The Sword Dynasty

684 The First Order of the World Sword

The speciality of the Nanquan gates in the Dachu dynasty is that these gates not only have an amazing accumulation of wealth like the wealthy merchants of Guanzhong in the Great Qin dynasty, but also have a large number of practitioners and private troops. There are many powerful seven-state practitioners inside.

Practitioners can have valuable ownership and ownership, but for a dynasty, a large number of private troops are naturally a threat.The reason why the gates of Nanquan County can be chartered to own private troops is because these gates have made great contributions to the Dachu dynasty in the past. Many of them are the partners and ministers of the first emperor.

The reason is that after receiving the grace of the first emperor and many years of possession of the five counties, the gates of the Nanquan counties were closely related to the words "barbaric", "jackal" and "gangster". That is because these gates were indeed all It was a horse thief and a mountain bandit who had seized the mountain.

At that time, these people also brought their own private army to the Emperor Xian, and made great contributions to the Xian Emperor's determination of the mountains and the territory.

Because of their unique relationship with Xiandi, these gates and valves enjoy many privileges, and their acting style is much more brutal than those of the elaborate and elegant Chu capitals.

Before the Lushan Alliance, in fact Zhao Xiangfei had been involved in the political affairs for many years. She did not have too much generosity in treating the gates of these Nanquan counties. Although they were forced by the power of these gates to not directly cancel the private forces of these people, they naturally did Some precautionary arrangements have been made, such as setting up fortresses outside these five counties, restricting the number of horses and horses sold to the five counties, and stipulating the highest level of weaponry that the private army can have.

However, what caused the Nanquan counties and Zhao Xiangfei to be completely wicked was the "crepe case".

Among the three gates in Nanquan County, the eldest son of the surnamed surname is weak. He secretly intervened to control the selection and promotion of low-level officials in many counties and counties in the eastern part of the Great Chu, so that those small counties far away from the Chu capital bought it. In those counties and counties, they only covered the sky. When they were finally investigated, Nanquan counties made many concessions and wanted to keep the weak head. However, Zhao Xiangfei did not give love to him, and still cut the weak by law. .Even some officials who managed to be accommodating in it did their best.

Later, if the children of Nanquan County were to commit crimes, they were often dealt with more severely. In the Qin and Chu battles, Nanquan County was also mobilized a lot of resources, and some important children who practiced in Chudu were also sent to the frontier. Many were even sent directly to dangerous places.

This trick is extremely venomous. In order to protect those important children, Nanquan County also had to send some powerful practitioners to follow.

Now the border to the middle of Chu is chaotic, and there is a lot of information, and I don’t know if those important children and practitioners can survive.

Although I don't know what Zhao Xiangfei intends to do next, judging from the movements of the army in the past few days, the remnants of the major armies in Yangshan County are retreating towards the five counties in Nanquan.

The Nanquan counties are extremely resentful to Zhao Xiangfei, but after all, it is a national matter. If they are blocked by private troops and the retreating Chu army is enemies, then the gates of the five counties in Nanquan don’t know how much they will usher even if they don’t care about the writing in the history books. Chu people's anger.

So although some doormen hate cursing, but this debate lasted for nearly half an hour, but has not yet decided.

Over time, those who spoke the most intensely before stopped, and their eyes gradually gathered on the three people in the middle.

The three men with the darkest and most dangerous atmosphere in the middle are the masters of the three strongest gatekeepers in Nanquan County.

Especially the middle-aged middle-aged man in the purple robe, who has never seen his eyes, has a thin face, always has his head hanging down, and the white hair has a ray of cold light like a blade, which is the owner of the crepe family. Father sighed.

When he finally raised his head slightly, the whole chamber was completely silent.

"I don't care what you think."

Creo Shenyun didn't look at anyone, he just said, "For my Crepe family, all Chu people can live, but she can't live."

Everyone's body shook slightly.

He went on to say: "When I was not broken by Chu, she was a queen mother and had the status of an emperor, but now Guo Guo, is she still a queen mother? She is not even a Chu man."

There is no objection.

The vast majority of people are just waiting for his opinion.

No one objected at this time, it represented a resolution.

The next principal looked a little bit flatteringly and said flatly: "Since that is the case, then we will send news that the rest can pass, she cannot pass. Or let her commit suicide directly?"

"I wanted her to die very early. Although many people said that she ruled the state, it was the fruit given to her by Emperor Xiandi. I really wanted to see if I said to let her commit suicide to change the lives of the Chu army. How would she answer." Su Shen suddenly sneered.

Laughter echoed through the darkened hall, but no one answered.

Most people hate Zhao Yaofei not as directly and strongly as he does. In their view, too fierce methods often drag people into the abyss.

Just then, there was a rapid footstep outside the door.

One person made a few deductions on the door according to the rules, and then pushed the door into.

The conference hall is the property of the Cree family, and the person who entered at this time is also a competent clerk of the Cree family.

As the man pushed the door into the meeting room, Shen Yun's brow furrowed unconsciously.

Because of his familiarity, he felt the strangeness of this man the first time.

"whats the matter?"

His cold voice sounded again.

Many other big figures of the doormen were present, and he did not want any unpleasant accidents and rudeness to happen.

"Bashan Sword Field."

The steward of the Cree took a deep breath, bowed to all these people, and said the four words with a trembling voice.

Creo Shenyun and these principals were shocked. When they looked at the steward again, the steward had raised his body and extended his hand.

"Bashan Jianchang sent the first order of the world sword."

His voice was more trembling.

He has a half-foot-long sword-shaped token in his hand, which naturally swallows the sharp sword awn.

A puff of cold air sounded at the same time.

"The first order of the world sword? Even if there are still people left in Bashan sword field, can it be regarded as the world sword head?"

After a few hours of interest, an angry voice sounded.

But then there was a longer silence, no one should be in or against, the atmosphere was terrible, and even the screaming man's face gradually turned white.

The first order of the world's sword is the token of the dream of the king of the sword in the former Bashan Jianchang.

In the old days, Bashan Jianchang was the first in the world. When this order came out, almost no one dared to go against his will.

Many years later, Bashan Jianchang has ceased to exist... but it is also the case, many years later, the world's first sword order actually reappeared.

what does this mean?

Cree Shenyun's breathing became increasingly difficult, and he slowly raised his head slightly again, looking at the steward, and said, "What is the story?"