The Sword Dynasty

752 Sword Sheath

The Qis frowned, looking at the legendary woman, and said lightly: "My Daqi dynasty has been replaced by a new emperor. It stands to reason that we are not enemies."

"Maybe we will have a common enemy in the future, but things between our allies will be divided and combined. We will not necessarily understand what happened to your Daqi dynasty." Zhao Miao gave a slight ironic glance to the Qisi and then looked at him Su Qin beside him said, "At least for now, I can neither let him fall into your hands nor let him fall into Zheng Xiu's hands."

The Qisi people took a deep breath, he stopped his body and said: "Zhao Jianlu's high tricks, I have always wanted to be taught. At this time, it is fair."

He was one of the strongest practitioners of the Daqi dynasty at this time, knowing that this battle was inevitable and did not drag the mud.

It is well known in the world that Mr. Zhao Si’s life sword was lost on the Weihe River outside Changling, and he only suffered a lot of vitality after a series of battles. In addition, he suffered a lot of injuries. In his view, it is fair for the two sides to fight.

He thought so, but Zhao Miao didn't think so.

Although she did lose her sword of life, she has her own sentiments, and her realm has continued to increase. Zhao Jianlu is more competitive than swords and never takes advantage of others.

So she just raised her eyebrows and looked at Zies humanely: "Sir please."

The Zies looked at her proud eyebrows and understood what she meant, but he was not hypocritical, he just nodded slightly, and a gray bone had flew out of his neckline.

His body is covered with many pendants of spiritual bones. For other practitioners, many of his bones can only make him look barbaric and weird, but the fact is that many of his humble hanging The bones are all the instruments that Daqi practitioners are afraid of.Several of them are unique in this world and can no longer exist.

The gray bone that flew out of his neck was a phalanx, which came from a strange animal in the deep waters of the abyss.

After a very natural but mysterious or extremely coincidental transformation, the rest of the skeleton of this ghost beast decayed, but this phalanx has become the center of that dark abyss, which is overwhelming Qi gathered in this phalanx.

This amputated phalanx in Daqi's practice circle is called the Mingshui relic.

As the name implies, when the Qis' true elements poured into the phalanx like a volcanic eruption, the gray hull, which was originally inconspicuous, bloomed with a disturbing violent breath.Just like the resurrection of the ghost beast, a mass of black gas appeared over the graveyard, which was deeper than the night.

In the next moment, countless black currents began to walk through the world in front of the Qis.

The battle between powerful practitioners is more about breaking tricks. Under the guidance of the former master who was the same as Wang Jingmeng, the practitioners of Zhao Jianlu made iron in front of the ground fire all year round. Day after day, they felt the fire and the world. The combination of all things, while refining your own sword tire, naturally applied the fire of the world to the extreme.

The real element in their bodies is the fiercest real fire in the world.

Nether water can extinguish any flames in the world. Even if it cannot completely extinguish the real fire transformed by the true spirit of Zhao Jianlu practitioners, it can at least greatly reduce its power.

It is not difficult for the Qis to cope with the power of the seven realms, as long as they are reduced by a few percent.

Nether water is the coldest water in the world and the heaviest in the world.

When thousands of black waters flowed out of the world where he and the Qis live, for Zhao Miao, the world around him became heavy and cold.

"Good weapon."

She first praised sincerely.

The value of this magical tool comes from the non-reproducible spirit material. This kind of power that makes her feel cold and bones is really amazing.However, her next sentence was: "It's a pity."

A bang.

A blaze of blaze ignited thousands of dark waters and illuminated the night sky.

The scarlet fire shone on every clump of grass in this graveyard, so that the Qis could not open their eyes.

At this moment, she directly turned into a blazing sun.

The real element in her body surged out of the sea of ​​qi and turned into a red real fire, but she did not leave her side to resist the vertical waters that traversed vertically and horizontally, just wrapped layer by layer outside her.

She turned into a fiery fireball.

In the next moment, she stepped out directly and reached the Chis.

The fireball shattered hundreds of waters in front of the Chis. The red real fire collided with the black water, but there was no evasive sound of evaporation when the fire and water met, but the ice crystal was broken. Crisp sound.

Among these crisp sounds, there was a clearer sword sound.

For practitioners, this voice can even be described as "clean" and "pure".

The Qis frowned deeply.

In the firelight, the wrinkles on his forehead were as clear as a knife.

Zhao Miao holds a crystal sword in his hand.

This crystal cutting sword is formed by the condensation of real fire, which is more crystal than all the red gems in the world, but what makes the Kis people a little incomprehensible at this time is that this crystal cutting sword has a strong breath of life.

Zhao Miao's natal sword has been lost on the Weihe River. This crystal sword has a sword shape and no substantive sword tires. It should be just the remnants of the natal spirit in her qi sea, just like the remaining soul of the natal sword.

Whether it is inferred from any practice principles in the world of practitioners, the power of such a crystal sword is naturally different from the true natal sword, but at this time in the perception of the Kis, this crystal sword seems to be injected What's new is extremely powerful in his perception.

It is also clear that the sword of this sword is moving forward without any retrospective meaning.

In other words, Zhao Miao poured all his victories into this sword.

She only came up with this sword, and one sword would surely prevail.

The time these thoughts flashed in the mind of the Kis was only the moment when the lights jumped.

The fire was too dazzling, he still couldn't open his eyes, but he still stood on the spot, one step back.

Only a guru like him can truly understand that fighting a sword like Zhao Jianlu can only enter a fateful sword without retreating. When you retreat, you will lose your vitality, and there will be no chance of winning.

His hand fell naturally on his waist.

He also hung a lot of spiritual bone magic implements around his waist.

He held a very long hollow leg bones.

This leg bone comes from a long-extinct giant bird Feng Peng. This giant bird is the ancestor who summoned the nine-day Gangfeng wind. Many practitioners in the world use the wind technique from the research and perception of its power.

This leg bone is also only a small piece, but it is also three feet long. When his hand holds this magic weapon, the true element in his qi sea, including his long savings, has not been used for countless years. Some of her breath also poured out insanely and poured into this magic weapon.

Inside this instrument, countless tiny cyan cyclones were suddenly generated.

The Qis were holding this leg bone and stab at the sword in Zhao Miao's hand.

To be more precise, it is the past.

This hollow leg bone turned into a scabbard in his hand, which was put on the sword.