The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 750 Capture

The attitude of the Qisi people is very quiet. Even in the newly-built Chu Palace, which is heavily guarded and guarded by many great Qin practitioners, he is still as relaxed as looking at the scenery.

Because this is the case, looking at Chu as a whole, no practitioner is beyond his existence.

Every drop of black liquor on the roof of the temple turned into a black viper.

Hundreds of black poisonous snakes danced in the air, much faster than Su Qin's swept back, but strangely did not make any sound, and even absorbed all the vibrations in the temple, including the air's shock.

The temple became absolutely dead, like the flow of time slowed down.

In the vision of the Qis, Su Qin seemed to stay in the air, and the black poisonous snakes approached Su Qin's body with a very slow gesture.

At this moment, there was a trace of surprise in his pupils, as if there was a wave in the quiet pond.

Su Qin's left sleeve swelled madly outside, only at this moment, countless crimson runes blazed from the sleeve.

Dense runes spewed out like a fountain, almost as dense as a stream of water.

Immediately in the next moment, the power contained in these runes was ignited by Su Qin's Zhenyuan, and the bursting power impacted each other, making the vitality blasted by these runes more violent and rapid.

This is a very amazing picture.

The entire hall was instantly flooded with dense rune paper. I am afraid that it was not seen with my own eyes. No one would have thought that a practitioner can carry so many rune traps with him, and all of them will be excited in a flash.

The vitality in the whole hall was torn into countless fragments by the power of these runes. These fragments rotated like sharp tiles sharply, cutting on the bodies of the hundreds of black poisonous snakes, cutting them hard. It became black debris.

The Qis stood in this chaotic storm, and he was indeed a bit surprised.

Although he did not want to kill Su Qin directly, especially after confirming that the other party had obtained a powerful secret technique among the twelve witch gods, he did not think that the other party could still be able to survive this blow. Ability to continue activities.

The power of these Fulu was not strong for him, but quantitative change caused qualitative change. Each Fulu must have been personally trained by Su Qin, so he was so familiar that he was excited in a flash.

No matter how simple it is, it will take some time.

How much time does Su Qin spend with Su Qin?

Behind any genius that the world thinks is often related to diligence.

"I was born in a training place like Baiyang Cave, and I was away from my hometown. I was able to reach today's achievements so quickly. I really appreciate you."

He took a step forward and said this to Su Qin.

His tone is very sincere and truly appreciated, but it does not mean that he will keep his hands.

When he stepped forward, there was a burst of air in front of him. The turbulent forces in the air, including those of Fu Yi, which had not yet disappeared, were all squeezed to form a tide, which pressed against Su Qin's body.

Su Qin's face was as white as snow, and he felt an extremely real death threat. He slammed out of his lips with a sharp drink, and a complete blood hand and a nearly solid blood hand were shot forward.

There was a loud bang.

Two bloody hands exploded into a blood rain, his body hit the wall behind him, blood spewing in his mouth.

The smoke filled the wall of the temple that he hit with cracks like spider webs, and then burst, his body continued to fly out with countless broken bricks.

Looking at the big hole that appeared on the wall and Su Qin, who was wrapped in smoke and fleeing into the dark night behind, Qisi frowned.

The power of those two bloody hands and the weird yin contained in them made him feel uncomfortable.

There were a lot of cries and screams outside the palace. The practitioners and troops guarding the Chu palace had all been disturbed. They were able to escape from the palace itself, which was beyond the expectations of the Kis. He had begun to understand something. Why did Qi Emperor have such a unique intuition, and why the last command before abdication was to let Daqi dynasty practitioners kill this young Qin practitioner at any cost.

Countless black qi poured out from the foot of the Qis, wrapped his whole body, and merged with the night outside the hall.

At the next breath, he was already outside the temple, floating in the air.

Two black qi turned into long wings like bats, waving on both sides of his body.

Su Qin, who flew through the air, was shocked to see that the Qis were not far from his side.

The Qisi people gave Su Qin a light look and clenched his fist in his right hand.

A black giant hand quietly spawned from the air behind Su Qin, holding Su Qin's body.

There was a terrible sound of breaking the sky, and dozens of flying swords first arrived like lightning, and the stab was on the black giant hand, but the light was dim in a flash, the sword was covered with rust spots, and the sword gas could not penetrate deeply.

Su Qin screamed loudly and pulled up several feet higher. His right hand had dozens of bright flames like a burning phoenix on the ground. The ground of the newly built Chu Palace was suddenly covered with golden runes. The blazing rays of light turned into golden light curtains, soaring into the sky!

A real phoenix sound rang through the light curtain, and the black giant hand was cut into pieces by the golden light curtain, and turned into countless pungent blue smoke.

"Even the Fengming Circle of the Chu Palace is in control. What surprises you?"

The Qis took a deep breath.

After Yan Ying’s death, he was already the strongest practitioner in the entire Daqi dynasty. He was proud of himself, and even his shots were broken by such a younger generation, even if the opponent had the royal circle of the palace in his hands, but After repeated failures, there was still a trace of anger in his heart.

His figure disappeared.

In the sight of everyone around him, his body turned into a thin black gas directly in the air, disappearing without a trace.

However, Su Qin's figure was suddenly stiff.

There was a cold breath falling behind his head.

The figure of the Kis appeared in the shadow behind him, and the palm fell behind his head.


There was a series of popping noises in the spine behind him. The spine was first shaken loose. His body was as soft as a snake and was lifted by the Qis in his hands. In the next moment, cold energy rushed into him. Qihai.

The vitality of the Qis, like a cold stone, settled deep in his qi sea.

Several powerful forces rushed towards the Qis from all sides at this time.

This kind of power does not take into account Su Qin's life and death. Obviously, they should be the practitioners of Qin Xiu or Xu Fu School here. For them, Su Qin is just a puppet on the surface.

With a sleeve of clothing, the Qis flew dozens of bones out of his body, and there was blood in the corner of his mouth.

But at the same time, his body has been relieved by the joint efforts of these masters.

He mentioned Su Qin, his figure had already been raised hundreds of feet in an instant.

Then there was a stunned sound, and his body seemed to split apart, turned into several black clouds, and flew to the four sides.