The Sword Dynasty

740 Causality

Qi Palace.

Also at sunrise, a secret note was sent to Qi Emperor's bedroom.

The person who took the seal in front of the Qi Emperor’s palace was Yu Shizong Chaoqiao. This black-faced middle-aged man was not only the leader of the young officials of the Daqi dynasty, but also the most outstanding practitioner of the Yinxue sect of the Daqi dynasty in the past 100 years. , One of the seven realm masters of Daqi Dynasty.

Such masters and dignitaries naturally passed countless winds and rains, and landslides and tsunamis stood in front of them without discoloration. However, he just opened the seal and glanced, but his face changed greatly, his hands shivering uncontrollably.

"Brother, what happened?"

A man beside him had the same dark complexion, but only looked younger than him. The most striking thing was that the eyebrows were not only dark and inky, but even the slightest blackness flowing from the eyebrows to the back.This man is Cai Shi, another 7-level master of the Yinxu sect. Previously, he was not an official in the middle of the dynasty, but only after the day of the change of the first seat of the twelve voodoo gods. Zong Chaowei was worried about the safety of Emperor Qi and was afraid. The palace changed, and he was invited to leave the sect and enter the Qi Palace.Therefore, Cai Shi and Zong Chaoqiao are not commensurate with the official position, but with the siblings.

Zong Chaojian glanced at his teacher and stretched out his hand to pass the secret note for him to see for himself, but his hands tremble for a time, and he couldn't even pass the thin parchment paper.

Cai Shihe had seen his brother so shocked, and he was suddenly very nervous. He reached over and took the secret note, but just glanced at it. He suddenly stiffened, and he exclaimed involuntarily: " what!"

Zong Chaozhen swallowed hard, and the muscles on his face twitched slightly.

Then he took a deep breath and dropped his hands. Although he calmed down quickly, he turned to look at the palace behind him, full of pain and deep worry.

The change of the twelve witch gods is too distressing, not only the twelve witch gods are destroyed, all the powerful inheritances of the former mountain ancestors of the ghost and Yin Qigong method were destroyed in the world, and even the mountain gate dojo he left was destroyed in seven or eight. Eight.

Although most practitioners and officials of the Daqi dynasty actually understood the embarrassment of Qi Emperor after that day, many people understood why Qi Emperor and Zheng Xiu had a deal, which was less dissatisfied than before. But in any case, the heads of the twelve witch gods were still destroyed, and there was no effect without cause. Many practitioners left Qidu silently and no longer served Qi Emperor. This is their attitude.

Emperor Qi had been in a trance since that day. Both his mood and cultivation behavior were extremely unstable, and he could not concentrate on dealing with North Korea.All things are handled by him and Xiangguo and others.

The twelve witch gods attacked the emperor so much that they almost completely destroyed the emperor, and now the message passed by this secret note is that the first ancestral hall was destroyed, and all the ancestors’ bodies in it were destroyed by thousands. Tomb Hill was handed down.

Xian Sheng Tang is not only the ancestral tomb of Emperor Qi, but who are eligible to be buried in it!

Qian Tomb Mountain has many amazing means. Even if Yan Ying’s disciples are not as good as Yan Ying, at least those means have been truly passed on.No matter what kind of dissatisfaction he ruined the First Church, but the body was taken away for spiritual practice, and he would not be buried in the place where he was.

The inheritance of the Twelve Witch Gods is important, but it only makes a dynasty stronger, and the First Church is a symbol, a spiritual sustenance.

In a sense, the destruction of the First Church is probably more serious than the destruction of the Twelve Witch Gods.

It didn't take much time from the discovery of the destruction of the First Holy Church to the delivery of the message into the Royal Palace. However, it took a lot of time for the news to arrive here. This anomaly is too easy to understand for Zong Chaojian.

Because the dignitaries who handled each link are well aware that the twelve witch gods' attack on Qi Emperor has been very fatal. If such news is passed into the palace, I don't know what the consequences will be.

Therefore, such a secret note came over, and the disputes and discussions of how many dignitaries did not know on the way.

He was one of the officials of Qi Emperor's acting government at this time.

The secret note reached him, and it was the last stop.

It is up to him to decide whether to tell Qi Emperor that this is because the weight of one country and one dynasty is put on his hands. How can he be calm?

Inform or not inform?

What to do if you don’t tell?

At this time, there were countless practitioners in the Daqi dynasty chasing Bai Shanshui. If he released this news, many more practitioners began to chase down Yan Yan's disciple?

At this moment, Zong Chaojian's body kept getting colder and colder, and he felt inexplicably helpless.

"Come in."

Just then, there was a deep sigh in the bedroom.

Zong Chaojian took a deep breath again, trying to calm down the look on his face.

He bowed his head slightly, pushed open the door of the palace, and walked in slowly.

Emperor Qi was in a trance and hallucinations all these days, so no servant in the palace was allowed to enter, only he rested alone.

But is this emperor really able to rest?

The sun has risen outside, but the windows in this palace do not open, but it is still dark. Song Chaojian inexplicably feels like walking on a quiet tomb.

On the dragon couch deep in the dormitory, Qi Qi was sitting in a kimono.

Seeing Qi Emperor's face, Zong Chaojian's body was shocked again.

Qi Emperor's eyes were sunken, and the skin was shrunk. In just two or three days, he seemed to be decades old, like a skeleton.

"what's going on?"

Qi Emperor's emotions were calm at this time. He raised his head stiffly, looked at Zong Chaojian, and asked softly.

Zong Chaoqiao hesitated for a while and did not respond.

"You don't need to hide me. You and your brother's vitality fluctuates too much. You have followed me for so many years. I have never seen anything that makes your emotions fluctuate so much." Qi Diyou sighed and said, "You must come, you can't avoid it."

Zong Chaojian finally raised his head, looked at his eyes like a dim candle, and said, "Xian Sheng Tang was destroyed by the people of Qian Tomb Mountain."

Qi Di was dumbfounded.

After counting interest, he smiled inexplicably, with a dismal smile.

"People are not as good as heaven, with their own retribution for cause and effect, and conspiracy and calculation are not as good as Zheng Xiu, but they still have to compete with Zheng Xiu for the world. I have known this for a long time. ."

"Help me to blame myself, I sue the world, abdicate and let the wise."

Zong Chaojian couldn't comment on Qi Di's words, but when he heard this last sentence, he breathed suddenly and opened his mouth to speak.

Qi Emperor waved his hand, beckoning him not to speak, "You and I know that this is the best for the Daqi Dynasty."