The Sword Dynasty

701 Holy Change

This little sword was suspended in the cold space, accompanied by only some debris of stars and meteorites, and occasionally a strange flash of light, overflowing from the inside to the outside, making this little sword more like A complete star.

When the strange flashes accumulate to a certain degree outside the sword body, there will be transparent crystals on the sword body like frost.However, because the surface of the sword body was too smooth, these ice crystals could not adhere, and then peeled off from the sword body and fell downward.

These ice crystals brought out long rays of light in the void, rapidly expanded and became loose, and soon it seemed that there were ice flowers blooming in the void.

This is a very mysterious and beautiful picture.

However, no one can know the evolution in this cold space.

These ice flowers had completely disappeared before they came into contact with the heaven and earth vital energy that most practitioners can perceive, and then turned into many invisible vital energy, flowing into the vitality between heaven and earth.

Changes in the sun, moon, and stars, fluctuations in vitality from extraterritorial space, and some stars and vitalities that could not reach the human world can all become obstacles that hinder practitioners from practicing.

This is especially true of the stars vitality that has evolved through Zheng Xiu, and can be easily integrated into the original trajectory of many elemental airflows in this world, thereby quietly changing the heaven and earth vitality that some practitioners are familiar with.

In a sense, this means extinction.

It means that many existing practice techniques, the experience passed down by those predecessors, teach later practitioners how to perceive the means of the air flow trajectory of those heaven and earth elements completely failed.

If this little sword becomes stronger and she becomes stronger, she will be able to quietly "corrode" and change the established vitality of those heaven and earth, and the world of silent extinct practitioners.

Even now, the ice crystals overflowing on the little sword she controls, and many practitioners in the place where the ice flower falls, their practice may be greatly affected.

In particular, some practitioners have been hindered by a certain opportunity to break through the border. The impact time may be more than ten years or perhaps a lifetime.


An ice flower fell on the bitter cold land on the border of Donghu.

This ice flower has already quietly disappeared, and the elementary air that has turned into countless silks flows in the wind.

The little sword naturally floated in the dead space, just like the stardust and meteorite debris, it only followed a certain natural trajectory, and the vitality that came out of the sword was not controlled by Zheng Xiu, but was random. Floating everywhere in the world, no one knows.

However, when the wind into which this ice flower melted blew through a high mountain, this cold mountain covered with glaciers seemed to eternally burst out with a lot of essence.

This mountain is the sacred mountain in the heart of Donghu suffering monks.

All ascetic monks and many Donghu practitioners who want to break through the border will choose to practice here.

Many people think that this is just a matter of faith. However, what happened today makes people who are practicing hard in this mountain understand that this is not just a matter of faith, but a matter of protection.

These magnificent essences come from some of the most difficult to reach caves above the mountains.

Because these caves are too cold, it is difficult for even practitioners who transport food and drinking water to arrive frequently, so only ascetic monks who have an unimaginably low level of life can stay for a long time.

Many ascetic monks have even forgotten the passage of time for better understanding and thinking, and never speak.

Many ascetic monks have been staying in these caves for decades. The flowing and changing energy has even become eternal in their perception. The only thing they need to break through is their physical and spiritual boundaries.

However, at this moment, they perceive this change.

The fall of this ice flower, to their world of perception, is a demon from outside the sky.

As a lot of masculine rushes out, there seems to be an invisible barrier suddenly above the holy sky.

Those flowing winds are forcibly confined by the forces in these caves.

A loud bang.

The ice flower that had turned into a trace of vitality was pressed into the air and reappeared. However, in the next moment, it was completely wiped out by these forces and disappeared without a trace.

This contest is only a short moment, but because it affects the entire Holy Spirit, all practitioners who practice in it are aware of it.

The cave where Li Xixing practiced belonged to the old monk who followed Ding Ning. He was originally at a high place. At this time, Hu Jingjing was making tea at a sheltered place at the entrance of the cave.

She just put a piece of ghee that can withstand the coldness of the mountain into the tea. Without using Zhenyuan to increase the heat of the tea, she saw a strange rainbow light when the ice flower in the sky disappeared, and then she felt The sacred mountain shook slightly from the peak.Then there was the bursting sound of many glaciers on that mountain due to vibration, which turned from low to magnificent.

She was surprised and did not understand what happened.

But she turned subconsciously to look at Li Xixing, who was in the cave.

Li Xi's horoscope sits on the old monk's couch, and the crystal yellow light in front of him is constantly changing with various sword shapes.

Since Wu Zushan came here, he has stayed here for a long time to practice hard, but he has never made a special breakthrough.

Hu Jingjing also stayed in Donghu to practice, and often took care of Li Xixing's diet.

Shanfeng blows her face into purple and black. However, she has not lost her patience. She is only worried that Li Xixing has lost patience and missed an important breakthrough opportunity.

When she turned back to look at Li Xixing, Li Xixing, who was still like a sculpture, opened her eyes.

He didn't say anything to Hu Jingjing as usual, but took a deep breath and looked down at him.

The bedding under him could not see the original color, because the grease and wind dust also turned into purple and black, but at this moment when the mountain's vitality fluctuated, there was a golden light inside.

These golden lights are not strong, but they have been shining all the time, and even reflected on the top of the cave above his head, forming many lines like unique characters.

Hu Jingjing almost screamed in shock.

She covered her mouth subconsciously, fearing to disturb Li Xixing.Although she couldn’t understand these lines, it just reflected that this might be the trace left by the old monk during the practice. Because she resisted the falling objects outside that day, she was naturally inspired, but she felt from the spirit of Li Xixing at this time, it seemed These lines became an important opportunity for him, and it seemed to have some unique induction on his body.

Li Xixing's complexion changed from shock, joy, and ignorance.

A loud bang.

The blood and the true element in his body seemed to be burning. When the golden light slowly disappeared, there was golden light overflowing in his body. It seemed that all the flesh and bones in his body were burned into golden magma, overflowing his skin, and his The body is wrapped as a gold man.

The sword in front of him, which had never been shaped, also began to twist sharply.