The Sword Dynasty

789 Real Break

Du Gubai didn't speak any more and started to hold the soup by himself. Then he broke a white steamed bun and put it in the soup, slowly eating it.

In fact, even if he and Jing Liuli guessed exactly, even if a grandmaster had a big problem, even if he was injured and could not exert his normal strength, he was still a grandmaster.

In the end it will still face the crushing of pure power.

Many times, the counterattack when a seven-story guru is dying is especially terrifying.

To kill the existence of Li Si, but in the end, he can survive, which is much more difficult than the fairness than the sword to defeat a seven realm.

Du Gubai admitted that Jing Liuli was definitely the strongest genius in Changling, but he still had no confidence in Jing Liuli.

"Don't forget a little."

After eating a bowl of steamed buns, he looked at Jing Liuli and reminded: "Li Si is Zheng Xiu's man, even if you can really find out his flaws quickly, when the last time you want to kill him, you should still Facing Zheng Xiu's Sparkblade."

"No one is more important to Zheng Xiu than Li Si." Du Gu Bai added after a pause: "Zheng Xiu can no longer lose such an important partner, she will definitely go all out. So in the end, you are equivalent to Facing Zheng Xiu's blow."

Jing Liuli frowned deeply, and even stopped taking a sip of soup.

She had previously considered only spiritual practice and issues related to Li Si itself, and indeed did not take this into account at all.

In theory, even if she suddenly breaks through the seven realms, she can't resist a sword like Zheng Xiu.

"Why didn't you say it earlier?" After a moment, she looked slightly down, put down the bowl and looked up at Du Gu Bai.

Du Gu Bai was a little helpless and said softly: "I'm afraid that it will affect your fighting intentions, not to mention that the Sect Master Baili feels that you have a way, how can I say more. I think if you can't even find it at all, you will not at all You won’t get there and you don’t need to remind you.”

"You are wrong." Jing Liuli shook his head and said straightforwardly: "If it is impossible to resist Zheng Xiu's sword, it means that all the previous ideas have entered a dead end, and all the ideas from the beginning wrong."

Du Gu Bai was a little stunned.

Jing Liuli smiled self-deprecatingly, "I am too stupid to understand the true meaning of Master. Whether Master or Ding Ning has told me a lot of things, even if they understand, they will not tell me clearly, because if Without thinking about the process of progress, you will lose your instincts for self-learning. No matter how good your talents are in the end, they are beyond everyone's ability. I couldn’t avoid Zheng Xiu’s sword from the beginning, so with my current cultivation practice, I should start on this sword.”

Du Gu Bai is not stupid, he heard the meaning of Jing Liuli a little, and was a little speechless in surprise: " have to use Zheng Xiu's sword to kill Li. think?"

Jing Liuli laughed: "It should have been this way, Li Si himself, should not resist Zheng Xiu's full sword."

Du Gubai's thinking still can't keep up, "But if Li Si is not driven to the end, he doesn't ask Zheng Xiu to make a sword with his breath, how can he use Zheng Xiu's sword? And how can he make Zheng Xiu's spark Sword beheaded him?"

Jing Liuli looked at him without replying.

Because she knew that Du Gu Bai only couldn't turn around in an instant, he could immediately come up with an answer to this question.

Sure enough, it was only a breathing time, and Du Gubai reacted and took a breath. "You mean, imitating that air machine, causing Zheng Xiu to feel wrong?"

Jing Liuli nodded.

Du Gu Bai was a little calmer, but he couldn't help but say: "But this is even more difficult than realizing a practice. Li Si has a Qi machine that has a unique induction with Zheng Xiu in his body, and he is still alive. Next, you imitate his dying gas engine, and at the same time make Zheng Xiu think that Li Si is an enemy, which is incredible."

"It is absolutely impossible for ordinary people, but I am Jing Liuli, and I am also a true disciple of Baixue Xuexue."

Jing Liuli said this sentence in the most common tone.

The pride that can't be said in this sentence, but in her view, it is an ordinary fact.

"I now finally understand why Master Zun used to practice some methods that seemed to me useless when he was in the Sword Sect of Minshan in the past. It turned out that many years ago, he had already begun to prepare to break Zheng Xiu's spark sword. "

Before Du Gubai had not fully recovered, she whispered with unlimited respect: "After Bashan Jianchang captured Jiaodong County, I thought that killing Li Si, the most important Da Qin for Zheng Xiu The prime minister was the biggest blow to Zheng Xiu, but now I finally understand that breaking this spark sword is the biggest blow to Zheng Xiu. When Li Si was killed, she should understand what happened. What people are afraid of is the ubiquitous, sudden arrival of the Starfire Sword, but from now on, where she can’t see it with her own eyes, does she dare to use the Starfire Sword? A Minshan Jianzong disciple like me broke her Starfire Sword, who else can she protect with the Starfire Sword?"


It was Solitary Solitary who swallowed hard.

At this time, Du Gubai could not use words to describe his mood.

He couldn't help but think of the ghost dragon flying over the Changling City.

This reminded him again that from the time Wang Jingmeng died in Changling, Baixue Xuexue had used all his energy to revenge Wang Jingmeng.

It turned out that from that time on, Baixue Xuexue had thought of going to the palace and breaking Zheng Xiu's spark sword.

Just to break the Starfire Sword, I have to clean up the practitioners with talents like Liuli who are still above him, plus some unexpected things, causing the time in his plan to be a bit messy, otherwise it may be Minshan Jianzong first Breaking the star fire sword, and then Baili Suxue really went to the palace to kill Zheng Xiu successfully.

Baili Suxue is undoubtedly one of the most powerful practitioners of this era, but what excites him more is his friendship with Wang Jingmeng.

It is this most sincere friendship that has made Bai Suxue do these things for so many years.

He admired that he should have such friends in his life.

"I have figured out a way, but whether it is to enlighten this spirit machine or to get a better chance to deal with him from some of his habits, there must be a chance to approach him." Jing Liuli looked at the thoughtful solitary solitary and said : "Now it's time to venture close to Li Si, we must move to the friend in the palace."

Du Gubai didn't think about it, and said naturally: "I'm with you."