The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 709 Move City

Tian Yuze also fell silent.

Wang Jingmeng and Lin Zhuojiu are undoubtedly the most powerful and legendary pair in the history of war for hundreds of years.

In the three dynasties of Han Zhao and Wei, apart from the fact that the Korean dynasty itself was a bit chaotic, it was already going downhill. Both the Zhao dynasty and the Wei dynasty were exceptionally tyrannical. However, these three dynasties were swallowed up by the Great Qin dynasty within a decade .

In those wars, whether it was a conspiracy or a conspiracy, the vast majority were the figures of Wang Jingmeng and Lin Zhuojiu.

Yuan Wu at that time was even ignored because the pair's sharp edge far exceeded the style of all the famous generals at that time.

Not only on the level of military affairs, Lin's ability to cook wine covered more aspects, he had close ties with many Zongmens at that time, and even to other Zongmens.

At that time, Wang Jingmeng claimed to have read the Buddhist scriptures of the practice site at least half of them, and at least half of the scriptures were secret scrolls of some practice places. However, these secret volumes could reach Wang Jingmeng's hands, which was Lin Zhuojiu's handwriting.

At that time, all the generals of the Daqin army only called Lin Zhuojiu the military division. However, the prestige and role of Lin Zhuojiu at the time were not only military divisions.

According to reliable military information, Lin Boojiu has arrived in Jiaodong County.

Now that Ding Ning, who is walking by the dragon, will go to Jiaodong County again, the terrible combination will meet again many years later. This is indeed the most worrying thing.

After many years, perhaps Lin Bojiu will be forgotten and neglected, but for their generals, they really cannot be ignored.

Deep in the east of the sea off Jiaodong County, within a distance of more than ten days and nights to the rest of the month, there are many islands, with some small countries on it, and some of the sea areas between these overseas island countries were once the fields of giant sea beasts.

Jiaodong County spent thousands of years killing most of the sea beasts, and successfully tamed a part of the sea beasts such as the snake, especially the mirages in the abyss of the seabed. This sea area can allow ships to sail , Some sea areas will no longer become ridiculous because of the intrusion of these giant beasts.

However, the outer sea of ​​Jiaodong County is from the east to the north. Many sea areas are still inaccessible to the practitioners. Even the most diligent exploration of the Great Qin Dynasty in the outer sea, there are only rough charts for these places, but how many of them are there. No island can be marked clearly.

In this sea area, there are not only powerful sea beasts, but also the cold winds and cold currents swept from the northernmost ice land.

Cold winds can easily cause unpredictable storms, and the encounter between cold and warm currents can make the currents below the sea surface turbulent and unpredictable.

However, who would have thought that the ancestors of Jiaodong County had actually mastered some laws of water flow, and who would have thought that the foundation of Jiaodong County for thousands of years was actually hidden deep in this sea area?

Lin Zhuojiu and Zhang Shiwu were in this area at this time.

The ship under their feet is bizarrely round, while the bottom of the ship is like a cone with sharp corners removed.

This kind of ship is a screw ship made by the ancestors of Jiaodong County. It encountered any sway. It only needs a little effort from the practitioners on the ship to firmly control the center of gravity of the ship.

As long as a certain amount of fresh water and food can be kept on this vessel, even some medicines required by the practitioners, the practitioners will be able to survive and sail in this sea area for a long time.

However, it is clear that without the top-secret charts of Jiaodong County, it is almost impossible for any practitioner in the world to be able to access the true foundation of Jiaodong County.

Because the ancestors of Jiaodong County spent hundreds of years, even some of the already powerful and fierce sea beasts in this sea area became more fierce, and even used some charms to do many under the sea surface. Sinister organization.

Many are really inaccessible, but because of man-made.

In front of Lin Boojiu, there is an area shrouded in white mist.

The screw boat where he and Zhang Shiv are located has no deliberate control, but floats with the natural current, and the white mist always moves with the flow of the ocean current, but never disperses.

Inside the white mist, there is a huge shadow.

Under the projection of sunlight at this time, you can vaguely see that it is a land.

The land is at least the size of an ordinary city in the world, but the white fog is moving, and it is always in the center of the white fog, which shows that this land is also floating.

As the prestigious military division of Qin who had far exceeded Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu, Lin Zhuojiu had seen countless incredible things in his life. However, he gazed at the land, and his eyes were still full of shock and emotion.

He couldn't help but utter a voice to Zhang Shiwu next to him: "If you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, who would have thought that the real Jiaodong County turned out to be such a floating land, such a moving city flowing around with the ocean currents?" ?"

Zhang fifteen speechless wry smile.

He was also shocked by words. On the floating land, he saw the outline of some huge buildings.He couldn't help thinking that no wonder Zheng Xiu, a woman from Jiaodong County, had such great ambitions when she entered Changling.

He didn't make a sound, just breathing a little.

Lin Zhuojiu did not use the real element when speaking, and his voice was not loud, and it was impossible to spread far away on the sea, but it was at this time that the miraculous floating land in the white mist suddenly broke out. There was a terrible breath.

With the outbreak of this terrible breath, hundreds of thousands of whirlpools suddenly swirled on the otherwise calm sea. Lin Zhuojiu and the screw boat where Zhang Fifteen was located were directly thrown up by the waves. At the same time, the sea surface Countless countless fish that hadn't felt dangerous in the first place were too horrified and jumped out of the sea.

The fish in the deep sea are colorful, like countless gemstones flying out of the sea and exposed to the sun, but in the next moment, they are torn apart by a majestic and violent breath, turned into blood rain and bone debris, and boiled wine towards the forest He flew in the direction of Zhang Shiwu.

Zhang Fifteen's face did not change at all. He just pressed down with both hands to stabilize the screw boat thrown in the air by the waves.

Lin Zhuojiu's brow frowned, but there was a strange look on his face. He took a deep breath and made sure to smell the familiar taste. Then he couldn't help shaking his head. "I can't think of this thing either. Grown up."

Zhang Fifteen slowly urged Zhenyuan to let the screw boat go back along the wind and waves until he exited the breath of air, then he looked at Lin Bojiu again.

"I'm afraid we can't attack by force." Lin Zhuojiu naturally understood his meaning and shook his head, saying, "Wait for him."

Zhang Shizi's slightly tight shoulders were loosened and said: "I'm just worried that you have been soaking in the water for so many years, and now stay on the water again, watching the water and vomiting."

"You will finally tell some jokes." Lin Zhuojiu laughed and said: "That's river water, this is sea water, one is light, one is salty, and still has a sense of freshness."