The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 767

The snow stream completely engulfed the warm valley and completely filled the valley. Subsequent roars were still ringing. Even the distant snow mountains produced avalanches of varying degrees due to the huge echo.

The brave Wu's cavalry reached the edge of the avalanche for the first time, and some royal families riding the blue wolf rushed into the snow for the first time.

However, in front of the rolling snow, these royal families could not get close to the hillside where the Empress Dowager Wu was located.

These emperors looked extremely ugly.

The snow in front of them was like foam, piled up layer by layer, and the pile was higher.

It wasn't until many heavy breaths that the snow flow stopped and the wind became quieter, and the world gradually returned to clarity.

At this time their bodies suddenly stiffened.

They saw a scene that made them immortal.

The blizzard that was about to disappear could not cover the light, and the beam of light that had previously led the Empress Wu's queen was still on.

The difference is that Wu Jingjing, the female student of Baoguangguan, is walking down.

The warm beam of light from the crystal column in her hand always fell on the hillside.

There were two piles of crystal-clear ice on the spot where the light beam fell.

For these practitioners, it is not difficult to understand that when the powerful vitality force blows away the ice and snow debris, squeezing ice blocks and ice crystals against each other, this kind of crystal-clear ice body will naturally appear.

What shocked them was the figure in the two piles of ice.

At the slightly high place on the hillside, where the warm beam of light always envelopes, there are four straight crystal icicles.

In the center of the four straight crystal icicles, stood the Empress Wuxi and a girl in Tsing Yi.

The girl's body still exudes an extremely strong sword intention at this time, and you can even see the silky hairspring blooming out of the air.

The four regularly shaped crystal icicles are obviously generated by her sword intention, with a chill that is completely different from the ice and snow in this world.

The other piles of ice that are opposite to them are extremely messy.

The four members of Duanmuhou will have completely turned into ice sculptures. They held Duanmuhou in the center with their swords, but they had been pierced by Jianbing in many places, and then they were frozen again. The hard ice outside turned into an abnormally disordered spike, and each ice tip shone with a chilling chill.

There is no hard ice on Duanmuhou's body in a narrow space surrounded by four people, only a layer of hoarfrost, just like the autumn frost on Changling tiles.

However, his face and his expression were darker and uglier than those of the four dead generals.

Looking at his expression at this moment, everyone understood what the heart was like.

The Empress Wu's moved.

Her steps are as steady as usual.

When she saw her move out of the center of the four crystal icicles, the Wuxi cavalry who were shocked by the picture suddenly shouted like a tsunami.

The gloom, powerlessness, despair, and unwillingness of the Changling prince, set off her majesty and strength at this time.

"You really are better off dying directly."

Empress Wu's came to Duanmuhou and said slowly.

Her words were very peaceful, without any sarcasm, even with a touch of sympathy.

When all the ministers loyal to oneself that I saw with my own eyes were killed in battle, but the outcome of this battle cannot be changed, this is the saddest.

"You may understand this time why Wang Jingmeng did not choose to escape and survive, but must die in Changling."

Looking at Duanmuhou, who was still unable to speak, Empress Wu's sighed with a sigh: "Baisu Suxue ruined your state of mind, and then you never thought that you would die in the hands of his proselytes. You princes Ah, I always thought that I was at the same height as Baili Suxue and the top practitioners in the former Bashan Sword Field. I am afraid that it will not be found until it is truly defeated."

"Why is this happening?" Duan Muhou raised his head hard, and he looked at the old woman and the two maids, young practitioners from Changling.He didn't want to admit defeat, but he couldn't understand what the old woman said.

The words of the old woman hit his heart, and he could not imagine why he had such a big gap with Baili Suxue and others.

The same is the Seven Realms, also has arduous practice, he even has a more difficult growth experience than Baili Suxue, more fighting.

"Just start with the battle itself."

The Empress Wu's looked at him lightly, and looked at the distant galloping cavalry who belonged to her country, and said softly: "You don't know me enough, I can control Wu's all these years, I have never relied on my cultivation and combat strength. Spirit and will can create courage and victory. Your failure lies in the fact that after the death of the Bashan Sword Field, the outstanding practitioners in Changling, except for night With the exception of a few people such as Ze Leng and Mo Shoucheng, there are really few people who take things outside their body to be more important than their own interests."

"Those practitioners who died in Bashan Jianchang at that time, they can go to war and die for a reason they think is right, regardless of sacrifice. However, most of you princes chose to stand in Zheng Xiuhe because they got a lot of benefits. Yuan Wu side."

"You guys, and Baili Suxue, they are different in nature. So even if you use all the methods to catch up, or even exhaust all the resources that the Daqin Dynasty can provide you, you can only look forward to them. People, even you will not be as good as these rising stars at night."

"In this battle, many of the times you are thinking is not about reaching a military order, but your own survival, so you have missed a lot of opportunities. With this arrangement, I will only achieve a good result in the end. "

"I don't know if your ministry will finally understand before they die."

The Empress Wu's paused for a moment. She looked at the practitioners in the ice with some respectful eyes, and said indifferently: "They have received your kindness, or become loyal to you because of the love, but follow you Such leaders have little future from the beginning, and they will not have much success. Even if they sacrifice their names, what kind of sum can they leave in the history books?"

She said a lot to Duanmuhou.

In the process of saying these words, Duanmuhou didn't say anything.

She didn't care what Duanmuhou would think at this moment, because for a real strong man like her, she would always lead others to follow her own rhythm.

"After all, you are one of the 13th Hou of Daqin, and I will give you the final respect for opponents like you."

She was tired, so she said the last sentence to Duanmuhou.

The last respect means dignified death.

If there is no ability to fight again, it is suicide.