The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 710

Zhang fifteen grinned.

Although he couldn't help laughing, he felt that this was not a joke.

No matter who is imprisoned for many years in the dark and invisible water cell, smelling the rotten smell of his body and lingering for a long time, I am afraid that if he smells some different sea odors, he will feel fresh.

He knew that the reason why Lin Zhuojiu could endure such days was because of strong hatred.

People can tolerate a certain degree of betrayal, but how can they accept the betrayal of those who live with them day and night?

So many people can laugh and laugh together, and people who live and die together die in such a betrayal.


Tianping County is the state county closest to the Nanquan towns in the Dachu Dynasty. At this time, it also attracted the attention of everyone in the world.

Because most of the remnants of the Da Chu Dynasty are strangling in this plain and the Qin army chasing soldiers.

Unlike practitioners, the retreat of the army involves more details.

Some refugees and wounded soldiers were scattered along the way, and the military forces were mutually restrained and assisted in defense. Some guarded and some withdrew. There was a problem in one link. I am afraid that it would cause an alarming number of deaths and injuries.

It may take only one day and night for practitioners to travel through a state, but the withdrawal of a large number of troops can take several or even tens of times.

It is said that it is the majority of the remnant army. In fact, after evacuating from Yangshan County, hundreds of thousands of Chu troops have been scattered into hundreds of shares on the way of retreat, some have to undertake different missions along the way, and some have been taken by Qin Jun. The chasing soldiers broke up.

Some Chu troops have lost contact with other Chu troops, and even because they are too far apart, even the fireworks signals of the main army's withdrawal to Nanquan towns cannot be seen, relying on the instinct of the soldiers to fight on this land.

The vast majority of the Chu army had lost its support more than ten days ago, and even the vitality of those horses and towed beasts were not as strong as these sergeants. In the long-term lack of support and arduous trek, the vast majority of military horses and The towed beasts all died and were used as food by the army.

Many places where the army passes, even the barren grass is almost extinct.

Not because of trampling, but because the grass roots and bark are used as fruit belly.

Because of the heat and humidity, most of the skin of the sergeants who have resisted a round of epidemic attacks have begun to ulcerate, many people's toes have been bonded together, and their abdomen has become tall because they have eaten indigestible food for a long time. High bulge, because of the lack of drugs, many people even died of intestinal intestines that could not defecate.

However, this tragedy is not unique to the Chu army.

Continuous penetration into the Chu realm means that the distance from the familiar battlefield is getting farther and farther. In addition to fighting with the Chu army, more and more resistance forces are joining along the way, some from the spontaneous force organization of the village, and some from the Some troops came from afar to support, some from the private army of some portals, and even some horse thieves and raiders who were originally enemies with Chao Tang also joined this battle.

However, the most important thing is not this. Qin Jun, as the chasing party, means that most of the time there is no fortress, can not wait for work, and do not have the advantage of terrain.And because the orders above became more and more severe, the pace of forcing the army to pursue was faster and faster, and the Qin army had lost its advantage in feeding.Many of them passed through the Chu Hairless Land after Chu Jun passed, and even some water sources were poisoned.

In order to help the Chu army resist their pursuit, the people in some villages along the way even burned down the village themselves, and the village only left a limited ration, and the rest of the food was provided to the Chu army, and these villagers were all hidden in the mountains they are familiar with. .

At this time, in a village that was completely burnt into white land, the ground was covered with patches of cloth cut with camp tents. This kind of cloth was densely filled with all the empty spaces in the village, thousands of them.

On each piece of cloth leather lies a wounded Qin Jun.

There are only more than ten doctors swimming among these wounded people, but there is no medicine left on these doctors. The only things they can have are some clean hemostatic cotton cloth and clean water.

The uncontrollable moan of pain formed a sea of ​​sadness and despair.

This army is the Cangnan Army, an army under Wei Wuwei's jurisdiction.

The highest generals in the army at this time were Zhang Tu and Tian Rong.

Zhang Tu is a well-known brave man among Wei Wugui's men. He is unusually burly and stands like a giant. However, he is sitting quietly under the thickest camphor tree in this village. Wearing the armor gives people a thin paper-like feeling, even the cheekbones on both sides are swelled up because they are too thin.

This camphor tree is extremely thick, and most of its leaves are burnt out in the flames. However, because it is close to the stream, it is stubbornly alive. In the noon sunlight of the late summer, the dark branches still cover the general with a shade.

Zhang Tu had a stone bowl in his hand, and the bowl contained thick rice soup, which was already the best food this army could have.

He put the bowl to his mouth twice, but put it down again.

It was not that the food was difficult to swallow, but the wailing and painful sounds made him uneasy.

"Are military orders still to be enforced?"

Tian Rong saw him put down the stone bowl for the second time, and finally couldn't help speaking.

He was born in Changling, he has a beautiful face, and he can be regarded as a beautiful man in the army. However, in the battle of the previous day, his scalp was cut off by the flying sword, and the bandaged cotton cloth was soaked in purple and black. The dry blood stains covered his small face, making him not like a handsome general of the Qin army, but like a fierce and desperate gang leader.

"We have more than twice as many casualties every day as Chu Jun. If we go forward, I am afraid that as long as a few days, few of us can stand."

Tian Rong took a deep breath, his face was somewhat distorted, but his voice was suppressed to a very low level, "We have dropped two such wounded people, and there is nothing to lose next. I am not afraid of death, but you It should be understood why we are chasing so urgently...just to wipe out the Chu army as much as possible, and not let these Chu troops enter Jiaodong County!"

"Sacrificing the lives of so many brothers in order to preserve Jiaodong County may be worth to her, but I don't accept it."

"We have tried our best, and for these Chu troops, they have hope. They will soon be able to wait for the response from the Nanquan towns, but our subordinates have no hope."

"I can accept military orders to go to death, but I cannot accept military orders that desperate them for someone's whisper."

Finally, Tian Rong raised his head, looked at Zhang Tu, and said seriously: "If someone must bear the responsibility of violating the military order, then I will bear it."

Zhang Tu suddenly laughed.

His body shivered with laughter, and the millet soup in his hand splashed to the ground.

Tian Rong had never seen him have such a reaction, and could not help but stunned.

"How many years have we lived and died together in the frontier?"

Zhang Tu slightly lowered his head, and there was a shadow on his face, but there was a kind of cold pride, "I have tried my best, don't I dare to resist the order? I don't believe the rest of the people do not dare to resist the order!"