The Sword Dynasty

780 Revenge of the Queen

Baili Suxue was as cold as frost, did not answer Xu Fu's question, but just gave him a cold look.

Everyone present saw what he meant.

This means that he will not tell Xu Fu the answer.

If Xu Fu really wants to know, then he can try again.

There are only two possible results.

If this thing on Baili Suxue could no longer exert that kind of power, Xu Fu could kill Baili Suxue and others.

But if that thing only has the power to block Xu Fu's full shot, then Xu Fu, who was seriously injured, will be killed.

Baili Suxue threw this question, it depends on whether Xu Fu dare to gamble.

Xu Fu fell silent.

The severely wounded night policy is cold, the severely injured Pan Ruoye, and the Baili Suxue he is staring at now.

The lives of these three people are a huge temptation for him.

Does he still have the right to gamble?

A hint of bitterness slowly appeared in the corner of his mouth, rippling.

The starting point for both parties is not fair.

If Baili Suxue and others are dead, Ding Ning is surrounded by Lin Zhuojiu, Chang Sun Qingxue, Dantai Guanjian, Zhao Jianlu, Bai Shanshui...and many others The guru was on his side.

But if he died, who else was around Yuanwu?

In this life, he spent several times as much time as others in practice, and with the power of abandonment he possessed the power to fight against several of the world's top powerhouses.If he is going to die, he will surely die in a situation that he can completely control, a kind of more valuable battle.

"There are too many unexpected."

After a few breaths, he slowly raised his head and whispered in a light tone: "You won this time."

Baili Suxue looked at him quietly and said, "This time you lose, you may never win me again."

Xu Fu has decided to leave, which is already the best result for Baili Suxue. At this time, his words, falling in the ears of others, are stimulating Xu Fu, which seems a bit stupid.

"You don't need to destroy my state of mind, plant the seeds of failure in my heart." Xu Fu stared at Bai Li Su Xue's cold and provocative eyes and shook his head indifferently: "Just as before, you see that the tiger and tiger technique can still not destroy me. The state of mind is average, you should be able to imagine what kind of firm mind you need to achieve today’s cultivation and strength. You should also understand that this world has unlimited possibilities, not just like you and Wang Jing The world of geniuses like dreams. Who can decide the real victory or defeat until the end?"

"Some things have nothing to do with talents and spiritual practice. If you want to repay you, you decide what you want to do, not just the victory of someone alone." Looking at Xu Fu who had turned around, Baili Suxue followed lightly. Said: "With more help and less help, you should know this simple truth better than me."

Xu Fu did not respond anymore.

The figures of him and Hu Yan quickly disappeared into the forest above.

Countless yellow leaves fluttered again, cutting off all traces of his breath.

"What is it?"

The day calmed down completely. Pan Ruoye approached Baili Suxue and Ye Celen with some difficulty, and asked softly.

Only she felt the most clearly. The power with a sacred taste was gentle to the extreme. It was so strong that there was no violence at all, and there was only a compassionate blessing.

Although it was the same question as Xu Fu, Bai Suxue quickly gave the answer.

"It's Nine Eyes Dzi Bead, the magical weapon of the Empress Dowager Wu's body." His tone was filled with emotion and full of respect.

Ye Celen and Pan Ruoye glanced at each other, and the same meaning rose in their eyes.

They did not know what had happened in Wu Family, they did not know that one of the thirteen princes of Daqin had fallen, but they all knew that the real woman in Wu Family was very old, and She was not originally the top practitioner.

However, such a powerful body-protecting magic weapon left the old woman and crossed thousands of mountains and rivers to reach Baili Suxue.

What kind of wisdom and courage is this?

What's more, she couldn't predict that Baili Suxue would be assassinated by someone like Xu Fu.

In a sense, she needs such a thing to defend herself more than Baili Suxue.

Ye Celen and Pan Ruoye were silent, but their eyes fell on Baili Suxue.

What they want to know now is that these nine-eyed dzi beads have no power to stop Xu Fu's blow.

"The vitality and strength of the Nine Eyes Sky Beads do not come from our side, but from the stars outside the sky."

Baili Suxue looked at the two of them calmly and said, "Only when the stars interacting with these nine-eye dzi beads move to a fixed position within a year, can the nine-eye dzi beads naturally attract that The powerful vitality brought by the stars vitality."

Ye Ce sneered.

For practitioners of her realm, Bai Suxue's sentence has been answered clearly.These nine-eyed dzi beads have only one chance to be used once a year. When the energy stored in them is completely excited, they can only wait for a certain moment of the year to re-absorb the star energy.

So if Xu Fu forced to give it a try, then they would really die here.

However, they won.

The more such a victory, the more happy she is.

"Wu's revenge will not be limited to this." At this moment, Baili Suxue suddenly said this again.

Ye Celen and Pan Ruoye were both stunned, neither of whom understood.

"Wu's eyes must have been revenge since ancient times, especially after she came to power, it has reached the extreme. This time Zheng Xiufa Wu's, Wu's died so many people, wouldn't she start crazy revenge?"

Baili Suxue looked at the two of them and said, "With the Bashan Sword Field Alliance, the Nine Eyed Dzi Bead was brought to me. For her, I am afraid it is only a very small part of revenge."

Ye Celen and Pan Ruoye frowned deeply at this moment.

Revenge about the lives and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people will be unimaginable.

"As for bringing Nine Eyes Dzi Beads here, she also has a layer of intentions." Baili Suxue looked up at Chudu's direction and said, "She hopes to join forces with us and Ding Ning. I realized the unique connection between the nine-eyed dzi and the star vitality. Zheng Xiu’s strength comes from the constant understanding and application of the star vitality."

"Although I don't know where her other revenge is, but this alone is already fierce enough." Ye Ce shook his head coldly and couldn't help saying.

Zheng Xiu is almost the only practitioner in this world who uses the stars to fight, if her strongest means are fundamentally broken, what is left of her?

And Baixue Xue and Ding Ning...

Ye Celen thought of the silhouette of the old man, his eyes blurred inexplicably.

Baili Suxue and the former Wang Jingmeng have never joined forces.Such two people really joined forces, she felt that there was nothing impossible to do.