The Sword Dynasty

702 Moon thinking

Qi and blood burned into a golden solution, which made Li Xixing feel that there were dramatic changes in every subtle place of his body.

The golden lines that flowed between the bedding and the rock were originally the cultivation methods left by the old Donghu monk, and they recorded the supreme practice of sanctifying the flesh among these ascetic monks.

This is the inheritance of the mantle.

It is also an opportunity for Li Xixing to advance.

Li Xixing clearly perceives that his body is rapidly becoming stronger. This overall strength, combined with his long retreat on this mountain, so that many of the flow of heaven and earth that could not be touched originally flowed in his The world of consciousness has also become very clear lines.

As long as he insists on completing the process of transformation, he can formally step through the door and become one of the earliest people who entered the Seven Realms among the generation of practitioners in Changling.

However, he is not an East Hu practitioner who has long practiced asceticism. Whether it is his own body or the crystal sword outside his body connected to his blood, he can consciously fail to support this advanced process.

The golden magma-like solution that overflowed from his body covered his face, and the blood and blood in his body were about to be burned out, just like a real suffocation.

However, at this time, many unique chants were heard throughout the mountain.

Many asceticians at the bottom of the mountain walked out of the cave, shocked, and did not know what happened.

Many caves on the top of the mountain, with this magnificent chant, many thin golden rays of light poured out, with a strong and majestic breath of life, poured into the cave where Li Xixing was located.

The old monk who followed Ding Ning was originally the leader among these ascetics, the leader and hope of their line.At this critical moment, they also clearly felt that Li Xixing had inherited the old monk.

Many of them have the unique Qi-sensation between the old monk and the old monk because of the same exercises they learned. Knowing that the life of the old monk at this time is like a candle in the wind that may be extinguished at any time, In a sense, Li Xixing is the natural selection of this holy mountain, and it is also their hope for the future.

These practitioners did not hesitate to contribute their own essence, those extremely pure energy that has been condensed through decades or even centuries.

These energies rushed into Li Xixing's body with the power of compassion and blessing, and quickly completed this advanced process.

A bang.

The cave where Li Xixing was located was flooded with golden light, and the golden flames covering him turned into countless finely scattered light spots. While flying outward, the crystal sword that was constantly deformed also completely turned golden yellow. Then quietly decomposed into countless fine particles.

In the following moment, a huge vortex was formed over the mountain, and a huge amount of heaven and earth vitality all merged into the body of Li Xixing along with these golden particles.

Li Xixing opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, all the different phases began to dissipate.

There is still a roar of giant mountains moving in the sky.

Chanting voices still sounded in those caves above, but became low and peaceful, like a sincere blessing.

Li Xixing understands what happened.

He looked at Hu Jingjing, who could hardly hide his excitement, and bit his lip hard to calm himself down. Then he walked out of the cave and paid a deep respect to the practitioners above who gave him vital help.

The collapse of the glaciers on the mountain continues.

Several extremely sharp ice chips fell.

One of them was as long and narrow as a knife. When it fell over his body, the speed was not much different from the real flying sword.

However, during this salute, he did not have any extra movements.

The ice blade landed on his cheek, only a faint golden light flashed, and there was no trace left on his skin. The ice blade shattered completely.


In the remote Dachu territory, a quiet room in the Xia family has been sitting still, and the weak Donghu monk suddenly raised his head slowly.

A golden flame ignited in the depths of his dim yellow eyes, just like a kind of fire in his body.

"what happened?"

Ding Ning soon appeared in front of him.

These days he stayed in Nanquan Zhuzhen. The main purpose was to use the power of Nanquan Zhuzhen to heal the Donghu monks and others, but in the past days, even if he and Qingyao Yin were exhausted With all means, it seems that the old monk's aging and death cannot be reversed.

But now, he sensed a turn in the old monk's body.


The old monk said with emotion: "There is nothing wrong with the young man, he has broken through."

Ding Ning stunned slightly and couldn't help laughing.

He knew that the Donghu ascetics' exercises were very unique. It was just that when Li Xixing broke through the border, the unique Qi machine induction can also make the world's vitality stronger for the old monk's vitality, but this was not what he expected.

"I know you admire him a bit, but you never thought you would pass on the mantle to him." Ding Ning looked at the old monk and said seriously.

"These are all chances. I left the cave to him, which left him the possibility that he could practice my exercises, but whether he could comprehend and discover, it was God's will." The old monk smiled, "He He can get it."

"Previously your injury was too heavy to travel for a long time, and I don't worry about leaving you at random. There shouldn't be any problems with taking you on the road now. Lin Bojiu has heard from them that they have confirmed Jiaodong County. For the location of the secret, I need to take you to Jiaodong County, as long as I can get the storage of Jiaodong County, it should be of great help to your injury." Ding Ning looked at the old monk inquiringly, and wanted to get the exact answer.

As a monk like an old monk, only he can know his physical condition most clearly.

The old monk didn't say much, just nodded.

Ding Ning retreated and walked out.

At this time the moonlight was right, he looked up at the soft moonlight, and his heart was filled with a strange emotion.

Conquering Jiaodong County, this is a very gratifying thing.

However, many years ago, who would have expected that he and the woman from Jiaodong County would have taken such a step?


Mingyue makes people think of their hometown.

Because the moon in all parts of the world is the same, and there is a lack of yin and qing.

Wang Taixu felt some emotions. He never thought that he would get a rare stability on the Yan far away from Changling.

In the rebellion of the former Zhongshuhou, he gained the support of the military of the Dayan Dynasty. In addition to Zhang Yi’s vassal, Prince Yan’s deliberate care, he is not just a river and lake dragon king as a whole.

If Prince Yan had changed, no one would be able to shake his stability.

He has guests today.

A young man from afar.