The Sword Dynasty

769 Fighting a city

The best wine, the most gorgeous clothes, the most beautiful beauties, can be worthy, naturally the most solemn thing.

The two ships followed the waves and slowly walked towards the tallest city wall in Chudu.

The world's swordsman king was amazed. Zhao Jianlu's guru was originally a practitioner who stood at the highest point in the world. After many years, he could stand at this height, and there was only one more sword on the mountain. Yuan Wu, and there is Baili Suxue who entered the Changling Royal Palace from Jianzong from Minshan.

The master Zhao Jianlu was dead, but Zhao Si took over his sword, and she now represents Zhao Jianlu.

The world's sword head and Zhao Jianlu, together with the old lady of the old grandson of the Changling Mausoleum, came to pick Baili Suxue together. This is naturally the most solemn thing.

Ding Ning stood at the head of the boat, looking at the silhouette of the approaching big city. His face was still calm and his breath did not change. However, he knew that his realm was becoming more and more perfect.

This city was captured by Xu Fu's army and practitioners of the Daqi dynasty. When the interests of Qi Emperor and Zheng Xiu were separated from each other, the Qin army has long occupied the dominant position here.

Some of the Qin army troops who fought all the way from the Qin Chu border, especially the subordinates of several princes who had died in the past, also stayed around the Chu capital for reorganization.

In his life, or the life of Wang Jingmeng before, when the most powerful, the realm is the most perfect, it is when one person is killed in Changling, and one person fights a city.

Fighting a city by one person is not just tragic. Such a situation can also force the life of a practitioner to burn to the most intense time.

When occupying the floating city of Jiaodong County and formally entering the Seven Realms, Ding Ning’s Zhenyuan Xiuwei was even more perfect than that of that year, because he made up for many deficiencies in his entire practice, and he could not get it in the previous practice. The gain of the powerful practice of several doors.

But he knew that he still needed an opportunity to burn the dormant self for many years, which could completely reach and then surpass that year.

Right now this big city is very close to the Changling tomb.

This is the opportunity he created himself.

Compared with this big city, and even with the fleet of big ships navigable on the big river, two such boats are too small and lonely.

No one knows that Ding Ning entered Chu Realm.

A lot of well-informed news originally came from Jiaodong County. After Jiaodong County was completely controlled by the Chu army led by Bashan Jianchang and Zhao Xiangfei, the influence of Zheng’s gate valve has been wiped out. Jiaodong County is like a The mysterious world isolated.

But the guru has his own demeanor, even if he does not bloom any trace of the world's vitality.

Two of these boats had already attracted the attention of the defenders on the tower when they were still miles away from the port where they stopped.

I didn’t receive any notice from the summit. The powerful practitioners who came here were uninvited guests. Especially Chudi is not peaceful now. Daqin only controlled the two-thirds of the territory. Mars also has a high status, so the two silent flat boats naturally revealed strangeness to them.

In view of the fact that the other party is a powerful practitioner, the guards on the upper gate of the city gate kept a certain degree of restraint. There was no first time for the Clippers in the port to intercept and inquire, but when the two boats passed straight The docked port followed the current toward the gate of the moat and continued to walk toward the city wall, all the defenders' hearts began to tighten.

However, even at this time, these sergeants, including the practitioners who gathered more and more on the gate of the city gate, did not even think that the people on this ship wanted to face this city alone.

In their fixed thinking, no matter how powerful the guru is, it is impossible for one or two people to face many armies in a fair and solemn way, and blatantly enter the city.

After all, in their subconscious mind, that thing has passed for many years, and even the man died at Changling.

This kind of fixed thinking makes their subconscious mind naturally not to connect the people on the boat in front of them with the people who killed Changling.

The highest guard in the upper gate of the city gate will still not give any warning, but the military order is passed to the city at the fastest speed in the secret. More and more practitioners are coming, and many large arms weapons have been completed. Tuning is in a state that can be stimulated at any time. Some unique sounds and the brilliance generated by the vibration of vitality begin to flash in various sections of the tower.

This is actually the most murderous warning.

However, the people on the two-leaf boat still had no movement.

The two-leaf small boats reached the gate leading to the moat in their increasingly tense and chilly eyes.

This gate is to control the water level of the moat is always higher than the outside river. When the gate is opened, the water flows like a flood to the river, so that even if a large number of enemy ships approach the city through the outer river, it will become upstream. Even rushed away in a flash.

At that time, the UFO fleet of the Daqin dynasty was traveling under water, and the hull of the armored ship was too heavy, and there were the yin shields of the practitioners of the Daqi dynasty. The destruction of the gate and the wall was not affected by the water flow.

However, today, when the two-leaf flat boats had not touched the Wanjun iron gate, the gate suddenly cracked.A lot of water rushed out of the sluice of the gate, and the power was even more terrifying than when the gate was fully opened.

Many pupils on the city wall contracted their pupils instantly, and the cold in the body instantly surged, but the two-leaf flat boat easily broke through the water, easily entered their sight again, and then continued to the south gate of the gate.

This silent and casual feeling makes people feel inexplicably dangerous, coupled with the previous destruction of the gate, the guards on the gate will no longer hesitate and directly issued several military orders.

A loud scream sounded.

Then the sound of drunkenness was completely submerged by a tidal wave of shattering air.

A faint green flame arrow instantly illuminated the gloomy sky outside this big city.

This is definitely not temptation.

This is one of the most powerful charms in the army of the Great Qin Dynasty, and it once appeared in the Lushan League.

"Each sword, don't waste your energy."

When the light of these faint green flame arrows just appeared behind the city wall, Ding Ning said this to Zhao Miao beside him.

"I'm first."

Zhao Miao nodded utterly, and then stepped directly towards the gate gate tower that was not far away.

The moment her feet detached from the hull, two footprints appeared at the bow of the boat under her, where she stood.

Two red footprints.

The hard wooden board has directly turned into fiery charcoal.

In the next moment, the sound of the boat beneath her disappeared, and turned into countless pieces of charcoal fire, and it skyrocketed!

The dark green flame arrows originally contained horrible heat, enough to burn the lava rock, but compared with these fiery red charcoal fragments, it was like the difference between the firewood that was about to be burned out and the blaze fired in the dan furnace.

There was a strange sigh in the air.

The heat in the flame arrows that fell like tide could not be condensed, but instead was evaporated like water droplets, and with the infinite heat, it spurted to the higher sky.

In the sky above this city wall, a huge fire cloud was instantly formed!

The sergeants and practitioners on the walls of the city were more chilly, but being scorched by this real enthusiasm was like falling into the scorching summer heat and sweating like rain.

"Mr. Zhao Si."

On the city wall, the practitioner's cold voice squeezed four words from his throat.