The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 736 Shadow

"He doesn't seem disappointed to you so much?"

"There has never been any extravagance, there will not be too many disappointments."

"Without much disappointment, it shows that there are still some disappointments."

In Guanzhong, when Zheng Xiu left the Dragon King's Palace and boarded a boat moored in the river, Ye Xinhe appeared behind her like a ghost. When everyone on the boat retreated, only she and Ye Xinhe were left. The conversation started.

Ye Xinhe is wearing a glamorous dress today, with a red thread on her pink shirt, which looks like a peach blossom.

However, the tone and expression of the two were extremely cold.

"You are still a little bit changed." Looking at Zheng Xiu, who was silent for a while, Ye Xinhe's mouth twiddled with a playful look. "It seems that from a new cultivator, to admiring someone, to being a mother, here At this age, although you have been destroying many of your favorite things with your own hands, making you always cold and strong, these things still leave traces in your heart."

"No need to test me." Zheng Xiu's face was cold for a few moments. If there was a cold sparkle from her skin, her eyes were getting cooler and brighter, as if there were two The stars burned, and the flames of silence would spout frantically from her double pupils.She said these five words, her lips moved slightly, and there seemed to be something she wanted to say, but she seemed to feel that it was not worth it at all, so she only said these five words.

Ye Xinhe sneered softly, "I am not trying, but reminding you."

After finishing this sentence, he turned around and didn’t look at Zheng Xiu anymore. After a few hours of rest, he returned to calm, slowly and lightly, saying sentence by sentence: "Then you and I were the final choices at home. The two came out, but I think your heart is harder than me, so in the end you stand in the bright place, I stand in the dark place, willing to be your shadow. So never let me think you will change Be weak, never let me think you are not as strong as me, otherwise I will destroy it all by myself instead of letting you ruin everything."

"You should never have such an idea." Zheng Xiu said indifferently: "Otherwise, only you can destroy."

Ye Xinhe was not angry, but instead smiled lightly.

There was wind coming from the river, Xiaguang fell from the west, shining on Zheng Xiu's body, shining the phoenix clothes on her body more beautiful, and at the same time pulling her shadow back out of a long shadow.

Ye Xinhe stood in her shadow.

Everyone in the world can't understand why he betrayed Bashan Jianchang, but the fact is so simple and cruel.

Because he was originally from Jiaodong County.

In fact, for hundreds of years, Jiaodong County has continuously transported people from Jiaodong County to many sects, and many people have even become extremely important figures in the sect.

Ye Xinhe was just one of those practitioners in Jiaodong County who had concealed his identity from an early age and was sent to other places of cultivation.

The difference is that he was also one of the people finally selected by Jiaodong County.

He is the head of the shadow in Jiaodong County.

Those who are also shadows, and those in the sect door, who in the end are Jiaodong County, only he knows.

On the river, the breeze came.

Zheng Xiu and Ye Xinhe just stood on this ship.

When the night came and the darkness completely overshadowed their figures, there was a faint starlight falling in the sky, as if there were countless fireflies in the summer dancing around the ship where Zheng Xiu was.

Zheng Xiu's body gradually brightened, but Ye Xinhe's figure had disappeared behind her.

A flat boat greeted the waves.

There was only a man dressed as a scribe standing on the boat. However, although he only stood still, and the boat under his feet came to meet the waves of the big ship in action, his figure naturally had a bloody breath.

When he was close to Zheng Xiu, the faint starlight shone on his face.

He is Lihou.

After Zheng Xiu sent troops to siege Minshan Jianzong, most of the Qin people, including some princes, could not understand why he risked offending many practice sites and sent Minshan Jianzong.

Among the 13th Hou of Daqin, he should always be the one who was suppressed by Zheng Xiu.

However, everyone soon knew the answer.

Zheng Xiu built a workshop in Guanzhong. In his military town, Guanzhong, many officials and generals in charge of Guanzhong who became in charge of Guanzhong became his subordinates.

In the gateway where rich businessmen gather, power means wealth.

In a very short time, he has changed from a general who has power in the borderlands to the most powerful person in the whole customs.

At this time, the new giant of Changling was Bai Qi, and beyond Changling, in the vast territory of the Great Qin Dynasty, Li Hou was undoubtedly the one with a vested interest more than Bai Qi and the former Huang Zhenwei.

The boat hit the big ship head-on, but there was no sound between the two, but it leaned softly.

As soon as Li Hou's figure moved, he stood opposite Zheng Xiu on the big ship, and then he bowed slightly to salute.

"Chongyun Town, help Guanzhong's house in charge of the bank to be called Guan Sanzi."

Zheng Xiu didn't reply, but said this indifferently.

Li Hou bowed again to salute.

His salute was more sincere this time.

In the past few decades, although Guanzhong's families have made unanimous compromises on the bright side, there are naturally many secret businesses that are not known, especially when they feel that the future will not be as uncontrolled as before, or even It is very likely that after ushering in the same results as many practice sites in Changling, the gates and gates of Guanzhong will naturally transfer their industries at a very fast rate.

For these wealthy merchants with businesses all over North Korea, it is not a problem where to do business.

Just because a lot of money flows, it is natural to rely on the bank.

For a long time, several "masters" in Guanzhong have operated this mysterious and highly reputable bank.

As long as you can master these banks, or as long as you have some of the business and clues, you can have many more benefits than these bright businesses.

Li Hou is very clear about how much it will cost Zheng Xiou to understate this sentence, but even if he salutes sincerely, it does not mean that he likes the hostess from Jiaodong County.

"Why didn't you just let me go to Chu? It's the worry of the tiger going into the mountains?" He looked up and asked Zheng Xiu directly: "I think someone like Su Qin is easy to control? It's just that he can bring you in Chu How much benefit?"

Zheng Xiu also raised her head. She looked up higher and looked at the stars in the sky: "It is not me who is worried about Daqin Thirteen Hou. Some people want to build a stable and perfect river, but for me In terms of anything, the perfect thing is built for destruction. The more beautiful meteors tend to be shorter. In my case, even if you or someone else becomes the new king of Chu, the so-called throne can sit The stable is called the throne."

Li Hou didn't know how many big scenes passed by, but I don't know why. At this time, listening to her words, her heart was cold.

"You sit tight first, then you are going to Chu, I will not stop."

Zheng Xiu's indifferent and soft voice once again passed into his auricle, "But he will not let me act so casually in the future, so you have to sit tight and talk."