The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 724

At this moment, Emperor Qi looked at the turbid river in front of him. He really had the idea of ​​self-defeating to jump to the next death. However, listening to the endless mourning around him, he closed his eyes in pain, knowing that he still had unfinished. The way to go.


In the deep sea, on the snail ship.

Lin Zhuojiu is really cooking.

A trace of vitality gushed from his fingertips gathered the scorching breath of sunlight into a suspended flame, holding a jug of wine.

Zhang Shishi is very serious about fishing.

He used only an ordinary fishing line, and by virtue of his perception, he let this fishing line swim in the sea water and directly pierced the fattest big fish in the deep sea.

Staying on the sea these days, he has great experience, knowing which kind of fish is the most delicious, even just raw cut, dipped in some special sauce of Jiaodong County, is a delicacies that Changling nobility could not imagine.

The wine is warm.

A fat big fish has also been hooked, washed and sliced.

The pinkish fish fillets were neatly placed on a stone slab by Zhang Fifteen, just like bright peach petals.


When only ten slices were cut, Lin Zhuojiu smiled slightly at Zhang Shishi and said.

Zhang Shishi was stunned for a moment, looking at Lin Bojiu slightly surprised.

"In the old days, Changling was expensive. Eat the fish fillets of Jiaodong County. Each fish only took ten of the best taste." Lin Zhuojiu looked at him with a smile and said, "You are naturally fond of servicing flowers and plants and getting these foods. As we said earlier, if you married someone, that woman would be a blessing. Your ten pieces of fish itself are taken from the best taste of this fish. I waited for the fact that there was no such expensive pie But this sea is full of fish everywhere. You don’t waste this leftover and waste it. It becomes food for other fish immediately. What’s more, today we have guests, the elder lady of the grandson family, what beautiful things I haven’t seen it before.

Zhang Shixian heard the first half of the sentence, talking about marriage and marriage. When he thought of the woman in Changling, his face was slightly hot. At the end, when he heard that, his face was clear, and he suddenly realized: "It really should be."

After he finished speaking, he threw the remaining fish far into the sea, washed his hands, and just caught a big fish in a few breaths.

At this moment, he stopped and looked up with Lin Zhuojiu.

In the calm sky, suddenly a dark cloud hit, accompanied by a rumbling sound, a huge shadow came out of the dark cloud.

That was the snake.

When the snake arrived, it was their old friend who had been waiting for a long time.

Lin Zhuojiu and Zhang Shiwu's face were incomparable emotions.

This time I waited on this sea for only a few days, but this time I met again, it was ten years apart, or even a lifetime apart.

A snake emerged from the cloud and descended to the sea.

There were many people who followed Ding Ning to Jiaodong County, but only Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue were on the saddle on the back of this snake.

This is the same as Lin Bojiu expected, because this is a very special meeting.

Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue hadn't landed on the snail ship, just glanced at it from afar, Lin Zhuojiu saw a lot of familiar meaning, he confirmed that Yuan Wu said it was true, and sighed, "Really It's you."

Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue landed on the snail boat. Ding Ning looked at Lin Zhuojiu and Zhang Shiwu, but did not respond for a moment.

"Don't you say that the nine dead silkworms are unknown to you and you dare not practice? It was only when you finally entered Changling?" Lin Zhuojiu looked at Ding Ning and asked again.

Ding Ning nodded slowly and said, "I can live even if I die at nine deaths, but who can have the courage to try it once? There is no precedent, so I suspect that it may be that the former Emperor of the past made a mystery and wanted to deceive his opponent to practice this exercise. At the time of the Battle of Changling, the world masters gathered and found that they could not enter the palace, so they practiced temporarily."

Lin Zhuojiu said: "Then what?"

Ding Ning said: "The mind is trapped in the boundless darkness, like being imprisoned in the cocoon of the ground, immortal or alive, although it has a sense but cannot judge where it is, there is no form of flesh and blood, so I don’t know the year and the month, until I am born again, I will see it again. After three years."

"I don't know if I'm dead or alive. I'm in prison forever in darkness. That's really more sad than I was in a water cell." Lin Zhuojiu looked at him and said.

Long time no reunion, but when it comes to this, neither Lin Bojiu nor Ding Ning's face has any slight smile.

Because the past is bitter.

"No wonder I heard later that when you were just famous in Changling, Shen Xuan saw you all, and it's okay to see your bone age. But after all, the skill of the elder Emperor is not fake. Come, drink and eat food. "

Zhang fifteen's voice rang.

His eyes have been slightly moist. Many years ago, he was a farmer. Later he became a famous sword master in Bashan Jianchang. Later, he lived in Changling as a gardener, but his temperament has never changed. It is still as simple as when he knew it at the beginning. .

Listening to such a sound, looking at the wine poured in the glass, Ding Ning was inexplicably a little trance.

It seems that there are more people around, just like drinking in those forests in Changling many years ago.

Zhang Fifteen picked up the glass. He glanced at Chang Sun Qianxue and couldn't help being shy, but he couldn't help smiling. He sincerely said to Chang Sun Qianxue and Ding Ning: "Congratulations."

Listening to this sentence, Lin Zhuojiu couldn't help laughing.

So the boat came to do its best, as the winter snow melted and the spring blossomed.

A light blush floated on Chang Sun Qianxue's cheeks.


Lin Zhuojiu drank a glass of wine in one sip and picked up the same peach-filled fish fillets.

At this moment, the sound of the distant sea was far away.

A faint roar came, and with a violent breath spreading between heaven and earth, all the snakes hovering in the air felt extreme fear and fled uncontrollably.

Ding Ning frowned slightly.

He looked in the direction where the sound came, and soon saw some white mist washed away by this violent breath, and then he saw the outline of the floating city.He had seen many miraculous things in his life. At this moment, he could not help but feel shocked to see such a floating city. He Lin Zhujiu sighed at the first sight of the city at that time, "The original Jiaodong County was like this ."

When he said this sentence, he deliberately released his breath, including the sharp sword energy he concealed in his body.

There are countless transparent sword lights blooming from the surrounding of this snail ship, like a magnificent white fireworks.

In the distant city outline, the violent breath suddenly dissipated.

The thing that sent out the violent breath, then gave people a feeling of cheering and joy like the arrival of an old friend.

With the sea breeze spreading out, there was a vague voice coming from there, but this time it was not roaring, but a kind of baby-like cheering sound.