The Sword Dynasty

790 Good Idea

The news that has been circulating outside is very unfavorable to the elite of Changling.

Most of the current interests of these dignitaries come from the accident in Changling more than a decade ago. If Bashan Jianchang will eventually recover Changling, they will definitely lose everything.

The Royal Palace was the center of Changling's rule. However, during this time, the Royal Palace was much more stable, or more aptly described as more peaceful.

The emperor had not yet returned in Guanzhong, and the Emperor Yuanwu retired immediately after returning.

The war of Qin Chu has ended. Without intensive ordering, the Korean officials were not as nervous as usual.

For the maidens and waiters in the deep palace, there was no such disturbing hiss in the middle of the night.

The young prince Hu Hai recovered very well. Not only did he stop having the kind of continuous mid-night alarm and frequent dreams, but even his temperament became much more moderate, no longer as violent and moody as before.

To a certain extent, his character is a bit like Prince Fusu.

Naturally, all the credit for this treatment is attributed to physician Han Yuchun.

For this doctor who cured himself, Hu Hai had great respect and even relied on it.

No one in the palace knew that this so-called Handi medical sage was actually replaced by Zhao Gao. In the eyes of everyone, this is a Handi who has never practiced, or is simply unable to practice.Changling advocates bravery, and sometimes there is an unnatural lack of respect for some weak literati who have no force.

For this, Hu Hai, who has become docile, has reacted violently.

Some time ago, a guard in the palace and an officer of the Shendujian had not respected Zhao Gao, which caused Hu Hai to furious. Then the guard and the officer of Shendujian disappeared from Changling forever.

After these things happened, everyone in the palace, including some important officials, naturally dared not slow down Zhao Gao.

Some of these keen people are even more awakened. During this time, Crown Prince Hu Hai seems to have unknowingly started to intervene in many things, and has the support of many people.

To put it simply, this prince, who doesn't appear in the eyes of everyone except the name, has really appeared on the stage of the nobles, playing the role of long-sleeved dance.

Born to have the status of a prince, it is very simple to envelop the power and make some people obedient, but it is subtle, and it is difficult to achieve this slowly without the majority of people noticing.

So the doctor he depends on is not easy.


The sky is as dark as night, and a storm will cover the Changling Tomb.

Shen Jianshen, Chen Jianshou, looked at the imperial city as if caught in a demon world through the curtain in the carriage.

It was such a weather when Ce Leng returned from overseas.

There is not much weather like this in a year.

In these days, the gods' prisons are arrogant and arrogant on the bright side. The old forces of the prison guards have been wiped out in Changling.

This is not only because the Supervision Division has always been an enemy of the God Capital, but also that, after the Supervision Division has been removed, the Superpowers now possess more powerful power than before. I don’t know how much.

If it is about pure power, the horse and horse division will naturally be higher than the supervising prison and the former supervising division, because the former commands all the troops and has more practitioners, but the things about tracking and investigating the practitioners are all gods. The Jian and Jiantian Divisions are completed. The Shendu Jian and Jiantian Divisions deal with the world of practitioners.There is an essential difference between the two.

The world of the practitioners is more complicated and mysterious. After so many years as the leader of the god capital, Chen Jianshou naturally formed a sense of smell and intuition that ordinary people do not have.

Zhao Gao's disguised Han Yuchun had no problems with the data, but that kind of unique intuition made Chen Jianshou sure that Zhao Gao had absolutely problems.

It's just that no one knows that, when Ye Celing escorted Baili Suxue away from Changling, all the starting points for his work have changed.

God’s prison has given everyone the feeling that it is still taking on the role of the most important invisible wall in Changling, and still arresting many dangerous prisoners, but only he really knows that he catches small fish, those The big fish who can really affect the situation, he just looked at it quietly.

Today's weather is abnormal, and it just happens that something big is about to happen.

Because he didn't contact the doctor, but the doctor found him.

A carriage belonging to the doctor of the imperial city drove out of the imperial city and came to the side of the carriage where he was when the raindrops began to fall.

Zhao Gao did not get off, nor did Chen Jianshou get off. Even when the carriages were parked together, neither side raised the curtain.

"Many dignitaries in Changling have noticed me, but you kept a distance from me, which is unreasonable and suspicious, so I came to see you." Zhao Gao's voice first sounded, and he gently passed into Chen Jianshou 'S pinna, "So even if I take the initiative, in the eyes of others, it's you who asked me to talk."

Chen Jian's first eyebrows in the shady compartment slightly raised, and there was no response.

"Shen Xuan had discussed things with Ye Ce-Leng, including his ability to leave Changling safely, and arrangements for Ye Ce-Leng to supervise Tian Si." Zhao Gao said softly directly, "If you are on Ye Ce-Leng's side , Then you are with me."

Chen Jianshou's face did not change, saying: "You are very frank, but if there is no big deal, you don't have to risk telling me this."

Zhao Gao nodded and said, "Jing Liuli found a way to kill Li Si, but she needs to be close to Li Si for a while. I need your help in this matter."

What he said was very sharp.

He did not explain why Jinglili killed Li Si, how to find a way to kill Li Si, including why he must be close to Li Si for a while, etc.

But Chen Jianshou didn't ask much, but thought for a moment of silence and said: "I can think of a way."

Zhao Gao then said: "She is in Lishan, and I will send a message to tell her about this."

Chen Jianshou did not struggle with this matter, he just asked a question he wanted to know: "What are you doing next to Hu Hai, or what is the next big thing you want to do next?" ?"

"Since Minshan Jianzong and Jing Liuli will remove Li Si, then I will find a way to remove Yan Xiang." Zhao Gao replied very peacefully: "If there are no two phases, I want to try to become a new one Prime Minister Qin."

It became impossible for a doctor to become Prime Minister Qin Cheng's daydream.

However, Chen Jianshou lowered his head slightly and thought about it. When the carriage started to leave, he responded softly: "Good idea."