The Sword Dynasty

768 A sword

The defeated strong man is still the strong man.

New cultivators appear every year in the practice places of various dynasties. Those who can be strong enough to be recorded in the history books, many of their experiences are worthy of respect.

When Duan Muhou decided to commit suicide, he also gave countless respects to the old Wu woman in front of him.

Because whether in Uzbekistan or the rest of the dynasty, women want to be in charge of the government, it is always more difficult than men.

The most important thing is that this old Wu's woman has never relied on her own force.

"Maybe when I met you 15 years earlier and lost to you earlier, it would be very different."

When he finally bowed his head slowly, letting a sharp ice tip pierce his throat, he said this seriously.

The Empress Wu's did not respond.

But she understood the meaning of the great Qin prince.

If Duanmuhou could see himself completely at that time, the achievements he could achieve on the path of cultivation would be very different.

"You lost again."

She no longer went to see Duanmuhou, but turned to look at the place where the pale white fire had fallen, and said slowly, a smug smile appeared in the corner of her mouth.

"You really want Nine Eyes Dzi Bead, but you can't think of who the Nine Eyes Dzi Bead is in."

Against the backdrop of Bai Xue, the eyes of the old Wu's woman still looked a little yellow and muddy.

Tian Youjing's power only made her young for a moment. After the light bloomed, it seemed to burn her more energy.

However, both Hu Jingjing and Xie Rou felt that the old woman's eyes were full of goodwill and wisdom.

The two girls are very simple, and the simpler they are, the more they can see the essence of things.

Both of them felt that this old Wu's lady was able to win over the hostess of Changling because she saw people's hearts clearly and knew who could be trusted.

It was cloudy, but it didn't rain.

Many lanterns were hung in many residences in Chudu.

In the big river outside Chudu where there were once large floating ships, the waves were turbulent, but the wind just came from the downstream, which naturally gave many commercial ships that were going upstream convenient.The commercial ships on the river were more navigable than usual More.

A small boat was parked in a small river bay close to Chudu City, and Mr. Zhao Si, who was famous in the world, was on this boat.

She was alone, drinking the sugar water sold in Chuduli, and watching the starry lights in Chuduli.

There are evenly cut pear pieces in the sugar water, and some dried longan. After being cooked in the sugar water, they become "obese" again, exuding a good smell.

Seeing more scenery, the horizon will become wider.

Whether it is exquisite food, or those buildings that are beautiful in the cloudy sky, the amazing lines created by the craftsman let her secretly sigh, lamenting that this long dynasty is indeed compared to her homeland Zhao Dynasty To have more details.

Just as the wind can blow the big sails and walk with the boat, just as this bowl of sugar water will cool for a long time, there are many things in this world that are inevitable.

She admits that the Zhao Dynasty under the control of the faint emperor, even if it was not because of opponents such as Qin and Bashan Jianchang, I am afraid that it will sooner or later.

What happened just happened, but naturally it cannot be forgotten.

A boat floated downstream.

The speed of the boat is not fast, but it has a unique atmosphere, but it naturally attracts her perception.

She put down half of her sugar water, wiped the corners of her mouth with a coarse cloth handkerchief, and waited quietly.

Looking at the ship's progress, she didn't reveal half of the real-element fluctuations, but only she knew best, and her momentum became more and more perfect.

Shortly before this, she had a fight with the Zies.

At that time, her fighting spirit was full and her condition reached its peak.

But compared with the present, that battle can only be said to be a physical exercise.

A duel that is enough to be called an epic depends not only on who the opponents are on both sides, but also how strong the two sides are, but also on the meaning they represent.

In the last fifty years of this practitioner's world, what most practitioners imagine and expect is actually the battle between Zhao Jianlu's master and the world's swordsman king.

It's just that this battle didn't take place in the end.

When confronting the Qisi people that day, Mr. Zhao Si, Zhao Miao, knew that he had realized all the swordsmanship his master wanted him to realize, and he was infinitely close to the realm of his master.However, watching the ship approaching today, she also knew that she was only approaching infinitely, not equal to or beyond.

Only this kind of fatal opponent, the entire division has waited for many years of opponents, so that she really stood at that level.

When the two ships were no closer than fifty feet, seeing the face of Ding Ning standing on the bow of the ship, she nodded slightly and stood with her hand down.

At this time, she determined that there was no difference from her master.

"Zhao Jianlu is really extraordinary, full of people." Ding Ning looked at her and said quietly.

Such words may seem polite or hypocritical in the mouth of others, but in his mouth it is completely different.

Zhao Miao raised her eyebrows slightly and was calmly praised. Then she asked, "Why are you here suddenly in Jiaodong County?"

"Take an old friend and take care of things by the way." Ding Ning replied.

Zhao Miao suddenly realized, his eyes flashed: "Bai Susu Xue is coming?"

Ding Ning said nothing, but nodded.

Zhao Miaoshen took a deep breath and looked at him and said, "You owe me a sword from Zhao Jianlu."

Ding Ning said: "I owe Zhao Jianlu."

Zhao Miao thought about it seriously and said, "Do you want to change the time?"

This is not a planned sword in itself, but just right.

But in her view, if Ding Ning has important things to do next, such a sword can be postponed.

"No," Ding Ning shook his head and said, "It's not as good as time."

After a slight pause, Ding Ning glanced at the distant sky and then said softly: "I have waited for this sword for many years, and at this time in Chudu, if someone like me awed by your Master, I also It won’t come so casually."

Zhao Miao nodded again as a gift.

The previous salute was for myself, and this salute was for her master.

"Then start?" she asked next.

"How can such a sword go silently, without the audience it deserves?" Ding Ning looked at the outline of Chudu not far away, at the newly built city wall, at the south gate of the tallest city wall, and smiled Got up.

Zhao Miao instantly understood Ding Ning's meaning, and also laughed, laughing extremely proudly, "Then it's up to you."

Long Sun Qianxue was in the boat's tent, and he was holding a pot of new wine.

This time she did not wear the most common clothes at random, but dressed in white clothes like snow.

This pot of wine is not a crude and sour brew brewed in the sycamore, but the aristocrat who was the head of the old and powerful princes who knew how to brew it.