The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 751 Trust Me

Another gulp of blood poured out from between the lips and teeth of the Kis, flowing down the corners of his mouth on both sides, and instantly turned into two substantive black air, just like two fierce fangs.

This kind of forced casting after fending off several gurus escaped from the trap, and caused considerable damage to his body. For the seven-level guru, the damage inside the body is likely to affect Shouyuan.

The Qi practitioners who practiced the Yin God, Ghost, and God exercises had a shorter lifespan than those who practiced other exercises in the world, but the Qis did not care about this.

How long you live is not the key, the key is whether you can burn life to the most intense and exciting.

He originally came to bear the mission of Qi Emperor, except for this young opponent who made Qi Emperor uneasy, but the other party brought out the supreme exercise from the Wu Temple, which brought him unlimited possibilities in the future.

Su Qin's face was extremely bleak. There was death in his double pupils. Only a strange crystal light poured out from the depth of his pupils. It seemed that the sealed Qihai solidified into a certain crystal, that crystal The glare of his eyes again emerged from his pupils.

No one can keep up with the Chis.

The Qis and his real figure sneaked into the night, which was very different from the direction of the escape of the black clouds.

But if someone can stand beside the Qis and him, he will surely sympathize with Su Qin's next encounter.

Because in terms of killing, practitioners who practice the Yin God, Ghosts, and Ghosts may not have the Qin Jianshi’s killing methods quickly and simply, but in terms of the torture of the soul and vitality, the masters of the Daqi Dynasty have countless strange methods .

In the hands of some practitioners, they can even become non-human and non-ghost, and they don't even know what they are.

The Qis believed that Su Qin knew this, but he knew that Su Qin might not be willing, so he felt it necessary to remind Su Qin again.

When his figure passed through the prosperous neighborhoods of Chudu, through the wilderness, and reached a graveyard of former nobles of Chudu, he stopped.

After Chudu was broken, most of the former Chudu nobility no longer existed. This graveyard has been cut away by the refugees and became a paradise for wild dogs. The bones of some famous figures in the history of Chudu were thrown away. It can be seen everywhere.Only those fragments of coffins and some undecayed pieces of delicate clothing can remind people of the difference between these bones and ordinary people.

The prince general, after a hundred years, is nothing but dust.

The Qis laughed slightly, and turned to look at Su Qin, who could not move, and said, "You should understand that after being captured by a Master Qi, the most tragic encounter is not directly killed, but turned into him. The refiner material in his hand can't be released even from death."

"Strictly speaking, I am already a practitioner who is practicing Yinyin, ghosts and ghosts, so I certainly understand." Su Qin looked at him and spoke.

The vitality in his body could not be circulated, and the speech was almost trembling with the vocal cords, and the voice was extremely strange, but to the surprise of the Kis, his tone still seemed calm, with an unspeakable anger.

"You want to say that if I pass the witchcraft method to you, you will give me a happy heart? But how can the world be as good as you want, if you really want to use that method to me, keep my soul forever immortal? In the living body... Then everyone consumes like this, I will always be in hell, you can never get this exercise."

The Kis were not angry.

He looked at Su Qin in silence for a moment, and finally understood why Qi Emperor had such an intuition.

Some people are cruel to others, but Su Qin is the kind of person who is cruel to himself.

Such a person, even if he sinks into hell forever, he will hold a strong spirit, firmly believe that he can one day turn over.

Such a person is not crazy, but a real lunatic.

"Maybe we have the possibility of cooperation?"

He was silent, but Su Qin's voice remembered again, and instead took the initiative in this field, "I have witchcraft and mystery, and support from the Daqin military, and you are now the strongest practitioner of the Daqi dynasty, Yan After the baby, you should be the leader in the minds of many Daqi practitioners. If you were with me, how many possibilities would you think?"

"Maybe we can build a dynasty."

After a pause, Su Qin's strange voice sounded again: "A dynasty stronger than the Chu and Daqi dynasties now. Even we may have a chance to defeat Yuanwu and Bashan Jianchang."

"There is no such possibility." In such a weird and tempting voice, the Qisi people shook their heads quietly and said slowly and clearly, "Some people can become leaders, not just because of cultivation."

Su Qin shut his mouth in interest.

Some people can stand at the highest place because of that stubborn pride.

At this moment, a strange beam of light ignited deep in the eyes of the Chis.

He felt a strong breath approaching the cemetery.

Any Daqi practitioner who cultivates Yin God, ghosts and ghosts likes this kind of place where the common people do not like the gathering of yin qi. The long-term and unique practice allows the master like him to draw some beneficial things from this place between breathing World strength.So it is not uncommon to be able to guess that he might pass through such a place. The key lies in who is coming so fast, and who dares to come.

He can be sure that after the moment of fighting in the newly built Chu Imperial Palace, those masters knew that the gaps were absolutely not dare to scatter the trace, and never dare to appear in front of him alone.

In his knowledge, there is no such practitioner who dares to face him alone in Chu.

He was curious.

The figure of a little woman appeared in his vision.

The reason for being a little girl does not mean age, but body.

This woman who walked on the grassland edge of the graveyard in the dark is very petite. Her hair is very short. It seems that she used to have the same short hair as a man. Now it does not take a long time to accumulate hair, so it only reaches the ears. .

However, as the woman approached, the sense of breath pressure in the perception was getting stronger and stronger, and even shocked in his eyes.

The wild grass burned.

The tombs burned up.

The other party did not conceal the breath on her body. The temperature of the flames generated by these combustions was not as good as the temperature of the flames around her.

Looking at the woman's quiet but mad face in the light, the face of the Kis became absolutely awe-inspiring.

He nodded slightly and said, "Mr. Zhao Jianlu Zhao Si?"

The little girl with a breath like an oven responded.

"What does Mr. Zhao Si mean?" Qisi asked.

"Bai Shanshui is not here, trust me to look at this Chu Capital." Mr. Zhao Si responded with unchanged expression of Zhao Miao.