The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 791: High Weight

Zhao Gao calmly returned to the palace.

He is still a physician in the Changling Palace, and he does not have any other official positions. However, he is one of the people who is most familiar with the means of Jiaodong County. When Ce Leng left Changling that night, Ye Celen left Jiantian Si Given it, he actually became the secret master of Jiantiansi.

Under the cleanup of the God Capital, it seems that Jian Tiansi has disappeared, but in his hands, in fact, he grew in the darkness and renewed his vitality.

Starting from today's conversation, he will also receive the support of the god prison.

In the eyes of Changling's dignitaries, Jiantiansi and Shendujian themselves hold the darkest power in the world of Changling practitioners. It would be terrifying to support a dignitarian at the same time.

And he now also represents Prince Hu Hai, and he has also started to cultivate his own strength in various divisions.

In addition, not long ago, he also received a message from Bashan Jianchang in Jiaodong County.

Between the cities in Changling, Ding Ning also gave him a liaison.

This man was originally a subordinate of Wang Taixu, which means that news and changes between the lowest cities in Changling will also be heard in his ears.

There has not been any dignitaries in Changling's history. They can own these eyes and ears from top to bottom and have so much support.

Zhao Gao returned to the palace and entered the palace of Hu Hai in the rain.


While seeing Zhao Gao, Hu Hai cried out in awe and joy.

Zhao Gao waved his hand, instructing him not to lose his gaze, but at the same time he just instructed a few words, "You need new practitioners, the current guards, originally belonged to the ladies in the palace or the guests behind your mother, not yours. Sweetheart. Also, you are going to Lishan recently to meet Li Si."

Hu Hai nodded and said, "Mr. Quan Ting said."

Zhao Gao turned around and looked at the heavy rain outside, whispering expressionlessly: "I have arranged it."

In the torrential rain, many messengers dressed in bright yellow robes have been walking around the Changling tomb.

In Changling in the old days, those practitioners wearing earthy robes meant Jiaodong County, which meant the family members of Empress Zheng Xiu.

And not long ago, he has made people gradually develop a habit, these messengers dressed in bright yellow robes, means the second prince in the palace.

These messengers left the city before the rain fell, carrying him different command lines.

This means that Zhao Gao never thought that Chen Jianshou would refuse.

He was expressionless at the moment, but his eyes were full of confidence and courage.

When he gave up his cultivation practice and ceased to be a practitioner, his life suddenly seemed to be fragile and lowly. However, he found that he seemed to have more determination to burn jade and stone, but made him more brave.


A messenger wearing a bright yellow robe, holding a butter paper umbrella, came to the mountains in the countryside of Changling.

This area is difficult to even ride horses and horses, especially after the rain, it is rare to be traced. However, it is because of the cleanliness, so it has gathered many long-established practice sites.

For example, Dajue Sword Academy, Suxin Jianzhai.

The messenger walked through a very old pine forest, stepped on the stone steps, and came to the mountain gate of Suxin Jianzhai.

Suxin Jianzhai does not occupy a large area. There are dozens of buildings, but the valley where it is located is very spiritual. This valley is flat, with streams flowing and some famous trees growing.On a cliff at the back, however, vigorous cypress grew.

The pines and cypresses on these cliffs do not know how many years they have grown, just like the dragons are twisted in the air, and the branches are lush, and they cover most of the valley from the air.

At this time, although the torrential rain was like rain, the rain line falling from high altitude was the first to hit the cypresses, and a layer of white rain mist bloomed, and a cloud of white was formed above the cypresses.Under the pine and cypress, there are many thin streams flowing like white silk threads on the building tiles below.

It was a torrential rain with great momentum. After these pine and cypresses were covered and filtered, they naturally reduced their maliciousness and became beautiful.

This messenger was also the first time to come to Suxin Jianzhai in the rainy weather. Looking at this picture, he stopped in front of the mountain gate. Looking up, his eyes were full of surprise.

In Suxin Jianzhai, it seems to be empty, as if no one is there.

However, the practice site naturally has its own defense laws. When the messenger approached the previous pine forest, Su Xin Jian Zhai actually already knew the person's arrival.

Just in the breathroom where the messenger stopped to raise his head to watch the rain, there were two more well-dressed saber women at the gate of the mountain.

The messenger saw the two Suxin Jianzhai practitioners who appeared, left their eyes in the rain scene with reluctance, and then smiled slightly, did not speak, but raised a sign representing identity in Yang's hand.

The two women obviously did not have much experience in this area. Looking at the decree representing the Changling Palace, they were at a loss for a while. They even forgot that they were the masters here, and did not ask the messenger's intentions for the first time.

The messenger didn't care either, and he smiled lightly, opening the door and saying straight away: "I want to see Xia Wan."

The two women were stunned, but their faces looked strange.

Xia Wan itself is the most famous female student of Suxin Jianzhai, and her practice talent is very famous in Changling. She was selected by Suxin Jianzhai to participate in the Minshan Sword Society, and she did not perform well in the Minshan Sword Society. Vulgar, even Zhang Yi left Minshan Jianhui in the end and left a letter to say that it was not as good as Xia Wan.In the end, Xia Wan became one of the ten people who stayed with Jianzong in Minshan to study.

However, the problem lies here.

At that time, the world didn't know that Ding Ning was Wang Jingmeng's rebirth, but Queen Zheng Xiu didn't like everyone in Baiyangdong. She didn't want Ding Ning to win the first place of Minshan Sword Club and made a lot of arrangements, but in the end Ding Ning rebelled against her intentions. Won the first place.

The future of Xu Lihua, Xia Wan, Yi Xin, and others who were on the side with Ding Ning in the Minshan Sword Society would naturally have some problems.

If Minshan Jianzong is still there, then everything will be taken care of by Minshan Jianzong. However, before the great change of Minshan Jianzong, it should be Baili Suxue who had an idea and feared that many ordinary students would be implicated. Xie Rou, who became his personal disciple, stayed at Jianzong Minshan. These people only got a short period of practice and had already returned to the practice areas.

After these people returned to the places where they practiced, their experiences were already subtle.

Especially when Zheng Xiu's iron fists later convinced all the practice sites in Changling, all these sects, when they succumbed, the person in charge of the sect had naturally become someone who cares about Zheng Xiu's meaning.

In addition to Xu Lihua and Du Gubai's extraordinary family, the experience was slightly better, but the experience of these other people was very unsatisfactory.

The two female students of Suxin Jianzhai who guarded the mountain gate were also students of the same period as Xia Wan. As far as they knew, after Xia Wan returned to the mountain gate, he was deliberately "no one asked" for a long time, and then After Zheng Xiu mobilized many practitioners of Suxin Jianzhai on the battlefield, the practitioners of Suxin Jianzhai were sent to the most dangerous places as well as those who disobeyed her meaning.

Su Xin Jian Zhai's practitioners suffered heavy casualties, and Zong Men's face towards Xia Wan was even worse.

But the Zongmen dare not dare to send Xia Wan to the frontier battlefield. For fear that it was a dragon entering the deep sea, if Xia Wan defected and fled, it would be more difficult to explain to the Changling Palace.

Therefore, those in power of Zongmen handed over many heavy chores to Xia Wan, deliberately tortured, Xia Wan was quiet in the Zongmen, not to mention, the situation is almost the same as the miscellaneous.

The two female students who guarded the mountain gate actually had some sympathy for Xia Wan. At this time, they were extremely worried. For fear that Xia Wan had suffered such a torture, he was still remembered by the Changling Palace and suffered more terrible things.