The Sword Dynasty

787 Killing Li

In the garden outside his study, a drop of crystal dew rolled on the leaves of an orange tree.

This crystal dewdrop is extremely pure and refracts the first ray of sunlight that has just fallen from the sky. It trembles in the breeze and emits many colors, giving a feeling of vitality.

He couldn't help but like it.

But just between his thoughts, the dewdrop, just like knowing his love, gently detached from the leaves, passed through the thin morning mist, and flew towards him.

With a crunch, he was inexplicably shocked, and the window mullions were naturally swayed by the breath of his body, and the crystal dewdrop fell into his palm like life.

Cold and real.

Zhang Yi looked at the dewdrop in his palm and was even more shocked. The tremor in the palm of his hand made the edge of the dewdrop no longer round and splashed countless tiny waves.

He could hardly believe the picture he saw in his eyes.

If the mindfulness of the practitioner reaches a certain level, it can indeed attract the flow of the world's vitality, thereby driving these natural things.

When powerful practitioners ingest a lot of vitality from between heaven and earth, it is not a wonder that scrolling wind and rain, and even scrolling heavy earth and stone.

However, the point is that inadvertently, Feng Qingyun took a drop of dew into the hand with his mind. During the flight of this dew, the shape of the dew did not change. This soft and clear process, at least he It was impossible before.

There is only one possibility for this change, that is, his perception, or other different descriptions of the practitioner's world, such as mindfulness, spiritual power, spiritual power...has been greatly enhanced.

When his mood calmed down slightly, he began to confirm that even the invisible winds in the air seemed sharper on the edges.

The boundary of perception is very vague. For a practitioner, the distance that perception can reach often comes from the fluctuation of the external energy. At most, how many feet outside can be sensed. This cannot be accurately measured, but When Zhang Yi now feels quietly, wherever his mind can reach, everything is more vivid and more real than before.

Often, only when the practitioner's cultivation is advanced to a large realm, will there be such obvious sudden changes.

"It turns out that the process of resolving this sign is a kind of practice?"

Zhang Yi reacted abruptly, and there was a lot of uneasiness in his heart.

Those charms in his perception world are like countless pieces of gray autumn frost, but the process of searching for the connection between those gray autumn frosts and solving their significations is like the spirit undergoing constant grinding and change in a unique world Must be constantly strong.

The more time it takes, the more patience you have to explore inside, and the perception becomes stronger unconsciously.

It was also at this moment that he understood why Zheng Xiu was in the twelve witchcraft exercises and needed this exercise alone.

All the other exercises of the twelve witch gods are the spirits of the yin gods and ghosts and must be rebuilt.The Xinghuo sword that Zheng Xiu repaired itself is the same as the existence of the twelve witch gods in this world.

The reason why she can be different from other practitioners, she can perceive and use the energy of the stars, is because her starfire sword itself has a unique way to pull the energy of the stars.Using those star powers to go back up, she can draw more star powers from the endless void.

If her perception can be greatly enhanced, then the place she can reach will be farther away, and there will be more stars to gather.

The most important thing is that she may be able to perceive the existence of more different types of star vitality, distinguish the nuances among them, and in the end may be able to use more types of star vitality.

In this way, her Sparkblade might be more powerful than one point or two points?

The reason why the ancestor Wu Wu was able to merge some of the stars and spirits in the spirits of the Yin Gods and ghosts to enhance his means is actually very simple and crude, because the perception is strong enough.

If his perception is several times stronger than that of ordinary practitioners, he will naturally be able to find out what he can use from the incomprehensible star power.

Thinking about this, Zhang Yi's hands and feet became more and more cold, and the white crystal hidden in his body seemed to become cold.

At this time, he didn't think he had contacted and learned a powerful method. He just wanted to let Baishanshui and Ding Ning know about it as soon as possible.

He felt that Bai Shanshui and Ding Ning would make up their minds, but did not expect that he might become very powerful.


What happened in Chudu is spreading all over the world at the fastest speed.

All practitioners who knew the news were shocked and speechless.

No one can still understand the practice of the nine dead silkworm itself. At that time, Wang Jingmeng even burned his qi and blood, and left nothing, why can he still be reborn with the help of this practice?

However, everyone can be sure that under the world, except Wang Jingmeng, there can be no second person who can challenge a city alone and can fight countless practitioners with one person.

The world sword head is really back.

And as more and more details spread, all the practitioners and dignitaries who heard the news turned their attention to the remote Changling.

The most well-known strong men seem to have gathered around Ding Ning.

How will the masters of Changling, Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu respond?

They seem to have to take some action and quickly launch some counterattacks, otherwise more and more people will join the camp of Bashan Jianchang like those of Chu Du who originally belonged to the Qin army.


West field outside Changling City, Lishan.

A very large area, a palace surrounded by mountains is being built.

On a hill overlooking the palace, there are many white sheep running, and there is a young shepherdess who is looking at the palace under construction thoughtfully.

This shepherdess dresses casually, but if anyone who has participated in the Minshan Sword Society sees her, she will be surprised.

Because she is Jing Liuli.

Li Si, who was about to kill, was in that palace these days.

She has been observing in these hills for a long time, and is sure that Li Si has been responsible for supervision and will not leave for the time being. At the same time, she also wonders where is the chance that she can kill Li Si?

The news of Chudu has spread. She has determined that her master Baili Suxue is safe, and Ding Ning's cultivation behavior has been stronger than she thought, especially her grievances with Baishanshui and Zhao Jianlu have been eliminated.

So in her opinion, the matter of killing Li Si became more urgent.

First of all, this palace occupies a wider area than the current Imperial City, and there must be hidden secrets. Secondly, she followed Ding Ning for a long time, knowing that Ding Ning will definitely seize the opportunity, and will use continuous means to continuously give Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu a heavy blow.

If she can kill Li Si at this time, that meaning is particularly important.