The Sword Dynasty

748 Bloody Hand

When Zheng Sha sighed and died, Su Qin, far away from Jiaodong County, Su Qin was ushering in another new life.

I don't know when to start, the number of "nine" is supreme.

Every well-known twelve witch-gods are recorded in the world. Every one of the shadow gods and ghosts is the best in the world, but few people know that the ninth witch-gods are the most special, and the most important thing is, The practice of this practice is fast, and it is the only practice he can practice.

The crystal recording the practice has been destroyed by his own hands, and every line in the runes and catalogs has been deeply imprinted in his mind.

In Changling in the early years, he was considered to be the best among the younger generation of practitioners, but he was not the top. However, most of the young talents in front of him were not as complicated and bumpy as him. experience.

From Baiyang Cave to following Liling County, fleeing Chu Capital to Xian Fuzong, and then returning to Chu Capital, his experience made him even better. I am afraid that the young talents in Changling’s years One can match.

The speed of his comprehension is very fast. On the way back to Chudu, he has fully realized the practice recorded on the ninth witch statue.

But the transformation of the true yuan takes a certain amount of time.

After countless times of consecration, the real element in his body has finally begun to be transformed into an important one.

The jade palace deep in his seven seas collapsed quietly, turned into a deep red sea of ​​blood, and the true elements circulating in his body also began to turn red. With his breathing, there was not much practice of Yin, Shen, Ghost, and Spirit outside his body. The kind of cold breath of Fa does not have the gray or black flame, but a faint red light.

The red light clearly reflected the flow of vitality behind his body, the vitality flowing from his body, and the vitality gathered from all directions and flowing into his body, like the ghost of a thousand arms, constantly swinging.

The difference in color does not represent the essential difference in the nature of vitality. The process of transformation made him feel only endless pain.

The familiar breath of Zhenyuan disappeared, as if everything in the past was deprived. Su Qin felt that many places deep inside his body had lost the irrigation of the true Yuan like Lingquan in the past, but it became an extremely acceptable place on weekdays. The abominable container of disgust.

The flesh and blood of his body became sore, but he quickly sensed many breaths that he could not feel at ordinary times. It was the smell that many creatures died after death, even the cracks of the smooth mirror-like jade floor of this newly built palace There are countless silky breaths floating in it.

In every breath, as long as his mind is slightly moved, these Yin Yuan breaths are easily inhaled into his body, which is completely different from the previous process that requires meditation and meditation to absorb the heaven and earth vitality.This growth of vitality in the body becomes extremely simple and rude.

Su Qin stretched out his left hand, perceiving the countless yinyuan breath in the jade gap, feeling that these vitality converged into a virtual shadow of arms behind him, and a smile of self-deprecation and emotion appeared in the corner of his mouth.

His left hand muscles and bones are twisted, and looks ugly and ugly. Even if Xian Fuzong mastered some means of using this hand to cast charms, compared with the Fu Dao that Zhang Yi later realized, it was a sidetrack that was not enough to mention.

I just lost a hand, but I just got this kind of exercise, and the place where this seemingly magnificent new palace is located is the place where the Chu Palace was burned before, in that fire. There are a lot of practitioners who died here, just enough to provide him with a yin-yin atmosphere to walk into the entrance court.

He looked at his crippled left hand, not retracting his sleeves, but falling to the man's heavenly spirit in front.

This is a prisoner, who was born in Chu, a famous practitioner, and was one of the generals loyal to Zheng Xiu. He was hit hard by the practitioners of the Daqi dynasty and captured in a battle after the Chu capital was broken.

When his left hand was about to touch the man's heavenly spirit, the man who kept his eyes closed and seemed to be unconscious suddenly opened his eyes, then looked at him and said with a sneer: "I can't think of you a Qin Renjian Cultivation is to revise the Qiyin Gods and Ghosts, but you have thought about it. There is no one who cultivates Yinyin’s ghosts and ghosts, dare to directly kill the strangers and learn the vitality to practice."

This Chu practitioner has apparently been pretending to be in a coma, and clearly perceives Su Qin's process of true yuan change.

What he said is also the most reasonable in the spiritual world.

For practitioners who practice Yin-God ghosts and creatures, absorbing the spirits of Yin-God ghosts and creatures between heaven and earth is quite different from killing practitioners directly.In some stories, there is strong resentment in the vitality of the practitioner who has just been killed, and it is full of curses, but the real situation is that even the practitioners who are also practicing the yin, gods, ghosts and creatures method are being killed. Afterwards, the body's vitality of yin gods and ghosts also needs time to transform naturally.

Time can change everything between heaven and earth, and so is vitality.

"That's just the past and your perception."

However, Su Qin only responded lightly to this sentence.

Without any stay, his hand fell on the heavenly spirit of this Chu practitioner.

The destructive power penetrated from the heavenly spirit easily killed the Chu practitioner who was already imprisoned and unable to resist.

As his breath spit out, a strange red light appeared on his left hand, and then the red light that had not been cold before finally began to become cold.

A dark black mist formed outside the red light, but the red light on his hand became more and more dense, which made his left hand and this practitioner's body seem to melt completely.

A stream of blood flowed continuously into his body.

Su Qin's throat grows with a dull, groaning depression. Among the thousands of virtual shadows behind him, a sudden condensed substance becomes a terrible bloody hand.

The body of Chu Cultivator fell backwards with a snapping sound, light as rotten wood.

"Come in"

Su Qin slowly raised his head and sipped to the outside of the hall door. The horrible bloody hand quietly disappeared behind him.

The hall door opened.

Looking at a pair of delicate twin sisters who walked in from outside the hall, his eyes were full of regret.

"Thank you for giving me many good memories."

He seriously pointed at the pair of ladies who had served him for many nights and sighed, "I thought that one day would give you a good future, but unfortunately you just accidentally showed a trace of what you should not have. Breath."

He shook his head, and then said: "I really did not expect that you are actually King Qi."