The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 779

Accompanied by Li Xiao, it was an extremely insignificant sword.

A hint of green appeared in Xu Fu's eyes.

This is a pale green sword light, very slender, but at the moment Xu Fu's perception is like a huge forest.

In his perception, this forest seems to continue to grow, becoming denser and denser, and even to cut off the world and cut off the connection between him and the tiger.

Without any hesitation, countless wind and thunder rang from the body of the tiger under his control.

Nothing has changed, this tiger guts just like the previous tiger guts, with an extremely simple and overbearing punch.

Boxing is the original primitive fighting method of human beings. It is not as good as using a sword, but it is more direct and easier to blast out the accumulated power in a flash.

In such battles, breaking the road with force is what Xu Fu thinks is the best way, so he does not need skills.

The power of this second-place tiger was stronger than that of the first-place tiger.

When he punched out, the light in the space in front seemed to be completely obliterated, dark.

However, in the dark, there are numerous silver light stars flashing again, like bringing out countless small stars, each with a power similar to a true meteor.

Such a force can destroy even a real mountain, let alone a forest.


The forest disappeared in an instant, and the broken vitality was blown up by fist like it was burning directly.

A blood mist sprayed from the lips and teeth of the masked woman in the green shirt. With the scattered vitality, she directly tore the veil on the face into small blood flocs and flew forward.

The leader of Changling couldn't stop such a punch. At this time, he should be proud of and proud of it. However, what really appeared in Xu Fu's heart at this time was a strong vigilance and fear.

The pupils of the third tiger standing next to him suddenly light up.

The power of this third tiger jade is more powerful than the first two tiger jades. The moment when the strange light flashes in his double pupils, the colorful color in his skin seems to become a rainbow, floating away come out.

Just by the fluctuation of his true yuan, in the air outside the third tiger, there suddenly appeared countless small eddies.

But in terms of the strength of the true yuan, among all the seven realm masters in the world, I am afraid that no one of the real yuan has this tiger.

In addition to the true element, his physical response also exceeded the limit that ordinary people can understand.

His right arm was raised at an unimaginable speed, and he was about to catch it.

However, his intention meant that it was not Baili Suxue and any other person, but where the first tiger was.

At this moment, a green light appeared in the throat of the first tiger.

This is a sword light, it feels like it came out from the body of the tiger, but the fact is that when everyone saw it, the green sword light has been cut through the neck of the tiger. , Revealed from the throat.

With a thud, Xu Fu and the third Hu Hu sounded a stun at the same time.

Xu Fu's eyes dimmed, his body fell slightly, and a layer of blood mist quietly oozed from his skin.

Several wrinkles suddenly appeared on his face, as deep as a knife.

The head of the first tiger was flying high, flying high, and turned into a black spot in the sky.

Baili Suxue looked up at the black spot in the sky, a strange look appeared on Leng Rongshuang's face, and at the same time said the two words "excellent".

Everyone present understood the meaning of these two words.

These two words of his words are awe-inspiring for the young woman in green shirt.

Xu Fu coughed lightly.

Every time he coughed, there was a layer of blood mist in his body skin.

His eyes fell on the young woman's face.

The face of this blue shirt woman is very beautiful, without scars.

"Pan Ruoye, I didn't expect to be you."

He shook his head and added another sentence: "I didn't expect you to be so strong."

This Qingshan woman is not Ji Qingqing, but Pan Ruoye.

At this time, Pan Ruoye was not able to respond, because she was coughing up blood constantly, unable to speak at all.

"What is it?"

Xu Fu raised his head a little harder, looked at Baili Suxue, and then asked seriously.

These tigers are equivalent to his avatars, but at the same time they are his mortal creatures. The strength of the tiger prism is originally that even if these tigers are killed, they will not be the same as when other mortal practitioners’ mortal creatures are destroyed. The air sea of ​​the practitioners caused serious damage.

However, Pan Ruoye's sword, when he beheaded the tiger, killed the strange tremor between the world and the world, and captured the slight connection between him and the tiger.

If the power of this sword is very much, then the killing of this tiger is actually at most one point of strength, and the remaining nine points are traced back to the source, as if directly slashed on his vitality.

By killing Hu Jin, I found Xu Fu’s invisible vitality running line between heaven and earth. This was already a gamble, and there was another place that Baili Suxue praised Pan Ruoye. One sword even brought the wrong perception to everyone present.

Not just Xu Fu itself, just at that moment, in everyone's perception, Pan Ruoye's sword intention was falling towards Xu Fu's own body.

She felt that she wanted to cut Xu Fu's head with a sword.

This illusion made Xu Fu's idea instantly control the tiger next to the third place and adopt a defensive position.Then when it was found that it was wrong, it was already one step slower.

However, no matter how wonderful Pan Ruoye's swordsmanship is, the two still differ greatly in pure power.

His punching power is still enough to kill Pan Ruoye.

So the expected result was that Pan Ruoye beheaded his tiger tiger, and at the same time he was killed by a punch.

However, Pan Ruoye is now alive.

Because when his fist annihilated the forest and rushed to Pan Ruoye's body, there was a very powerful force, even with a solemn sense of divine power, which emanated from Baili Suxue behind Pan Ruoye.

This force formed an invisible barrier, blocking most of his strength.

Baili Suxue's injury is not a disguise, otherwise if Baili Suxue can take the shot, then at the moment when Baili Suxue takes a sword, he will be killed.

So this should only be a thing on Bai Susu.

However, what is so powerful, so strong that he can stop such a blow?

At least in his knowledge, there is no such instrument in the world with such power.

There is absolutely no such thing in Minshan Jianzong.

In other words, this thing was not there when Baixue Xuexue entered the palace, otherwise Zheng Xiu was already dead.