The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 755

Some people's pursuit of wealth and comfort, but the more people go to higher places, the more they want to be able to control their own destiny, because he will find that when he can't truly control his own destiny, the current wealth and comfort, Will be lost at any time.

A wealthy businessman in the Changling City, I am afraid that it only needs the intention of a big person, and it will become anonymous.

Su Qin looked at the remains of the Qis and felt that he was stronger than the Qis, because he would only live for himself.

A tragic battle has ended in Yongfu County, Jiaodong County.

The remnants of the Chu army and the army of Nanquan counties, as well as the various reinforcements coming from the Chu dynasty, wiped out the main force of the Zheng family of the Jiaodong county.

After a long trek, the remnants of the Chu army can finally stop temporarily and get enough breathing time.

After picking up the long sword of his dead companion, a Chu army veteran turned and looked back at Chu's direction. At this point, he fell down and never climbed again.

There is more than one such scene on the battlefield where the battle has ended.

Many people suddenly fell after the battle, but they all faced the direction of their homeland.

They were too tired and their bodies had already exceeded their limits. When they finally reached a stable place and completed their mission to protect their companions, they were relieved and unable to support them anymore.

The granary in the city was on fire, and in the final stage of the battle, the army who knew that the Zheng's gate had no way to defeat the torch.

Just one hour after the battle, there was already a fleet docked at Yongfu Port, and a lot of grain and grass were transported ashore.

Some Chu generals were shocked and speechless.

They know that these grains and grass are not from their own arrangements, but are related to a mysterious person related to Bashan Jianchang, but these grains and grasses are all from Chu. Who is capable of preparing so many grains in Chu territory early? , Sent here so fast?

"What kind of person can make those rich in Guanzhong put their money in his hands at ease?"

When those Chus were thinking about the issue of grain and grass, Li Hou was thinking about it.

He is riding a carriage into Chongyun Town.

Chongyun Town is one of the few ancient towns in the Great Qin Dynasty. It is located on the Wushan side of the border between Qin and Chu. It is clearly very close to the battlefield. However, because the road is too difficult to pass, it is impossible for the army to pass through, but it has avoided history. All the wars that appeared in this area.

Chongyun Town became one of the gathering places for caravans, but it was also because of the difficult roads.

There are also many hunters and herdsmen in the mountainous areas where roads are difficult to reach. These areas are sparsely populated, but they are rich in production. Some ordinary goods outside, such as rice grains and tea, can be obtained by human transportation to these areas. The generous rewards can be exchanged for amazing fur, elixir and other things.

The difficulty of the road can only rely on foot strength or mule horses. If you walk for a long time, you must prepare a lot of supplies, and there must be many such caravans to shuttle between the caravans.Many years ago, Chongyun Town became so lively.

However, the surroundings of Chongyun Town are still barren, and the ordinary materials transported by these caravans cannot attract Chao Tang’s attention, not to mention that although they can obtain more than 100 times of profits, the amount of exchange is not much, and it is not worth going to Tang Tang. Consider more.

The core area of ​​Guanzhong is far away from this town of Chongyun, and no one will associate Guanzhong’s wealth with such a remote place.

However, who would have thought that the mysterious character Guan Sanzi who managed most of the wealth for these Guanzhong giants lived in such a place for a long time.

Wealth is often associated with fine wine, mansions, beauties, and extravagant lives, but what is this place other than the barbarism remaining in the caravan?

"What is there in this place that is worth your long stay here?"

So when the carriage stopped in front of an ordinary hanging foot building, Li Hou stepped out of the carriage and walked into this hanging foot building, looking at the two people in front of him, he couldn't help asking such a sentence at first.

In front of him was a middle-aged man and an old servant.

The middle-aged man is calm and quiet and is making tea.

Black tea is cooked in the iron pot. The tea is dark in color, but it has a unique fragrance.

"Do you know who I am?"

Looking at Li Hou, an absolute uninvited guest, the middle-aged man didn't look surprised, but just asked with a smile.

"I am not asking you, I am asking him."

Li Hou also laughed, his eyes fell on the old servant behind the middle-aged man.

The old servant was wearing a patched old robe. The old robe had been washed white, and the old color could not be seen.

He kept his head down slightly before, always humbly, and waited until Li Hou said this before he raised his head.

"How do you know it was me?"

The old servant also asked back.His face is very ordinary, and really seems to have experienced a lot of wind and frost, living a hard life, without any trace of nourishment.

"A real tiger, even if it is lying in the weakest posture, can be seen at a glance as a tiger." Li Hou smiled and said.

The old servant was silent for a moment, and then looked at Li Hou and said, "Only you are such a person, and only people who have seen many such people can recognize the difference at a glance. Which prince of Daqin is you?"

Li Hou was a little surprised this time, slightly surprised: "There are just a few kings in Daqin. Since you have guessed that I am one of them, can't you tell?"

The old servant smiled and sighed: "I haven't asked the world for many years, but I don't know much about the outside world."

Li Hou's eyes suddenly rose sharply, "You don't know much about the outside world, so you should know your identity and watch the three sons?"

The old servant's expression remained unchanged, and he shook his head in response to Li Hou's gaze, "I may or may not be the third son."

At this time, the middle-aged man sitting in front of him cooking tea had stood up, but stood behind the old man.

The old man sat down and Li Hou sat down opposite him.

"I don't quite understand the meaning of this sentence." Li Hou asked after receiving the tea cup from the old servant.

"I'm just an operator, I can't grasp anything. As long as those clients are willing, they can change anyone to be the third son." The old man smiled slightly and said, "You should understand that any coin or Silver tickets are actually symbols with no value."

Lihou frowned.

The old man looked at him, and then said peacefully: "The wealth of Daqin is in the hands of Guanzhong Zhuhao, so Guanzhong Zhuhao can't fall down... You should understand that even if they search all the money they have now, but if they don't recognize them all, Now the coins in circulation, the coins of this dynasty have lost any value, I am afraid that nothing can be exchanged in the market."

"What you said is very reasonable. There is indeed such a possibility." Li Hou also looked at him peacefully and said: "But the key is that not everyone has the determination to burn all the jade, as long as some of the key figures are solved, Maybe things will be solved."

The old man smiled more gently, and asked again: "Have you ever thought about it, you want to find some key characters through me, but I may just be the bait to lure people like you?"