The Sword Dynasty

700 Night Chaos

"Is the real Zhen Guohou, not a plausible decoration?" In a mansion in Chudu, Su Qin put down the secret note in his hand, picked up a glass of fine wine in the case beside him, and smiled faintly.

The woman who pours wine for him wears a goose-yellow palace dress, her skin color is better than snow, and she is beautiful.This woman's surname Zhen is the second daughter of the Chu's Zhen family, and one of the most famous beauties in Chu.

For a man who really has power, such a woman's identity is more attractive than her own beauty.

In the past, the dreams of countless dignitaries, but most of the beauties that were unavailable even now, were just the maid he could hunt at will. Su Qin's eyes were not self-satisfied, but he had a strong sense of self-deprecation.

He turned his head a little tired, looking at the sky outside the window.

At this time it was getting dark and it was not really night, but there were already stars lit up in the sky.

"Is this a fate? I just took over the power in Chu, and you will become Prince Yan's left arm and right arm."

Su Qin looked at the two stars that first appeared on the sky and said slowly in his heart.

"grown ups."

A deep but powerful voice sounded outside the door.

Listening to the practitioner's voice, Su Qin's eyes also brightened like stars.

After getting his permission, a seemingly ordinary wooden box was presented to him.

When the quiet room became quiet again, only him and the beautiful woman remained in the room, he slowly opened the box.

There is a jade jade inside the box, exuding a soft and mysterious brilliance.

"I like plain clothes. Also, cut my hair short." Su Qinxian closed the box, then raised his head, glanced at the woman beside him, and said.

The stunning woman was flattered at first, but when she heard his second sentence, her lips were slightly trembling and her face pale pale.

Her long black hair is like a waterfall, and even the women of Chudu who are her equals are extremely envious. She does not know how much thought she has spent on this, but now the other party wants her to cut it.

"The slave family knows." She dared not to resist, lowering her head and answering softly.

Su Qin put the wooden box in his sleeve, and when he stood up, there was a trace of mockery in the corner of his mouth.

He doesn't actually like short hair.

However, he liked the feeling of conquest.

When Changling was also shrouded in moonlight, a grey-robed man walked out of the backyard of an ordinary person.

His skin has a strange white color, and under the moonlight, his skin is somewhat transparent, and he can even vaguely see the color of small blood vessels.

The gray robe on his body seemed to have a strange magic power, so that a faint gray mist appeared around his body, so that he quickly merged with the night of Changling.

When he disappeared in this street for several hours, the ordinary people's backyard suddenly cried out.

This cry is very harsh, just like the many cries that were heard during the cleaning of Changling a month ago.

A burst of violent air breaking sounded.

The practitioners flew by, leaving traces in the air.

"It's the second prince..."

Soon, an irresistible exclamation sounded, and bright beams of sword light directed at the sky, and the cry in the courtyard instantly became particularly loud.

The gray-robed man was already on a riverside outside the city.

He saw the light from afar, and the corner of his mouth also showed the same mocking expression as Su Qin.

As he expected, although the Changling in the night looks as majestic as before, after the chaos of Chu Chu and Minshan Jianzong, the entire Changling took control of a practitioner like him who was good at hiding in the dark. It has greatly weakened.

In Changling, how many masters are left?


In the night, Yuan Wu slowly raised his head.

He is returning home.

As usual, all the furnishings in the camp are very rudimentary, and even the tea soup is only made with the most common crude tea.

There is a secret note in his hand.

This secret note came from the ram family in Chudi. As long as the tycoons of the ram family thought of contacting Qin Jun, they could naturally send the secret note to his hands at the fastest speed.

As early as many years ago, some flying beasts used by Qin Jun to spread news had already exceeded the speed of practitioners in the world.

The attitudes of the gatemen in Nanquan Zhuzhen were naturally very important for the Qin Chu war situation. However, this secret note, which was sent to him as the most important military situation, was not the ram's hand after being opened.

He is familiar with the handwriting.

So there was no problem with his guess. Although it was the result he was least willing to believe, Ding Ning was indeed not the successor of that person, but the rebirth of that person.

"You want to send someone to talk to me, what are you talking about?"

"In this case, I will slow down and wait for you to see what you are going to talk to me about."

Yuan Wu's mouth also showed a mocking look.

There was no fluctuation in his emotions, and there was no fear in his eyes.

Although many years ago, the man made him feel fearful, but now the time for fear has passed.


At almost the same time, in the depths of a dead palace in Changling, the hostess who was also reviewing secret notes from all over the world, her face became increasingly pale.

Her body became colder and colder.

At this time she did not know the contact between Ding Ning and Yuan Wu. The chill in her heart came from Lin Zhuojiu and the rest of Bashan Jianchang.

Whether it is from the Yinshan area, or from Yangshan County, or from Chu, the information can clearly tell her that those from Bashan Jianchang did not contribute in these battles.

Where did they go?

Then there is only one possibility.

They went to Jiaodong County.

She can even lose Fusu, but she cannot lose Jiaodong County.

But is this still within her control?

Her mood inevitably fluctuated sharply.

Except in the void where very few practitioners can communicate, some of the stars' light has violent shocks.

On the distant Chu Yan border, a woman wearing men's clothing suddenly raised her head.

The vitality of her was instantly blazing like a stove, and even the dust on the ground seemed to burn.

She is Zhao Si.

At this moment when Zheng Xiu's rare mood fluctuated, she once again sensed the natal sword that originally belonged to her.

It was a feeling of flesh and blood, but just between the teeth, she forcibly restrained her urge to recapture the sword.

She took a deep breath, but quietly captured the trajectory of the sword without actually touching it.

In the still cold void.

Her natal sword spawned with the most vigorous real fire of the sword furnace and the most sincere sword intention, slowly immersed in the quietest and coldest spark, has produced a strange change, the sword body is no longer Fiery red, but the color of the stars, silver and white.