The Sword Dynasty

716 Return

The twelve witch gods represent the twelve most powerful means of the former guru. There were twelve disciples under his seat. They practiced these twelve means to the extreme, but they were also the twelve disciples. There was a problem between them, so that the twelve witch statues finally separated and left outside.

The authenticity of the heads of the twelve witch gods has been inexperienced. After being relocated on the bodies of the twelve witch gods, the true meaning of the powerful means that have been completely lost will appear on the surface of these witch gods.

However, the magic circle of the entire ancestral hall is seamless, and the placement of the twelve witch god heads needs to be adjusted accordingly. Otherwise, the fear of vitality will make the twelve witch god heads shatter into powder, forever. Disappeared in the world.

The corresponding adjustment of the magic circle means that this ancestral temple will temporarily have some gaps that may be sneaked into, but this is not the most worrying thing for Emperor Qi.

The passage leading to the twelve witch gods in the ancestral hall is filled with extremely strong yin qi. Only those Daqi practitioners related to the ancestral hall will be injured, ordinary practitioners will enter, the body The vitality will be constantly corroded.Even those powerful Seven Realm Masters who stay in the house for too long will be really weak, and they cannot absorb the heaven and earth vitality from outside. The methods they use are no different from those of low-level practitioners.

At this ceremony, the young cultivator selected by him is all related to this ancestral hall. Even if it is only a rumor of some monks at that time, the means of the minutiae, but at least will not be affected by the yin inside. Qi injury.

If there is any damage, it also means that the young man is not qualified to practice the twelve witchcraft skills, and he will not care about such deaths and injuries at all.

What he was most worried about was that some masters inside the dynasty did not accept this arrangement and snatched the twelve witchcraft skills.

So until this moment, he had only conducted this grand event in the name of the ancestral temple, and had not announced the messages of the twelve witch gods.

He had to wait until the twelve witch statues were completely restored, and the ancestral temple's formation was adjusted. The formation was as perfect as it is now, enough to prevent those Qi masters from entering the ancestral hall, and he would tell the world completely.

Everything has been accurately calculated, only half a day away.

Dark night is the best time for practitioners to practice Yin Qigong. Whether it is in the former Jin dynasty or the current Daqi dynasty, important ceremonies are held at night.

At night, the magic circle in the ancestral hall will be adjusted, the heads of the twelve witches will begin to return, and two UFO giant ships will also arrive.

The two UFO ships carried the practitioners who had been sent to Chudu by the Daqi dynasty.

These strong men are all loyal supporters of Qi Emperor. Their return will make the process of this ritual safer.

Among these practitioners, there are a large number of masters, and their collective return is one of the important reasons why Qi Jun cannot fully block the remaining parts of the Chu army.

Waiting is a torment for anyone, but with the passage of time, when the golden flame outside that mountain begins to shake, the eternal night in the mountain starts to shake, and the black energy flowing from the ancestral hall starts to be in the air When the ever-changing totem shape is formed, the breathing of all the people present becomes abnormal.

Practitioners began to make sure that something in this ancestral palace was changing. Today's sacrifice is not as simple as reminding all those who practice Yin Qi tactics to have the same origin.

There were a few masters with enough weight to make a rumor before Qi Emperor. The expression even implied a dangerous threat: although he did not know what Qi Emperor was going to do, no matter what Qi Emperor wanted to do, it could not be based on right. The ancestral temple caused any damage.

"I will never allow anyone to cause damage to the ancestral palace."

Emperor Qi responded to this sentence, and then kept silent until the last ray of sunlight was about to disappear on the horizon. The golden flame beating outside the mountain suddenly turned black, rising violently, just like the body inside the mountain. When the shadows of all the giant trees fell off the ground and instead projected to the upper sky, he issued a notice: "It's just that the twelve witch gods returned here."

Innumerable cries of excitement and the tremendous roar produced by the turbulence of vitality hit this water.

Many masters have difficulty controlling the turbulence of the true elements in their bodies. Many of the leaked true elements and the gathered vitality of heaven and earth form a huge magic shadow in the sky in an instant, swaying nonstop.

At the same time, the water in the river channel also vibrated and a wave of water splashed upward.

The two UFO ships have also arrived on time, passing through the river channels behind like moving hills.

Emperor Qi looked up and looked at the swaying blocks in the sky, seeming to be against the black magic shadow of the sky dome, with an unspeakable joy and pride, and repeated it again, "The heads of the twelve witch gods return to this day."

His voice was not loud in the exclamation and the roar of vitality at this time, but when his voice came out again, it was not only the two UFOs that arrived later slammed, rushing out dozens of times The huge shadows, the former masters who had difficulty controlling their emotions, did not restrain it, but looked up at the sky, and even more freely released the breath of the body.

The sky roared again.

The huge black golem figure rose again, jumping and colliding ceaselessly, just like countless trolls shouting and roaring, just like wanton carnival and catharsis.

Seeing such presumptuousness and catharsis, Qi Di pressed his lips tightly and stopped talking.

However, he was very sure in his heart that he had done it correctly.

Unlike the practitioners of other dynasties, the practitioners of the Daqi dynasty were always in a state of repression.

Because in the past many years, all the practitioners outside were afraid of the practitioners of the Daqi Dynasty, but they were only afraid of the word "strange".All practitioners of the Daqi dynasty wanted to regain their former glory.

For a grand ceremony, the resonance of countless masters is the best movement.

Hundreds of young Daqi practitioners walked out of the cabin behind Emperor Qi and accepted the baptism of this kind of movement. At this time, they finally understood what the rigorous selection and comparison before them were for.

Looking at the figure of the embarrassed emperor in front of them, they shuddered with excitement and bowed to salute.

At this moment, a black wind blew out from the mountain ahead.

The Ancestral Hall's magic circle was completely adjusted at this moment.

The black wind did not appear cold at all, and even the water vapor on the river did not fog up, and frost was not seen.However, this black wind instantly froze the blood of dozens of court ladies and hundreds of bodyguards as it blew past the crowds facing it.

These maidens and guards turned into black ice sculptures, which were scattered between the remaining maidens and guards.

These maidens and guards did not practice Yin Qi tactics, but those maidens and guards who practiced Yin Qi tactics around them only felt that the blood flow was a few points faster than usual, and their heartbeat scores were violent.