It’s just a matter of breathing when this black stone crystal is slightly hot to become completely red. At this time, those young who have entered the temple of the twelve witches, or approached the temple with the twelve witches, but have not yet entered the gate Practitioners, all of them have violent energy fluctuations, so no one has discovered his anomaly.

However, just like the turbulence when the Twelve Witches first returned, the crystal in his right hand caused the throb of the formation in the depths of the ancestral palace.

In other words, some of the arrangements buried deep in the ancestral hall phalanx hub sensed the breath of this crystal and began to wake up.

Some breathless voices rang continuously from the depths of the mountain.

In the palace behind the Twelve Witch Shrine, in the middle is a black crystal plate with a radius of more than ten feet.

Below the pure and transparent black crystal plate is an unfathomable cylindrical deep pit. Inside the naked eye, there are countless complex to extreme crystal spades, crystals of different shapes or suspended, or bite together like gears.

There are many mysterious black rays of light running through these crystals, flowing endlessly.

Above the black crystal disc, there are seven elders, whose positions correspond to those of the Big Dipper in the sky.

In many legends of the Daqi dynasty, the Big Dipper is a dead omen. The real reason is that the star energy brought by the starlight of that star field fell into the world, which can have a great influence on the Yin Qi ghosts and vitality.

The seven old men, whether in their black robes or on their skins, have been impregnated with black crystals in the ancestral palace, and they have stayed in the ancestral palace for nearly a hundred years. people.

After strict selection, the guardians have all practiced how to maintain and control this ancestral temple array, and when they begin to learn this part of their knowledge, they will not leave the ancestral temple for life. All the secrets of the array will not be circulated.

In a sense, they are not only the guardians and maintainers of this ancestral palace, but also a spiritual symbol.

The moment when some movement began in the phalanx hub deep below them, the seven old men opened their eyes at the same time, shocked and even a little horrified to find the source of this movement.

There were dozens of flames flowing out from around their bodies in an instant. These flames were all black, but turned into various shapes.Some are like snakes, some are like fire, and some are like wandering ghosts.

These black flames either began to string along the walls of the cave into other caves, or began to go deeper below the crystal plate, and deeper into some rune depths.

Their consciousness was searched in many key phalanx hubs, but they still could not find the problem, but they were sure that this was not a natural fluctuation similar to that of the twelve witch gods.

"How could this be?"

The old man headed out incredulously called out.

Deep beneath the crystal plate where he sits, among the many black crystals, there is a crystal carved into the shape of a baby.

The black spar baby stretched out his fingers and occasionally shed a hint of blackness, touching the spars around him.

This black spar baby is one of the important hubs of the ancestral temple formation, but at this time, he saw a golden vitality flowing from the fingertips of this black spar baby.

In the next moment, with a loud bang, a huge force hit from the depths below, and a thin golden vigor surged from the black crystal plate on which they were sitting, lifting their bodies all up.

At the same time, countless golden hairsprings walked among the numerous magic circle runes they were familiar with.

A huge force of the same kind continues to inspire, forming an invisible barrier.

This invisible, but invisible barrier that can be easily sensed by the consciousness, was originally the protective circle of these temples, but now the disorderly excitation, even their hub hall is locked up and even their seven All the guardians were trapped in this temple.


Many heavy impact sounds came from the direction of the twelve witch temples along the passage.

That was the sound of many young practitioners' bodies hitting these invisible barriers, and then being bounced out easily, hitting heavily on the wall or on the ground.

Those young practitioners who had entered the twelve voodoo temples were isolated in the voodoo temple, and those who could enter in the future were completely blocked.

The seven temple guards were ashamed at the same time.

They reached out or touched the crystal plate underneath them, or touched these invisible barriers with their hands, and their bodies were trembling.

They finally understood why the twelve witch gods were stolen from here.

Not only the former guru had passed away, the disciples under the door began to fight each other, but there were problems among the builders of this ancestral temple!Among the former gatekeepers who built this circle for the guru, some of them were cherished by heart. When he arranged this circle, he already hid inside the secrets of the control circle that he had mastered. key.

And now, someone has inspired those phalanx hubs they don't know about!


The sound of fractures, howling of pain, and inexplicable cries of panic flooded the channel instantly after a heavy impact.

Some young practitioners naturally reacted and resisted the moment when they encountered resistance, but the greater the power they emitted, the greater the counterattack they received.

So some young practitioners directly turned into a fluffy flesh, lifeless, and blood spattered everywhere outside the Twelve Witch Temple.

In this extreme chaos, no one noticed that Su Qin was not hindered by this invisible barrier at all. In the dull impact sound and the air waves flying everywhere, he was like a swimming fish passing through the water curtain, Silently entered a witch temple in the twelve witch temples.

The stone rune and the array of eye pestle in his hand come from Zheng Xiu.

When a splitter in this ancestral temple arranged the magic circle, he set up a secret array that surpassed all the magic circle hubs, but after stealing the twelve witch gods, the door was cut off After his important inheritance, he naturally suffered from the pursuit of all the practitioners who repaired the spirits of the Yin Yin spirits.

The separatist eventually fled overseas, and Jiaodong County spent countless years finally obtaining these things.

There are a lot of things in Jiaodong County that reach Zheng Xiu's hands, but these things are undoubtedly the heaviest of them.

Zheng Xiu handed it over to his hands, naturally there was a deeper attempt.

The tactics she uses are often two-stone, two-bird, and she has continuous tricks.

She exchanged the twelve wizard gods in exchange for the alliance of the Emperor Qi, but now, she wants to take the twelve wizard gods back to the throne and let Su Qin record some of the exercises back to Qin.

After all, only when the heads of the twelve witch gods return to these witch gods, the complete exercise will be revealed.

In order for Su Qin to record the exercises, she has also made other arrangements in advance.

However, the only thing she didn't think of was that all the knowledge she knew about the ancestral hall came from Jiaodong County.

However, there is some record of this ancestral palace in a historical library of the Great Chu Dynasty.

After all, the history of the Chu dynasty is longer than that of the Jiaodong county and the Daqin dynasty.