The Sword Dynasty

782 Cold Palace

When many Qin people left Chu Capital in an endless stream and boarded those big ships that were on the shore, in a dark mountain forest far from Chu, there was a young practitioner sitting on thick rot leaves.

Decaying and humid forests are the most prone to breeding poisonous insects, and the heat of the practitioner's body means foreign bodies to these poisonous insects, especially for some more unique poisons, this heat means food.

A viper with a thick arm slipped quietly from a dead tree above the young practitioner.

The color of its scales keeps changing with the surrounding environment, and it looks gray when it is on dead wood. When it is close to the yellow or gray leaves on the ground, the scales on the body become a mixture of yellow and gray.

It has a small short corner on top of its head, and occasionally reveals a glimmer of light in a dark environment, as if there is a gem in it.

It is obviously not an ordinary poisonous insect, but it is a pity that its spirit is still not high.

When he felt the breath of fresh flesh and blood, his scarlet snake eyes were full of greed, but he did not realize that there were many strange "dead woods" among the dead leaves around the young practitioner.

These "dead woods" are the corpses of some poisonous insects, just because these poisonous insects are like air-dried, losing all the water in the body, and becoming distorted, even the dry body exudes rotting. The smell of decay like a dead branch, so it didn't attract any attention at all.

When the poisonous snake fell quietly on the young practitioner’s head and unguardedly opened his mouth towards the young practitioner’s spirit, a small figure appeared on the young practitioner’s back. Black flame.

This tiny black flame is like a ray of residual smoke that burns to the very end when a candle burns to the end.

However, this tiny black flame directly split into two strands like life, and rushed into the nose of this poisonous snake.

At the next moment, the viper flew out, and the moment of landing was already stiff, and then with the continuous twisting of the body, the silky black gas continued to flow out, along the gap between the dead leaves on the ground, and continued towards the ground. The body of the young practitioner is flowing.

After the time of counting the interest, the viper also turned into an obscure "dry branch" on the ground.

Over time, such poisons continued to appear in the forest, but the result of their emergence was the same as this poisonous snake, which became a "dead branch" piled up around this young practitioner.

When the twilight came and the breathing rhythm of the young practitioners began to change, countless shimmering black irritations suddenly appeared in the depths of the fallen leaves accumulated in this forest, and then turned white instantly when contacted with the air, just like this Numerous shiny white mushrooms suddenly formed on the ground in the forest, and then all the yin qi converged into a stream, inhaling along the young practitioner's breath, all toward the young practitioner's qi sea, instantly sucking in .

The amount of these yin qis is enough to shock all Qi practitioners who practice the yin gods and ghosts. Compared with this one-time yin qi, the venom of the poisons that appeared before is just like a gluttonous meal. Appetizer before the feast.

The young practitioner slowly opened his eyes and stood up.

His left hand was crippled, like a dry branch on the ground, twisted dry, but his right hand held a black bone tightly.

This young practitioner is naturally Su Qin.

Su Qin took a deep breath, while holding the black bones close to his body, the air in the forest had become extremely clean, the dark and corrupt smell had completely disappeared, but he felt a A decaying smell.

It was just that he didn't care, but there was a contented smile on the corner of his mouth.

In the world of practitioners, in addition to some elixir that directly improves cultivation and powerful exercises that can do more with less, the most important thing is the practice experience.

Among the twelve witch gods, he got the most suitable exercises for him. In the Chu Palace, he got a lot of resources that allowed him to quickly improve his cultivation practice. The next thing he lacked most was the experience of practicing the Yin God Ghost Technique.

The black bone fragment in his hand records all the practice experience of the Qisi people and the most powerful means of fighting the enemy.

Among them are some practice skills that can quickly enhance his strength, or shortcuts.

In the past days, he picked out some of the most needed shortcuts...Because of the detailed introduction of the gez master, he was enlightened without any obstacles.Now every breath after every practice, he can feel that he is more powerful than before.

This extremely amazing feeling of increasing power is too wonderful, and in the entire world of practitioners, I am afraid that no second person will have such an experience.

His current mountain is already in the Qi realm.

The mountains in Qijing are mostly gloomy, especially in ancient times Qijing likes to bury people in the mountains, so most of the mountains in Qijing are actually cemeteries for a long time.

Su Qin expected that this is also the reason why practitioners in the Qi realm are naturally suitable for practicing the law of Yin, Shen, and ghosts, because there is no lack of practice.

But is this the real reason why he came to Qi Jing through Chu Realm?

Prior to this, all of Su Qin's thoughts were on the bone piece passed to him by the Qis. He continued to enlighten and practice, and he continued to walk like a nightmare. It seemed that he came here naturally. Subconsciously, he just thought he could get rid of Zheng Xiu's control no longer needs to return to Chudu.In particular, he no longer wanted to make Zheng Xiu stronger. Without returning to Chudu, he no longer needed to give Zheng Xiu the skill of Wu Wu.

Although the Baishan water has not yet been returned to him, he knew that Baishan Water would definitely give it.It just seems unnecessary now.

However, in today's day, several methods recorded on the bone fragments granted by the Nazis come to an end. When standing in this forest and looking towards the distance, when he saw the mountains in the distance, he saw the mountains in the distance. Some lights vaguely identified the direction.

He suddenly awoke to why he kept coming here.

Because it's like an unfinished destiny.

The deepest subconscious in his heart has been telling him that there is someone to kill here, and he will gain more powerful force more quickly.

In the direction of the lights he looked at, it was the ancestral temple of the Qi dynasty.

The ancestral temple of the Qi dynasty is actually a remote place, which is equivalent to the cold palace of the emperor.

In the history of the Daqi dynasty, there was only one role. The emperor's banned emperor made him reflect.

But in fact, all the abolished emperors were sent to the ancestral temple, and they all ended in depression or were secretly killed.

Now in that ancestral temple, Qi Emperor who had given way was living.