The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 723

All the Daqi dynasty courtiers and all the powerful practitioners who were present raised their heads at this moment, their faces shocked.

The jade-like yin in that mountain spewed into the sky, and turned into countless black clouds thicker than ink, falling heavy shadows, falling into their double pupils, turning their double pupils into black completely.

At this moment the sky of all Daqi dynasties is black.

All these practitioners who hoped for the future of the Daqi dynasty, all the bright future seemed to be shrouded in a night and an eternal nightmare.

The young practitioners who were previously stunned by the invisible barrier in the Temple of the Twelve Witches when the magic circle changed, or were seriously injured, could not withstand the impact of such forces and were all torn.

Hundreds of young talents, as far as they can see at the moment, fluttering in the air and surrounding the body of vitality, they should be able to survive, but only one in ten.

In this storm, the most striking are the five huge light groups.

The five black gigantic light clusters exuded a powerful breath that made many of the gurus present palpitated. Among the black crystal-like debris ejected from the mountain, a lot of yinqi was even pumped out towards the five huge lights. Go away.

"How could this be?"

Qi Di's double pupils are also black.

He felt that his whole body was black around him. He was falling continuously, into the boundless darkness.

He could perceive that the five guardians were inside the five light groups.

It's just that even if his mind is blank at the moment, he can be sure that the five temple guards have absolutely no time to see all the exercises on the twelve witch gods, and it is impossible to use any means to destroy the twelve witch gods together. .

He had guessed many possibilities before, but he didn't expect it to be such a result.


When the violent rushing energy turned into a hurricane scattered in the sky, everything that was swept out, including those young practitioners who were too injured to control their bodies, fell into the water along with the rubble and the remains of the witch god.

Some gravel and debris, and even flesh and blood limbs fell on the UFO, making a desperate sound.

When the hard objects hit the crisp metal screams of the UFO battleship and the sharp thorns stuck in the eardrums, many court officials of the Daqi dynasty who had been standing dull and seemed to have stopped their activities, only sent out their respective All kinds of sounds.

In a flash, many people cried.

Some people grabbed the ground with their heads, some people howled and cried, and completely lost their manners.

Emperor Qi was in a package with such a voice. This should have been a time to celebrate, but it all turned into mourning. He snorted his lips, as if he wanted to say something, but one mouth, but even breath. No sound, no sound, but a mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth.

He Jiejing's teeth gurgled.

The breath on him continued to swell outwards, and the wind began to roar, as if there were countless ghosts roaring violently.

His facial skin was slightly twisted, his eyes narrowed into a slit, and he looked towards the half-mountain where the ancestral hall was located.

At this time, only the Seven Realm Masters like him realized that there was still anomaly.

A turquoise water column, which is clearly inconsistent with the black yin of the ancestral hall, is rushing out. At the same time, there is a echo in the sky, and a large amount of water vapor has gathered from all directions, but it has condensed into a crystal in a moment. Drops of water, falling down from the sky.

That crystal drop of water was very small, but with an unstoppable, unstoppable taste, it instantly pierced the countless violent black vitality.

"Every day is alive, the night is cold?"

He Miejing's eyes suddenly opened, shooting out a subtle chill.

However, in the next moment, the crystal water column collided with the aquamarine water column pouring out of the ancestral palace, and it was scattered everywhere. The sound of water could not be heard, but it was a faint, subtle and bold song.

Many stiff Daqi dynasty practitioners could not help but tremble.

This is like an illusion, but the sound of singing is floating, as from a distant place, but it gathers a strong water elemental breath to impact on this world, and it is extremely real.

Man Miu and Hao Fang seem to be completely opposites, but it is someone who perfectly blends them together.

Only at this moment, without careful listening, the image of a practitioner practicing war and singing in Changling already appeared in He Mianjing's mind.

That man is a woman, but still more heroic than most men in the world.


He squeezed the man's name out of his teeth.


Also at this moment, many powerful breaths rushed out of the four UFOs and rushed into the water below.There were countless black dragons fighting at the bottom of the already turbulent river at the moment, and the chaos was unimaginable.

That was the reaction of the Daqi masters on the four UFO warships. Their anger was not only the destruction of the twelve witch gods in the ancestral hall, but also from the contempt and provocation of the entire Daqi dynasty practitioners by Bai Shanshui.

However, He Jiejing did not move.

There were two UFO warships from Chudu, and several masters remained untouched.

Especially when the few masters listened to the song, they all smiled bitterly.

In the river outside the Chu capital, Bai Shanshui knows nothing, but knowing that he is invincible, he still has to fight against the UFO fleet. This is to show his attitude to the practitioners of the entire Daqi dynasty. Under the force of that blow, Bai Shanshui was evaded and escaped, but they and the practitioners of the Great Qin Dynasty pursued but still lost the trail of Bai Shanshui.

Now here, the song is wrapped in vitality. When the vitality is gone, the sound wave oscillates, but the person has already left.

What's more, the vitality in the ancestral hall raged and the water vapor filled the world at this time. It is impossible to accurately perceive the escape route of Baishanshui, how can it intercept her?

For them, the faint singing is not only graceful and bold, but also a kind of pleasure and mockery.

Thinking about the day they were riding the UFO fleet to break the Chudu, she saw it but helpless, now it is reported one by one, they see the ancestral palace destroyed but helpless, it is like Bai Shanshui came back to collect the bills.

In the chaotic muddy river water, suddenly the sound of heavy objects falling into the water suddenly sounded, followed by the practitioners' subsequent sound of breaking the sky and the cry of exclamation on the UFO fleet.

Qi Di, who was cold and confused, looked down at the sound, but saw a courtier dive on the ship.

Shocked, disappointed, and even desperate, officials of the Daqi dynasty jumped into the chaotic water below to seek death. Many of them were not practitioners, and many of them were famous officials of the Daqi dynasty.

At this time, such pictures were flooded in Qi Emperor's eyes, but the sound of falling water turned into a sound and smashed into his auricle, "This is not their sin, they are seeking death, can you still live?"