me being found by those of you at Bashan Jianchang. I just didn't expect you to be real. So boring, find me here."

"Qin people who kill other people's relatives or hostage others want to threaten others. This is one of her favorite methods, but this method has not much effect on her."

The woman looked at Zhang Shishi and then said: "Even if you kill me, it won't cause her much pain. I'm just a foster mother for her. You people from Bashan Jianchang entered the Jiaodong County by taking advantage of it. , Shouldn’t we do something more meaningful?"

"Everyone knows her ruthlessness and no need for you to remind." Zhang Shiwu smiled. He looked at the woman and said: "More useful than destroying Jiaodong County is to use Jiaodong County. We know'Huang Poan' Not an island."

"Huang Po An" is not an island, this sentence is very strange, and it is also very abrupt at this time.

But hearing this sentence, the calm and smiling woman suddenly changed her complexion, her ruddy face turned pale.

"It doesn't make sense to threaten her, but what about threatening you?"

Zhang Shizi looked at the woman seriously, "She is just your adopted daughter. You have only raised her for a while, but is it really just that?"

"Only you know the specific location of'Huang Poan', and you have a chart of its trajectory. That is the real Jiaodong County, where the wealth and many accumulations of the Zheng family's gatekeepers are all there." Then she continued, "You have a son and a very granddaughter. Now if we take their lives and change this chart, don't you know if you want to?"

The old woman's lips trembled.

Her eyes fell on Zhang Shiwu's hands.

There was a small piece of fish-shaped white jade in his palm, which was the match of her favorite granddaughter.

"You really won't kill them, will you let them go?"

Said the old woman trembling.

"We will let you go." Zhang Shizi said sarcastically: "It's really boring to kill some people in Jiaodong County and make her a little sad and angry. It's really boring thing that makes her really painful is losing the entire Jiaodong County Help."