The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 725

"what is that?"

Long Sun Qianxue frowned slightly and couldn't help asking.

She can be sure that it is a giant beast stronger than the snake, and its size should be extremely large. The total amount of vitality accumulated in the body is extremely amazing.

"It's exhausted fish."

Ding Ning looked at her and knew that she might not understand it even if she heard the name. She slowly explained: "In ancient legends, it was a dragon with half a dragon and half a fish. In the myth of overseas islands, it was The incarnation of the rain god. In some classics of the spiritual world, there are exact records. This is a kind of beast. After growing up, it has a size of 75 acres. The size of the sea is extremely wide. The most powerful thing is it. You can directly swallow all the vitality of one side of the world into the abdomen Qihai. Therefore, even if the master who has moved to the Seven Realms and moved the mountain, if he really faces it and confronts the enemy, I am afraid that when he arrives, he will find that he can’t move much vitality."

"When he was young, his body was not big, he was only more than one foot long, the flying speed was extremely fast, and his temperament was also restless and extremely active."

Ding Ning did not hide anything, looked at her clearly, and continued, "The reason why I am familiar is that when Zheng Xiu first entered Changling, it was Zheng Xiu's mount."

Long Sun Qianxue reacted a little, "Color fish?"

Ding Ning nodded, "It looked like a colorful flying fish when it was young, and when it flew away, water vapor circulated, and a rainbow would be generated, so those who had seen it but didn't know its name at that time called it a colorful fish."

"I really don't understand why she is so idiot."

Chang Sun Qianxue couldn't help but get angry. When she was angry, she had a real chill, and Hoarfrost fluttered quietly in the air in front of her: "When she took the colorful fish into Changling, she didn't know how many talents she admired. Soon, he made a good relationship with Bashan Jianchang and defeated the three dynasties. And with the world's strongest practitioner, the fairy servant, is there anything more beautiful than this?"

"Although all women in the world are envious, they turned to Yuanwu. Even if they became the highest person in Changling, in the eyes of ordinary women, I am afraid they have lost their original scenery."

The elder Sun Qianxue said coldly: "How many women still envy her?"

"I didn't understand it at the time, but now I can see clearly. How could someone like her care about others' views, only the heights she sees in her eyes, she must climb to what she sees but hasn't When I stand back and look back, I think about it." Lin Zhuojiu took a sip of warm wine, looked at the floating city in the mist, and said lightly: "The beasts still remember their old people, they are better than She is human."

"Apart from the exhausted fish, are there any other practitioners of Jiaodong County in this floating city?" Ding Ning asked, looking at Lin Zhuojiu.

At this time, Lin Boojiu in his eyes did not know how old he was or how much he had been vicissitudes more than ten years ago, but thinking about the countless things he and he had done, now Lin Boojiu doesn’t even do anything, just Standing like that, suddenly gave him countless confidence.

He is not going to destroy this floating city in Jiaodong County now, but to occupy the real hundreds of years of savings in Jiaodong County. He must ensure that no one inside destroys everything inside before he ascends to the floating city. go with.

"It's almost a dead city." Lin Zhuojiu smiled slightly and said: "Every generation of people like her in Jiaodong County don't worry about anyone, let alone give everything inside to a certain one. People are in charge. Therefore, in addition to the exhausted fish, there are only a few drug slaves in the library, and the seven realm practitioners who have lost their minds with drugs are just walking dead. This exhausted fish is probably added by Zheng Xiu, but instead In order to prevent her family from approaching, she used the things inside to deal with her without her consent."

"I rarely admire a person's ingenuity and intelligence, but she is one of the ones I admire."

Lin Zhuojiu ate another piece of fish, letting the delicious taste dissolve the last bitterness of the wine, and then said: "This exhausted fish swallows Sifangtiandi vitality, so that if her family in Jiaodong County does not agree with her Wanting to enter this floating city, and being sucked by this exhausted fish, he could not cope with the drug slaves on the floating city."

While he was talking, he glanced at Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue, but he didn't speak clearly, and turned his head to look at the vast sea.

He knew Wang Jingmeng earlier than Zheng Xiu's time. Of course, he knew everything about Wang Jingmeng and Zheng Xiu.

Zheng Xiu and Wang Jingmeng were the envy of all the geniuses and beauties of the world. Naturally, they had a long sweet time. The "color fish" had accompanied Wang Jingmeng and Zheng Xiu for a long time. "Color fish" was conquered as a mount by Zheng Xiu when he was young, and was raised by his own hands. When the Changling changed, Zheng Xiu became cold and cold that no one in the world knew. No one could ever approach Zheng Xiu.And this "color fish" became an exhausted fish, hiding in this deep-sea floating city, in addition to Wang Jingmeng, there can be no one close to it.

In addition to Zheng Xiu, Wang Jingmeng is its second owner.

He knew that Changsun Qianxue naturally knew these things, but of course he knew that, if mentioned, Changsun Qianxue would be unhappy.

And true friends are to make friends have more pleasant time.

Especially when I have experienced countless lives and deaths, and when my eyes can't help but become vicissitudes, Lin Bojiu has already learned to think less about unhappy things, less to mention, and more to think about happy things.

Just like today's fine wine and food, it can be recalled and reminded of those pleasant things.

Ding Ning nodded, not worried.

Zhang Shiwu caught several fish again, cut the best spot carefully, and drank and ate. After getting full, Ding Ning let the snail boat head towards the floating city.

"Being nostalgic is much easier."

"Old friend, I want to use your strength."

Ding Ning said these two words seriously when the snail ship approached the white mist that always haunted the floating city and heard the loud sound of water.

His body flew from the screw boat.

It was at this moment that a huge wave of tens of feet high formed in front of the screw ship.

After the huge waves of dozens of feet, a giant rose from below the sea water, glowing with black oil, like a giant whale in the sea, but even the largest giant whale in the sea is not so huge.

Zhang Shizi gently pressed the water, and the screw boat flew upward.

They see more clearly. This exhausted fish is really like a new island. At this time, it is not like being colored when it was young in Changling, but it is dark and oily, and the whole body is no longer like a flying fish. It is really half-dragon and half-fish, and it looks extremely fat, a bulging ball, but the breath exudes from the body, and it is a bit terrible.