The Sword Dynasty

682 Voice

The spring and summer handovers on the ground, and even the powerful Dachu dynasty collapsed, but in the cellar deep underground in Changling, there was not much change in temperature.

Hu Hai has lost a lot, and the skin on his body has become strangely pale. Even like many animals that have been in the ground for a long time, there are even some faint fluorescent lights on his body.

However, he did not have many wounds on his body at this time, and even did not add chains and other prohibitions. It seemed to be able to move freely.

In the stone plate in front of him were many thinly sliced ​​bloody pieces of meat.

These pieces of meat are raw rat meat.

Because Shen Xuan stores a lot of food in this cellar, there are often some rats who sniff the smell of food. These rats naturally cannot escape Shen Xuan's perception.

At the time of the battle between Qin and Chu, rat meat was sometimes used as emergency food. Many armies would dig three feet to dig up plant tubers and rodents to eat hunger, but the rat meat now placed in front of Hu Hai did not do it. Excessive cleaning, mixed with a lot of mouse hair and dirt, looks very disgusting.

Every time his eyes fell on these smelly rat flesh, Hu Hai was sickening, but he dared not make a sound.

Shen Xuan was standing not far in front of him, and was wiping off a blade fixed on the wall with a rag that did not look good.

The time in the cellar is too long to score, so his movements are very slow and detailed, as if he is polishing something of jade, so he uses this to pass the time.


After a long time, he put down the cloth in his hand, said these two words, and then looked at Hu Hai expressionlessly, said: "After eating it, it actually tastes very good, comparable to the most delicious food in the world."

"" is a legendary kind of long-extinct beast.

This fierce beast is only recorded in the books of the very few practitioners' world, and there is no authoritative record even how it looks.

Even the vast majority of practitioners today don't even know the name of this kind of beast, let alone mention this unusual word.

However, the sound of these two words seems to have some strange magic.

After hearing these two words, Hu Hai, who had been unable to resist vomiting, appeared a strange red cloud on her extremely pale face, and even a naked greed appeared in her eyes.

He was really like seeing the best delicacy in the world, almost on the stone plate.

He chewed on it, not only ate all the bloody slices of raw meat, but also missed every drop of blood on the stone plate.

Shen Xuan looked at him silently, still expressionless.

Only in the next few days, he lowered his head, thinking that he should be able to go out and see the Changling Mausoleum soon.


The Changling Mausoleum above was deserted.

Leng Qing came from a huge cleansing after Ye Ce Leng defected and Minshan Jianzong Baili Suxue entered the palace.

Many officials were involved, many died in the fighting, and many people were afraid to be implicated and left quickly.

The most important thing is that many sword courts and practice sites disappeared overnight, not because of the army's encirclement and suppression, but because they can no longer bear the control of the palace.

Today there are some lively places in Honghe Town, a small town on the banks of the Weihe River outside Changling.

This is a port where many merchant ships are moored. It is rich in pottery clay that can be used to make pottery. There are many merchant ships coming and going. The mud at the bottom of the river that is stirred up is also red, making the river water red.

The most important thing in frontier battles is food.

Next is the carriage.

The most indispensable nature is medicine, and the most important one is hemostatic medicine.

However, as the weather became hot and humid, medicines to remove diarrhea and purulent wounds suddenly became important.

Most of the boats docked on the banks of this town today are ships from some important companies in Guanzhong, among which are the main agents who are hard to see on weekdays, and some legendary giants.

But the faces of these giants in Guanzhong are very unsightly.

Because when everyone noticed that all medicines became scarce, these Guanzhong giants suddenly discovered that the majority of the hemostatic drugs, as well as most of the medicinal materials used to make diarrhea and wounds purulent drugs, have been taken into the pocket of a mysterious rich businessman .

Having a sense of smell that precedes everyone and hoarding scarce resources is nothing wrong in business.

However, many finished medicines are under the control of Chaotang, and some companies must be pressed to complete a certain amount of time within a limited time. When these raw materials are monopolized by people, and the prices are increased by a few percent, the prices of finished drugs sold by these companies are not May improve.

This is not just a matter of taking advantage of opportunities to make a fortune, it is simply stepping on the faces of all the wealthy people involved and drawing money from their pockets.

Who dares to do this?

Not only are the officials of the various divisions and these Guanzhong giants inextricably linked, it is not only that Guanzhong has gone out many practitioners and became generals in the army.Even the vast majority of practice sites in Changling receive funding from these giants in Guanzhong every year.

The only thing that prevented these giants from completely breaking out is that this mysterious person has terrible money, otherwise it is impossible to use such a thundering means to buy out many medicinal materials completely silently, and this mysterious person gave them a talk Opportunity to talk.

Xie Lian should go ashore surrounded by several important figures in the Guan, and walk towards the quietest inn in this town.

As the head of Guanzhong's wealthy man, he naturally came to discuss such a challenge, but he was worried at this time, but his mind was not on it.

After the destruction of Minshan Jianzong, his daughter Xie Rou, who studied sword at Minshan Jianzong, disappeared. Before that, Xie Changsheng disappeared.

Compared with the news of a pair of children, this matter is not the most important thing for him right now.

However, when he walked into the quietest room in the deepest part of the inn alone according to the request of the other party, a voice that first entered his pinna made him stunned.


The sounds of these two words are very familiar but seem strange.

"Long victory?"

Xie Lianying's eyes widened and he looked at the young man in the dim light incredulously.

His nose was inexplicably bitter.

It wasn't his son who was worried all day long.

In the dim light, the old idle son seems to have matured a lot.

"Let you come in this way and get an opportunity to meet with you. It's not really a matter of business or this medicinal material." Xie Changsheng bowed deeply, saluted his father who was thinking about it day and night, and then said softly.

"What do you mean?"

Xie Lian should have stayed for a long time, and some have recovered, "What the hell are you doing, how can you do such a thing?"

When the father and son met in this situation, Xie Changsheng's mood was agitated, his hands trembling slightly in the sleeve, but his face was extremely serious. He did not answer his father's question, but just whispered quickly: "Zheng Xiu will be right We are in the middle of the game."