The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 764 Crash

The sunlight on this hillside is very warm.

However, in the old lady's smile, Duanmuhou was inexplicably cold.

For unknown things, practitioners always have inexplicable fears.

The words Lei Zhen Tuojia are completely foreign to their cognition.

"Zheng Xiu should promise you a lot of things, otherwise you will not go to Minshan Jianzong to deal with Baili Suxue, especially after you are hit by Baili Suxue, you naturally think that she should deal with you more make up."

The Empress Wus looked at Duan Muhou in silence, and then said, "But who would she feel owed? Have you ever thought that she sent you to Wus, not to compensate you, but It is to use your secrets to obtain the Nine Eyes Dzi Bead. She may think that in such a situation, I can only use the Nine Eyes Dzi Bead's power to protect herself, and then she can lower the Star Fire Sword and fight the Nine Eyes Dzi Bead Between the confrontation of the powers, I will understand more of the stars' vitality. But it is a pity that she will not succeed at all, because I don't need to use the nine-eyed dzi, I only need to use the thunderbolt."

Duanmuhou's palms were sweating.

At this time, he had at least heard that if there was such a thing as Thunder Array Trousers, it must be the same weapon as the legendary Wu's Treasure Nine Eyes Dzi.What shocked him most was that he himself felt that the words spoken by the Empress Dowager Wu may not be unreasonable.

"Assuming that everything you said is true, even if the Thunderbolt Trousers you said can resist her Sparkblade, then why did you escape from our hands?" However, the masters will not be wrong. In any detail, Duanmuhou took a deep breath, narrowed his eyes and looked at the Empress Wu, "Even if you can cope with me, who can cope with the people around me, is it your maid?"

Listening to such words, all four subordinates beside him laughed.

Even if there is no confidence to win when you come, and even the most important inference has become a fallacy, but the smile at this time is still a very powerful weapon, and may force the other party to get more useful information.

Duanmuhou's speech is not without reason.

In the entire world of practitioners, no one has ever seen the Wu Empress Dowager take action. Even in the years when the Emperor Wu's emperor died and the imperial power fell into her hands, she did not do it in person.

Of course she cannot be a practitioner of the eight realms, otherwise the breath cannot be so aging.

Even if she practiced the seven realms of a certain anti-sky secret technique, she had already passed the most powerful age of the practitioners, and her five qi had already decayed. At most, she could only deal with such strong men as Duanmuhou.

However, among the four people accompanying Duanmuhou, there are two seven realms and two six realms.

Going deep into Wu's was originally extremely dangerous. Duanmuhou can be said to have brought his family with him.

The maid next to the stream was so young, it could even be said to be immature. How can he deal with such four practitioners when he is still standing there now?

"Unless she is Zhao Si or Bai Shanshui, Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui are much older than her, and they cannot be here."

Duanmuhou also regained some sharpness in his own laughter, and added another sentence with a sneer.

The Empress Wu's emotions.

She lamented that her opponent didn't understand herself enough.

Because all Wuxi people know that she never bluffs.

"I am not only her maid, I have two maids." She shook her head and said.

When she finished this sentence, a terrible breath had already flowed out of her chest.

This is her world.

Even if the other party regained some confidence, the battle was still revealed by her.

When this terrifying breath came out of her chest, a pale star fire had fallen down in the extremely high void.

The practice method of Zheng Xiu's Starfire Sword is still unknown to the outside world, but some of her methods have been known by practitioners. When a practitioner is willing to maintain her vitality with her natal vitality, the practitioner himself Like her flying sword, she has some unique connections with her.

She can get some special perceptions by this practitioner.

The most important thing for this special perception is the breath lock, which allows her to lock the enemy's gas machine thousands of miles away and land the spark fire sword.

But in many battles, her Starfire sword has also become a special protection.

Just like now, that unique connection has made her feel the terrible breath burst out of the Wu Empress Dowager, and instantly judged that such power is not Duanmuhou and his side. The seven realms can contend!

At this same moment, Duanmuhou and the four practitioners around him were pale with this breath.

The five men turned into five glorious retreats towards the rear, and five waves of qi wave rolled in front of them.

A golden humanoid sky-iron flew out of the collar of Empress Wu's queen.

At this time Duanmuhou knew what Thunderbolt was.

Tiantie is a meteorite.

This thumb-sized sky iron has all the characteristics of a meteorite-a unique straight texture formed by continuous melting and condensation, overlapping the natural patterns of the mystery, and numerous traces of burning and melting on the surface.

However, all the Tiantie he has seen are not special.

Because between each natural texture of this piece of sky iron, the laser light is lasing out at this time.

The atmosphere that makes them feel terrified is from the inside of this piece of sky iron, from these lightnings.

This piece of sky iron is like a natural thunder light array, and their perception cannot be penetrated deeply. There is a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčthunder in the thin iron sheet!

This kind of sky iron can't be considered as a natural weapon of terror at all!

It's like this meteorite collided with countless thunderclouds when it fell. Under some unique reaction, these thunderclouds were absorbed and edited into it, and eventually became the only remaining meteorite. Phalanx!

There was a bang.

A golden lightning flashed between the hills to meet the pale sparks falling from high above.

The Empress Dowager Wu looked at the lightning peacefully. As she said before, Zheng Xiu would not get any benefit.

Because all the Lei Gang absorbed in this charm comes from this world.

At the same time, a crystal column appeared in the hand of the seemingly dumb maid by the stream.

In the next moment, the crystal column in the hand of the maid started to glow.

A beam of light emerged from the crystal column in her hand, and the light instantly exceeded the lightning and sparks in the sky and exceeded the brightness of all the light in the world.

Duanmuhou felt a shadow cast on his body.

This is the breath of death.