The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 694 Purpose

"Don't worry about anything, even if you are going to die, it's me and not your Xia family."

When returning to the carriage, Wen Guanyue said coldly to the people of the Xia family beside the carriage: "This is a matter for me and Bashan Jianchang, and it has nothing to do with you."


The principal of the Xia family simply responded with two words.

He knew that the current Xia family was only a residence for Wen Guanyue.

Now before Ding Ning and Bashan Jianchang, it is no longer the private army of the Nanquan towns, nor the part of the strength that his Xia family has, but the need for the name.

Teachers must be famous.

This has not only solved the problem of whether the remnants led by Zhao Xiangfei and Xiang Yan can pass through Nanquan towns.

Rather, there are some things that cannot be explained. Whether Ding Ning and Bashan Jianchang are qualified to be the leaders of the forces against Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu.


"No one can be alone."

On the moon night, a woman whispered to the old man behind her.

"Brother has his opinion, but there are still people in the business, he can't fully represent our business."

The woman was wearing a red shirt, and her speech was always a gentle and gentle gesture, and her soft voice contained misery and helplessness.

She is on a small boat.

The boat was moored at the Yedukou where small merchant ships gathered. At this time, most of these small merchant ships were accompanied by rich merchants who fled Chudu in the war.

Nine dead silkworms were reborn, the man and Bashan Jianchang appeared in Nanquan towns so much, the news spread so fast that the Yedukou quickly learned what was happening in Nanquan towns.

She was talking about businesses at this time. She claimed to be "our business", which was naturally the business lady who had been hiding in the fish market in the past.

Listening to the two words she said at the moment, the old servant behind her sighed and shook the boat.

The boat glides quickly on the dark water, and before sunrise, it reached a pier close to Xia's house.

The towns of Nanquan are more troublesome than ever, and it is naturally impossible for such a small boat to escape from Xia's attention.

Feeling the presence of some spiritual practitioners around the pier in the darkness before dawn, the business lady missed her head slightly, and still said in a very gentle and low voice: "Wen Guanyue is my brother, my surname is Shang , I want to see him."

Several rapid inhalation sounds sounded in the darkness, followed by a crackling sound produced by a flying skim.

Only for dozens of hours, a Xia family manager arrived at the wharf with a carriage, and asked her to get in the car with great obedience.

The business lady picked up the piano that had been on her side and boarded the carriage with her old servant.

The carriage quickly entered the depths of Xia's house and stopped by the quiet lake full of lotus flowers.

A man in a blue shirt stood beside the pavilion by the lake.


He bowed slightly to salute, his face still calm, but when he bowed, the lotus flowers in the lake were all blown by the wind, and the petals and leaves rustled.

"Brother." The business lady missed Yingying, "I don't know you are still alive."

"I'm not in Changling, but I can hear your news occasionally. I only heard that you seem to have gone overseas, but I never thought you would be here, and came so fast." Wen Guanyue stood up, his tone full of words. Can't express emotion.

The business lady was still in a hurry and said: "In this world, if you want to stay out of the business, you can't find a clean place. I left the fish market and walked along the river to the sea. I originally wanted to leave this dispute completely, but it happened to be I noticed that there was a trace of a UFO ship, and I felt that it was wrong. But when I followed the territory of Chu, I was too late to remind him.

"Even when I got out of the country, I just found traces of the UFO fleet, but it's no wonder that the teacher is the only practitioner in Changling who was proficient in the means of ghosts, ghosts, and ghosts. What is it." Wen Guanyue nodded.

The business lady looked at his twin pupils shining in the dark night, thought for a while, and whispered slowly: "Everyone should have the opportunity to correct the mistakes, not to mention some mistakes just because he mistrusted others."

"I finally got to the point." Wen Guanyue took a deep breath, looked at her, and said, "So that's why you came to meet me?"

"What happened to our merchants led to a break between him and Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu. And I can live in Changling and stay in Changling for a long time. Naturally, it cannot be Zheng Xiu's kindness. It must be some of him and Chang Ling. The agreement between the old man. He owes me an account, but I also owe him a life." The business lady nodded and said, "You can not forgive him, but I don't want you to stop him at this time."

"This is your purpose, but my purpose is not to stop him." Wen Guanyue suddenly laughed.

He smiled freely, but the smile was extremely cold.

The business lady missed her brows slightly, and the old servant beside her suddenly had a bad hunch in her heart.

"My purpose is you, sister."

Wen Guanyue looked at her deeply, smiled genuinely, and said softly with emotion: "In fact, many of the things you said are good. Including that you can survive in Changling, it is indeed because he and some people in Changling The agreement. Even if you don’t know it yourself, your life and death is one of the chips that finally forced him to enter Changling."

"However, keeping you is keeping you as a bargaining chip, in case the nine dead silkworms will reappear in the future...Nine dead silkworms are really reappearing now, and it is actually his rebirth. In this way, you have a more important meaning. . One of his chips against him at that time, now I do not know what role it can play?"

Wen Guanyue's voice also became softer and softer, "You are still too simple, you haven't thought about it, everyone in the business is dead, why can I survive?"


The old servant beside the business lady shouted loudly.

The word he wanted to export was "You are Zheng Xiu's person", but just saying a word, he felt a coldness that made him have a breath of blood freezing instantly.

He Huo Ran turned.

A man in a black robe came out of the darkness. His black robe was hung with starry bone ornaments.


The business lady missed the name of the practitioner, but her heart sank instantly.

"Miss, go away."

Dozens of black bamboos grew out of her and the old servant's body at this moment, and they became trees in an instant, and they were constantly rising high, with a tendency to sky high.

"Since I'm here, can I go?"

However, the man in black robe just shook his head sarcastically, ripped off a bone in his waist and dropped it on the ground.

Puffed softly.

Numerous cracks were born on this tiny bone like a finger bone, and pale cracks of gas burst from these cracks, spreading silently towards the surrounding world.

The black air on the black bamboo forest was twisted quickly, and the strands were pulled out and swallowed by those pale flames.

The figures of the old servant and the business lady showed up, and there was a trace of blood between the lips and teeth of the old servant.