The Sword Dynasty

734 Fighting for the world

Time can dilute everything, and it can really deposit many things.

When the nine dead silkworms were truly awake and found Chang Sun Qingxue in Changling, Ding Ning thought he was lucky. In this world, only he had the opportunity to see his past life and correct mistakes.

In many years in Changling, he thought of love and hatred, and anxiously could not, and slowly settled down, from hesitating to calm, just like a real person.

So he rarely shows particularly angry.

These light yellow jelly-like gums are food.

Food is also vital to fighting for the world, the army and practitioners.

The vast majority of practitioners cannot get rid of the need for food, and ingesting the vitality of the world can not completely replace all the substances provided in the food, especially the operation of the five internal organs of the human body will be regular since birth, just like the rules of the sun, moon and stars. Can't be confused.If the five internal organs are unbalanced and the five qi are unbalanced, the blood and blood in the practitioner's body will have a big problem.

In a sense, in the process of spiritual practice, the more vigorous the vitality of the five internal organs, the higher the demand for food.

Practitioners can skip food for many days, but they can often eat food for several or even dozens of people at a meal.

Ordinary sergeants, as well as some low-cultivation practitioners, normal army, and grain are even more basic.

If one meal is not enough, the fighting power will be greatly reduced.

Especially in many battles, if the food is adequate, the most important thing is morale and fighting spirit.

Therefore, this is the reason why the soldiers and horses do not move, and the grain and grass go first.

The army’s consumption of grain and grass is also very alarming. Take the spring of the Qin Dynasty as an example. Even if the grain and grass were transported towards the border before the winter, it took a full half a year to reserve it first. But now, those who are in The Chu army of Daqin has not been able to get enough food.

Some foods that are small in size and can provide enough calories and long-term satiety with only a small amount of food are the best in military food.

In the past, when the Dayou Dynasty entered the world, there was a marching black bee pill. This is a kind of pill made from the honey of the unique black queen bee and concentrated by several herbs. One can support two days.

There are also records in the classics. The fruit barley powder of the Jin dynasty is also the same. The fruit barley powder is a kind of powder that is grinded after the nuts are cooked. It is very convenient to pour it in the bag and carry it, and it can rise with only a small amount of water. In a large bowl, it is easy to be full.The cavalry of the Dajin dynasty often couldn't see any load and came and went like the wind, but they were able to fight in the wild for more than a month and their combat power was not reduced, because of this excellent military food.

Ding Ning had not seen the secret military food of the march of the Black Hornet, but he had seen the fruit barley powder of the Jin Dynasty, because although this food had little production after the destruction of the Jin Dynasty, it still remained.

So he can also be sure that this kind of military food of the Jin dynasty is far from the jelly in front of him.

This pale yellow jelly is the legendary "Jiao Ren Jelly".

Many classics in the world of practitioners have records that there is a kind of "squirrel man" in the waters, half human and half fish. After a long time of swallowing the essence of the sun and the moon, they will transform into adults.

But in fact, "Jiangren Ren" has nothing to do with this kind of jellyfish. The raw material for refining is a huge mussel in the deep sea. This mussel is called "honey scent". This mussel is up to With a length of a few meters, the clam meat can be boiled simply, with some sea salt added, it will naturally condense into a jelly.

This kind of jelly is not only rich in amazing beneficial substances, but only a few mouthfuls can maintain a normal number of days of food, and the exotic substances in it are more invigorating and energetic, and it is resistant to the cold in winter. The slight fever effect.

This kind of thing is naturally the best military food.

In the past, when the Great Qin Dynasty conquered the Han, Zhao, and Wei dynasties, the Great Qin Dynasty itself was not as rich as it is now. Many battles relied on the strength of the practitioners and the will of the sergeants.

In several battles against the Zhao and Wei dynasties, more than 100,000 troops had lost their food and eventually died. In some long-standing battles, the tragedy of cutting meat and eating each other was also endless.

The sword masters of Bashan Jianchang were the main leaders of those battles. Ding Ning certainly knew how tragic the battles were.

This kind of jellyfish has appeared in some private workshops, and the number is extremely rare. Jiaodong County has never provided the Daqin military.

The specific reason comes down to the fact that the honey incense is scarce and difficult to fish in the deep sea. The message to anyone is that this kind of thing cannot appear in large numbers.

But how much is stored in this warehouse?

At this time, the shelves in the warehouse are piled up like mountains, and this number may support hundreds of thousands of armies for a long time.

Jiaodong County even had such reserves when fighting for the world's military supplies. Even in a certain period, the territory under their control suffered natural disasters and no particles were harvested. Such reserves are enough for them to win a protracted battle.

Even they can think that it has caused some disasters, and both the enemy and the enemy have lost their grain support. However, they can rely on the food in this warehouse to win!

If the long-term storage of the jellyfish in this warehouse can provide some to the Qin military, then during the battle of Han Zhaowei and the Three Dynasties, even the position of the station, the fighting power in the Chu Chu Chu in Chunche will die less. ?

Ding Ning personally experienced many such battles, experienced such tragic and parting with life and death, and even saw many partners fall down and die due to such helplessness.

This is the source of his anger at the moment.

"The charge came to us, the dead, we came, hiding good things, and finally harvested all the fruits." Lin Zhuojiu laughed, he also experienced those people, so he didn't have much anger on the face at this time. The expression, but the laughter is extremely cold, "But is there always such a good thing in the world?"

"After all, the debt owed is to be repaid." Zhang Shiwu took a deep breath.

He suddenly wanted to drink, and then ran.

Because he remembered a friend who liked to drink with him many years ago, and that friend, because of lack of military food, stayed at a gorge and eventually died there.

"What else?"

Ding Ning said this, and walked silently to the last two warehouses.

The weapons, medicines, sea animals, wealth, and even the military food reserves during the war, or even the best military food that does not require special soldiers and horses, is there anything missing for the Jiaodong County to compete for the world?

The last warehouse was close to this fifth warehouse. Ding Ning waved his hand, and an invisible force was generated in front of him, directly pushing the door of the last warehouse.