The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 695 Soul Calming

"Really leave no room for maneuver?"

The business lady's voice sounded faintly.

She looked at Wen Guanyue and the Qisi people, and a black incense suddenly appeared in the air in front of her.

This black thread incense emits a trace of green smoke without any flame igniting, exuding a sweet smell, which actually made the spirits of the Qis and Wen Qiuyue at the same time.

Through this moment of winning, the business lady missed the piano with both hands. No piano sounded, but countless black flames poured out.She and the old servant's bodies were wrapped in these black flames, as if they were to disappear directly into the black flames.

With a loud bang, Wen Guanyue regained his consciousness, and his body flew like a waterfall with black Yin Qi, and a black dagger suddenly appeared in his hand. The sword light started, cutting off the black thread incense, sword The light went on, but it penetrated into the body of the business lady.

There were countless strange echoes in the piano body. A piece of black piano wood fell off the piano body, but it was burning smoke and instantly turned into a black face, covering the face of Wenguanyue.

Wen Guanyue's face did not change in any way. It was like being smashed by a mass of smoke. Even the hair was not scattered. However, the whole body was shocked, and there was a heavy sigh between the mouth and nose. Bloodshot.

It was at this moment that the old servant behind her opened a blood arrow upward.

With a crackling noise, this qi and blood rushed to the sky, and countless black bamboos suddenly emerged in the sky. The roots expanded, and instead they wanted to swallow those pale flames.

"Good means, if you are alone, you are not your rival."

The sound of the Qis people's emotions sounded. Before his voice sounded, a golden color had appeared in his body, and a strong and aura that was different from his own vitality poured out from the depths of his qi sea.

The divine and blazing golden yellow light illuminates in the darkness.

It was like a golden phoenix flew out of his body and pounced on the black smoke that filled the air.

"It turned out to be..."

There was an incredible meaning deep in the eyes of the business lady.

There are two kinds of exercises in the world that are born to be the nemesis of the Yin God, Ghosts, and Things. The most compelling is Zhao Jianlu’s Bailianhuo, followed by Yuanwu’s Phoenix Breaking.

This sacred and fiery golden light came from Yuan Wu.

Without any hesitation, when she reacted, the deep sea of ​​air inside her sounded a soft sound.

It was like a small, sharp stone crushing the ice, and then the whole ice began to crack.

She has a weak appearance, and even a gentle and gentle tone of speech, but her temperament is actually extremely hard. At this time, she understands that it is impossible to get out, and instantly shatters her Qihai Yugong Palace to death.Even if you die, you can never take advantage of it.

It is far more difficult to capture a seven-level guru than to kill several seven-level gurus, especially when she has not lost her vitality too much. Cultivation can stop it.

However, at this moment, a thing was shot in the hands of the Kis.

This thing is like a big nail, without the luster of gold stone, giving people a first impression like a big wooden nail, but the surface is stained with many mottled colors, especially many colors. It is a deep dark red, like blood stains that have dried up for many years.

There is no power to be injected into the hands of the Qis. All the vitality in his body is used to force out the sacred and blazing golden light. However, only by virtue of the power of this thing, this thing easily penetrates the business. The black piano in the hands of the young lady, and then stabbed in her qi sea, pierced her flesh and blood.

All evolution in the business lady's body ceased.

This thing directly calmed her Qihai, calmed the flow of all vitality in her body, and the process was extremely gentle, and did not even arouse any resistance in her body.

Everything is taken for granted.

It is naturally an unimaginable sacred thing to be able to restrain the vitality of a Seven Realm Master in this way.

"Soul Soul Nail"

The business lady looked at the thing that pierced her body, and smiled indifferently. "What kind of benefits did Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu give Qi Emperor even the treasure of Zhenguo?"

There was an endless flame in the eyes of the old servant behind her, but when she was restrained, he no longer took any action.

The Qis coughed several times, suppressing the burning pain in the body, and said softly with emotion: "Your business practice is derived from Qi, then you should know that there is only one thing that can be more restrained than this. The soul-killing nails of most Yin Yuan exercises are more important."

The business lady missed her for a moment, and she immediately wanted to understand, and sighed quietly, "Twelve Witch Gods."

"The Soul Nail is a thing that guards the royal family and can deter all the ancestors in Qi territory. However, after all, it is only a restraint charm. How can it be comparable to the twelve witch god heads of the ancestors of Ten Thousand Methods?" The Qis also sighed. Dao: "Miss Shangda, you just want to understand. This is a transaction after all. The merchant and I have some origins after all. I don't want Missy to die."

"Is it?"

The business lady was not angry, and the tone of the words was still a harmonious whisper. "It's just that you were a little surprised to see me fix your behavior. You were nailed here with the soul of the soul. Are you really prepared to deal with me? "

The Qis frowned slightly, but did not hide it. They said, "It's not to be missed by Miss Shangda. This Soul Nail was originally intended to be used by Yan Ying's disciples."

"Your emperor has always referred to Yan Ying as a teacher. For the Lushan Alliance, where Yan Ying died in battle, the result came to the end. For the twelve witch gods, your emperor joined forces with the enemy, fearing that Yan Ying's disciples would be a trouble. , I also want to cut the grass and eradicate the roots." The business lady shook her head indifferently and said softly: "My father and I used to say that a door or a strong one, the most important thing is the spirit, now in you In the eyes of the emperor and you, the dead like the twelve witch gods is more important than the spirit spirit, and I don’t know what you think."

At this moment, the Qis had some trance.

However, in the next moment, his face became firm.

"This is already a move of the whole country, and how can I wait for the idea. What's more, Bashan Jianchang and Yuanwu fight again, and afterwards, it is only the world of the Qin people, not the world of Daqi. ."

After finishing this sentence, he reached for the black piano that the business lady missed to the ground, looked at the sky in the distance, and showed some extremely complex expressions on the face.

He admitted that some words of Miss Shangda made sense.

But the destiny of a dynasty is just like the night sky now, who can see the distance clearly.