The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 763 Great Fallacy

"Compared with your own life, what you want to get doesn't seem to matter." The Empress Wu's smiled. "It stands to reason that I should care more about my life."

She laughed, but Duanmuhou did not find it funny.

Because no matter from which point of view, the other party does not seem to worry about their own safety.

His eyes turned subconsciously to the maid by the distant stream.

The maid's round face was very young. From a distance, it seemed nothing special, let alone the master of the Seven Realms.

At this time she was looking up here, but she didn't seem to know what was happening for a moment, so she didn't dare to get close.

A maid like this, even if she practiced some kind of secret technique of the Wu clan, it is obviously impossible to guarantee the safety of the old woman.

What is possible besides this maid?

The recent Uzbek army cannot come before they take the old woman.

However, the less worried the old lady was about her life and death, the more it seemed to them that she was waiting for their arrival.

"You already knew we were coming?"

Duanmuhou frowned and looked at the old woman, his eyes rolled.

Everyone who knows him knows that this is the habit of Duanmuhou. When he was in the army, his face didn't move, but his eyes were about to kill.

It's just that his eyes have turned, but it's because of tension and restlessness.

When the voice of his words sounded in this mysterious valley, he suddenly realized that he was very different from before.

After Minshan Jianzong suffered heavy damage, although he was quickly recovered by Zheng Xiu's elixir, the spine is the most important "dragon" for practitioners. Even if he recovered, there were still some hidden injuries inside, which hindered future practice.However, it was his state of mind that affected him most.

He teamed up with the two to kill Baili Suxue. He was badly hit by Baili Suxue, not to mention two, but was also left by the other party and killed into the Changling Palace.

Such an experience is a great blow to his confidence.

Sometimes practitioners rely on an impulse to practice upwards. Once this impulse is broken, they begin to hesitate to doubt.

He felt that this was the case now, and his state of mind even returned to when he was weak in the army many years ago.

If you lose in the war, you have to find it in the war. If this major event is achieved, you may be able to recover some confidence.

"Zheng Xiu's best is the serial counter, and the frontal battle is always good when Bashan Jianchang is the leader, not her director. When she and Bashan Jianchang battled the world, she was only hidden behind, using sparks Sword assault is an amazing soldier. Just like the Great Chu Dynasty, everyone's attention is focused on the frontline battles or the battles have been scheduled, but it is often when she really moves."

Empress Wu's looked at the great Qin prince who was still turning slightly, and Yan Yuese, "I have a hunch, but who is she sending, I naturally cannot guess. As for why I have a hunch, I always I feel that if a person like her launches such a war just to prepare for one or two things in Zu Mountain and prepare for the movement of Chu Chu in the spring, it is always a bit unworthy. She has been like for many years in the past The most savvy businessman will not do a business that suffers a lot from losses. She certainly has no plans for me.

"It is worthy to be the person in charge of Wu's. Your guess is very accurate." Duanmuhou and the people around him were more cautious. Duanmuhou took a deep breath and looked at the old woman and said, "Just leave it alone. Regardless of your life or death, can you guess what we really mean here?"

"I would like to hear the details." The Empress Wu's only responded.

The high-ranking person is only a toddler in front of the higher-ranking person, not to mention that Duanmuhou's momentum has fallen after Minshan Jianzong. She has been in power longer than any other emperor in the world at this time. There are means to deal with these nobles.

Those words she had said before were enough for these dignitaries from Changling to follow her pace.

"The strength of Wu's is actually very different from that of Donghu, and the number of practitioners can't even be compared. The only difference is that the prestige of Donghu's royal family can't be compared with you. Donghu's bitter monks accounted for a large part of his strength , And in Wu's, you are equivalent to the combination of the royal family and the ascetic monk. You then are considered to be a godly person, close to the gods, maybe when you die, you will be sealed by the Wus as true gods. , Stay in the history book."

Duanmuhou did not hesitate. For him, the best way not to be controlled by his opponent is to do according to his own ideas, so he quickly went on to say, "But Wu was previously considered to be a god The person is Wu Bahai, one of your sons. He is a wizard and a rare general. He only died early in his life, so you took this position."

"However, we can be sure that your son is not actually ill, but was poisoned."

Duanmuhou looked at the old woman's eyebrows and sneered. "What if the Wu family knows that your son was poisoned by your own hands?"

However, Empress Wu's mood did not fluctuate. She just shook her head. "It seems that you all moved his body, but your inference was wrong from the beginning. I want to kill him without poison, and it won't. Leaving such a trace. The reason why he would die is because he failed to practice the poisonous relics... The poisonous relics are forbidden in Uzbekistan. Hidden, you will uncover it now and it will have no effect on my rule."

Duanmuhou was shocked.

He glanced at each other with several people around him, and they all felt a strong sense of loss and absurdity.

This is the method they rely on the most, because it is related to the stability of the entire Wu's, but this matter is simply a fallacy from beginning to end?

Empress Wu's laughed.

She smiled very kindly, but there was anger and killing in the depths of her eyes.

She knew that the hostess in the Changling Palace thought she had mastered her untold secrets and mastered what could threaten her, and these Qin people had dug the body of the son who buried her in Xuefeng Came out.

So she decided to give these Qin people more suffering.

"In addition to the matter of your inference, Zheng Xiu has another important mission for you to come here, which should be the nine-eyed dzi." She smiled and looked at Duanmuhou and the practitioners beside him, slowly Said: "Our Ubisoft's nine eyed dzi beads come from the extraterrestrial astral field. In addition to the core energy of the meteor, the law of heaven and earth is self-contained and contains the principle of spark fire cultivation. One thing has infinite possibilities for her."

Looking at the more shock in the eyes of Duan Muhou and others, this old woman with a murderous heart in her heart laughed at the wrinkles on her face: "There is only a secret that only the real ruler passed down from generation to generation. Even the people closest to me at this time didn’t know that besides the nine-eyed dzi, there is something called Wuzhen Trousers.