"If you want to use your own life in exchange for all the enemies of Bashan Sword Field that it is impossible to obtain our forgiveness even if you surrender directly, it is impossible to succeed."

Ding Ning looked at Zheng Sha and then said: "Before the enemy thinks about it, I will tell the other party if he can possibly be forgiven."

Zheng Sha's complexion gradually dimmed, and he stopped talking.

He held the golden crown beside him, but Wu Donglian, who bent over, slowly straightened his body and put the golden crown on his head again.

When he wore the gold crown back, the obedience on his face had completely disappeared, and he laughed.His complexion is also somewhat dark, and his teeth are set against particularly white, and his gums are extremely bright red, which inexplicably gives a bloody feeling.

"But there is always a reason for killing, even if you don't even give me the chance to surrender, but you should understand that you are the predecessor of my siblings, and I am the junior. It is unruly for you to kill me."

He smiled like this, looked at Ding Ning, and said slightly: "You can not justify reason, but you must always say rules. The rules now recognized by practitioners in the world, especially the rules of many conventions, are all you. The habit formed when I was at Bashan Jianchang."

He has always used the word "you" at the beginning of these few sentences, but the last sentence has intentionally said the word "you", making his sarcasm stronger.

However, listening to his ridiculous words, Ding Ning was not angry, but just shook his head and said calmly: "You have to say the rules is the best, because today is not my famous day, but the name of Thunderfire Taoist At the time."

Both Wu Donglian and Zheng Sha were stunned. The eyes of the two people contained an accident and fell on Shou Chen behind Ding Ning.

Ding Ning continued: "His Master and your Master are peers, and when your Master became famous, his Master was not yet famous, so naturally in this so-called seniority, it is very compliant."

Wu Donglian frowned deeply.

He could see that Shou Chen was only in six realms.

The former Wang Jingmeng can win over the border, but it does not mean that the rest of the practitioners can win over the border.

"Did you become careful after dying once?"

He took a deep breath and looked at Ding Ning, "I'm afraid that I have any special means, so let such a practitioner first test what I have?"

"You have to think clearly."

He increased his tone and said to Ding Ning: "If I killed him, maybe all the practitioners in the world would think so."

Ding Ning looked at him, saw through all the thoughts in his heart, and slightly contemptuously said: "You can rest assured that if Shou Chen is not your opponent, I won't deal with you again."

Wu Donglian did not understand where Ding Ning's confidence came from, but he had already obtained the results he wanted.

"I will try to kill him, so that is a good move, because everyone in the world will know that someone can kill people around you in front of you."

When he finished speaking, he waved his sleeve.

There was a terrible gust of wind in his sleeves, which caused his body to float to the rear of Shou Chen.

Before he fell, everything behind Shou Chen, including the others standing, was blown away by the gust of wind, revealing a large open space.

On the ground that was blown by the strong wind, a lot of blue ice crystals that were one inch long grew like flowers.

Wu Donglian is a direct disciple of General Guo Dong. Guo Dong will appreciate the gift of his talents and even gave him a Dong character in his name.After Guo Dong’s death, Wu Donglian disobeyed Guo Dong’s will and ruled several islands here. If it were not for the night owl’s failure to kill Ding Ning, Jiaodong County would soon fall completely under the control of Bashan Jianchang. The king here.

He ruled these islands by the country, and now he has already had a bit of emperor's momentum between his hands and feet.

The blue ice crystals that appeared on the ground were obviously the prelude to his next method. If according to the normal duel, he had already shot first, but he did not care, but just said a little to Shou Chen. Please" word.

If they feel unfair, they will often be angry and upset and disturb their state of mind.

However, Shou Chen was very quiet.

The enemies between the practitioners pay attention to the situation of the sky and the terrain. When confronting the enemy on this Biqiong Island, he knew very well that the whole island and the heaven are the weapons of the other party.

Ding Ning had absolute confidence in his five magical signs, and he was confident.

So he bowed slightly and responded calmly: "Please."

At the moment the word exited, he smashed a yellow symbol in his hand.

At this moment, a violent breath has settled down from the sky above Wu Donglian's head.

In this violent and huge atmosphere, there is a kind of crazy meaning that is difficult to describe with words, and it is exactly the same as Guo Dong.

Wu Donglian's feet left the ground naturally, and his whole person was suspended. The heaven and earth vitality in his body and the majestic heaven and earth vitality that quickly gathered between the surrounding heavens and earth entangled and oscillated, and instantly formed countless white lightnings.

These countless white lightnings did not fall directly on the body of Shou Chen, but were all attracted to the blue ice crystals on the ground.

Countless strange thunders sounded among these blue crystals.

The power of the countless white lightnings was magnified several times in an instant, and after several turns inside the crystal, they fell from all directions to the dust.

At this time, only half of the island’s residents were originally, and the rest half were the fishermen who were suspended here, or the practitioners who came to trade in the nearby waters. When Ding Ning and Shou Chen arrived on the island, Wu Donglian was willing to let these people To be a witness, so many practitioners in the dark have already known Ding Ning's identity.

At that time, countless eyes were watching this duel. When they saw such a thousand lightnings flooding the world and rushing to the dust from all sides, all these people changed their faces.

This is more than a full blow by the practitioners of the Seven Realms... This is clearly the power of a magic circle!

Such a meticulous attack has nothing to do with the sword intention at all. There is no such thing as a trick. Even if the sword is delicate, it can never be solved by skill.

Many people can be sure that even some of the best in the seven realms may not be able to resist such a blow.

How can a cultivator with up to six realms survive under such a blow?

However, at this moment, countless dull impact sounds.

An incredible exclamation sounded.

Shou Chen was not dead.

He didn't even move.

Hundreds of yellow shields appeared outside him.

These shields are more than one person tall, floating around him, overlapping and overlapping, with a total of seven layers.

The seven layers of heavy yellow shields were rotating, and each layer was different, blocking the possibility of all the fine lightning.

Every lightening of lightning fell on the yellow shield, as if drumming, a muffled boom, and a yellow dust wave.