The Sword Dynasty

795 Her Proof

Chen Ling couldn't respond, she couldn't speak at all.

In the past period of time, she was able to get to this position, to a large extent, because she conformed to the wishes of some people in Chaotang and leaned towards Chaotang in the interests of Zongmen.

People like her are not as fair as the former teachers who took charge of Su Xin Jian Zhai.

This kind of selfishness is inevitable in itself, but she didn't expect that such private behavior would be known and would be publicly shaken on this occasion.

So far, she also felt that the messenger was very targeted at her.

She herself instantly reflected the reason.

Because of all the teachers in Suxin Jianzhai, she is the one with the worst attitude towards Xia Wan.Xia Wan was punished for doing chores here, which is what she meant.

This is obviously to be angry for Xia Wan.

But who wrote the letterhead to Xia Wan?What else is written in it?

Under the condition of excessive emotion, her thoughts were already very confused, not to mention that the messenger did not give her much time to think.

"Being fair is the most necessary means of servicing people in dealing with sect affairs. In addition, the future achievements of spiritual practice and the strength of combat are also indispensable measures. After all, my Changling respects martial arts. If a person in charge of a practice site is cultivated to a low level, the horizon will naturally be nowhere near, and the future of this sect will not be bright."

The messenger's sneer sounded again, and the voice continued to pass into the ears of everyone present, "So you may also question Xia Wan's combat power, and whether the second prince is too involved in your sect's internal affairs, then let Xia Wan proves it to you."

Xia Wan took a deep breath slowly. When the messenger started to make trouble, she had expected what would happen, so she was calm in her heart at this moment, and there was no accident.

"Actually, I have always hated you, but I was going to find a chance to challenge you after a while."

She looked at the abnormally pale woman with a pointed face and said, "I just didn't expect to come so fast."


Chen Ling was already shocked by the messenger's repeated words. When she suddenly heard Xia Wan's words, she was shocked and recovered.

"Xia Wan! Are you crazy?"

Two students of Suxin Jianzhai cried out at this moment.

These two students are the closest friends to Xia Wan, and they usually hate Chen Ling, who is so pretentious, but they subconsciously feel that even if Xia Wan has this messenger to support her, she cannot beat each other. .

Because Chen Ling has been stuck in the Six Realms for many years, but Xia Wan did not enter the Five Realms for long.

Xia Wan just glanced at them, nodded, and motioned them to be calm, and then turned to look at Chen Ling, and then to the occasionally falling silk rain above Chen Ling.

Her expression was very peaceful.

At this time, it is to give everyone a confident and powerful feeling.

Chen Ling gradually calmed down.

There was a hint of blush on her pale face, when an anger was forced to the end.

If this is to kill the chicken and the monkey, then who is the chicken that was killed?

After all, she was a practitioner in the Six Realms for many years. At this time, she was angry, and an invisible murderousness naturally emanated from her body, causing those who were weaker Suxin Jianzhai disciples to have difficulty breathing. feel.

However, Xia Wan seemed unaware.

She naturally raised her right hand.

While the right hand was across his chest, a sharp sword sound suddenly sounded in the air.

A white sword light broke through the window in her courtyard dwelling and flew into her hand.

An incredible exclamation sounded at this time.

Wujing Shennian, mastering flying swords is a method that can be used by all swordsmen who have reached Wujing, as long as it takes some time to practice.

So what shocked everyone at Suxin Jianzhai at this time was not related to the way she reached for her sword, but the white sword light.

The sword that fell into her hand was only three feet long, and the whole body was white, like the purest white snow, even the sword handle, and even the runes were missing.

However, the breath of this sword is extremely powerful, even more daunting than the suzerain sword of Su Xin Jian Zhai.

This sword looks like ice and snow, but it doesn't show the real chill. There is only a cold feeling, but it seems to make everyone naturally born in the body to drink a bowl of cold water in the cold winter. Feeling.

It felt like a constant reverberation between the chest and abdomen, as if it was directly invaded by some kind of sword, making people feel uncomfortable.

This sword does not belong to Su Xin Jian Zhai at all, but before that, no one has seen this sword.

Xia Wan put the sword in this residence, but when she recruited it, no one had felt the existence of the sword before.

Ignoring the eyes of everyone present at all, and giving no explanation at all.

Xia Wan gently held the sword, and then stared at Chen Ling without saying nonsense, "Please!"

"I let you do it."

The crystal rain line falling above was soft, but Chen Ling's voice was extremely dry and cold. She stared at Xia Wan's sword and said this.

This is not a big deal.

As a spiritual practitioner beyond a large realm, she must have such confidence, otherwise it is impossible to give full play to her usual combat power.

When the momentum is weak, Jianyi is weak.

There is no sword in her hand, waiting for Xia Wan to come out with the sword.

"Dang" a loud noise!

Directly interrupted the end of her sentence.

The eardrums of most of the Suxin Jianzhai disciples present were shocked, and the rainwater accumulated between the branches and leaves of the tall cypress on the cliff above the mountain did not know how many earthquakes flew out. , It was shaken into countless white powders and flew out in all directions.

This is just the sound of the snow-white short sword in Xia Wan's hands moving forward, banging in the air.

But such a sword, but in the air shot a huge trembling sound like the collision of two giant clocks!


Chen Ling stepped back and forth a few steps, his figure instantly swept back dozens of feet.

The trembling sound at this moment made her eyes dim, her heart was rippling, and at the same time seemed to jump out of her mouth!

Murong Xiu and several teachers of Suxin Jianzhai were also stunned by the sea, with incredible light in their eyes.


Not only these practitioners of Su Xin Jian Zhai, but also the messengers who lay their hands on the side are very surprised.

Although he didn't know the specific content on the letterhead at all, he knew very well. At this time, the sword used by Xia Wan was from the King Kong of Wei Difa Yinzong. Naruto can even drive the qi and blood agitation.

Come to think of it, this move should be a sword carved by Minshan Jianzong at the sword meeting at that time.

There is no change in the use of this sword. It must have nothing to do with Ding Ning's letterhead.

In the next moment, the messenger couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, but couldn't help but praise again in his heart.

Xia Wan didn't seem to want to use the three tricks taught by Ding Ning at all, but wanted to use his ability to win.