The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 796

Xia Wan can be sure that she can easily defeat Chen Ling in front of her by simply using the three tricks taught on her letterhead.

But how can I fight against others in my battle?

In her view, this kind of cross-border battle, as long as someone can do it before, then she can also try, and there may be many such moments in the future.

What's more, the other party made her a move, but she still had the sword brought back by Minshan Jianzong.

So she wants to use her own way to win this match.

The crackling sound of "chi".

Just as Chen Ling's figure retreated dozens of feet in an instant, Xia Wan had already moved forward sharply, and her second sword had come out.

A piece of white sword gas appeared in the air, countless tiny sword gas, falling into Chen Ling's body like a pervasive.

This sword is the "heart cold" of Su Xin Jian Zhai.

This trick is not a special secret sword, it is used by many people present, but everyone present feels that the sword of Xia Wan is more perfect than they can do.

All the people who were at the heart of the scene felt that this sword was Xia Wan's heart talk.

I am a genius enough to rank in the top ten of Changling, and I am willing to live in Suxin Jianzhai, just because this is the master, but the people in charge of the master are still chilling enough.


In front of Chen Ling was a crimson sword light.

This sword light is very beautiful, but it is also extremely dangerous. Only at the moment when the sound sounds, accompanied by a strong breath of life, will the white sword energy be shaken out.

But almost at the same time, Chen Ling also made an angry mumble.

Several strands of blood spattered from her body.

There are still a few sword lights that have not been swept away by her sword and fell on her.

Although she was hindered by her vitality, these sword qi could not penetrate deeply, and only a shallow wound was pierced on her body. However, she was Xia Wan's teacher after all, not to mention that Xia Wan's cultivation practice was separated from her by a big distance!

A feeling of extreme humiliation caused her anger and truth to burn completely.

All the consciousness in her mind is to fight back.

However, at this moment, dozens of mirror lights lit up in the air in front of her, just like suddenly dozens of mirrors stood in front of her at the same time, reflecting dozens of figures of Xia Wan.


Chen Ling Li Xiao made a loud noise, flatly slashing with a sword.

At this time, Xia Wan still used the sword style of Su Xin Jian Zhai.This sword style called "Mind Machine Mirror", which is refracted with sword energy, is used in this kind of battle that is weak and strong, so that the other party cannot grasp his true position.

However, with a weak battle, is she just a little stronger than Xia Wan?

In the face of such sword moves, she only needs to use the simplest sword style, relying on herself far beyond the powerful power of the other side.

The true element in her body flowed wildly along the sword body, and the sword gas emitted from her sword became larger and larger, turning into a rainbow of tens of feet, sweeping away, shredding all the mirror light .

Regardless of the casualties of this kind of sword, she wanted to come at this time, if this sword directly cut Xia Wan, it would be cut, too much scruples.

However, Jianhong did not see any blood.

What shocked her a little was that she saw that Xia Wan had already retreated to the distance in a light wind, and she had stood still at this time.

Looking at Xia Wan's posture even gave people the illusion that the two swords of the previous attack seemed to have nothing to do with Xia Wan at all, as if Xia Wan was a completely unrelated bystander.

At this moment, Chen Ling felt chills on his back.

Because she felt that Xia Wan's eyes fell behind her.

At this time Xia Wan had no sword in his hand.

In her subconscious mind, although Xia Wan retreated, the snow-white dagger in her hand might have turned into a flying sword, lurking behind her.

Her perception swept naturally behind her.

However, the rear is empty.

She Huo Ran looked up.

At this moment, the real sword intention came from above her head.

There was another crackling noise.

In her hands, a sharp sword-man's blaze shoots from the tip of the crimson natal sword, shining like a gem-like brilliance, accurately grasping the sword path of the sword falling in the air.

The moment she looked up, the scene she saw was that this crimson swordman hit a snow-white flying sword that fell sharply in the air.

However, except for the fierce breaking sound of her sword, there was no collision.

The snow-white flying sword, like a dream bubble, was cut by her sword and disappeared.

Chen Ling's abdomen was slightly cool.

At the moment of this electro-optical flint, she let out a wailing hiss, and her entire body bounced up at an alarming speed. The speed of terror even brought two dragon-like airflows under her feet.

Her body almost directly hit the pine cypresses in the sky.

A snow-white dagger flicked back to Xia Wan's side where she was originally.

On the tip of the snow-white short sword, a ray of red flows.

There was a little blood on Chen Ling's shirt.

As long as this sword is one inch deeper, it can directly break Chen Ling's qi sea.

Chen Ling's body was filled with a feeling of terrified back fear. The sweat on her back was rolling down like a paddle, and her heart was incredible.

This is Suxin Jianzhai's "Fascinating Sword", which is just a pseudo-obstructive method. It is also not a powerful secret sword. What is scary is that this snow-white flying sword is so hidden that she can't perceive it. .

Another scary thing is that Xia Wan seems to be only intentionally moving without any movement, so that her perception has deviated, thinking that Feijian is behind her.It was only this little difference in time that allowed her to flash the sword completely in the future.

"I really can't think of it. Letting you do some chores here will allow you to develop these means, but I still want to see if you have any chance of defeating me."

Chen Ling fell.

The sound of countless emotions rang in the air.

Her facial features are somewhat distorted, but the vitality released from her body is extremely pure.

She gripped her natal sword tightly, and surrounded the sword gas that was continuously released from the sword.

These pure sword qi formed a crimson light curtain on her body.

She fell to Xia Wan like this.

This is the natal sword account, the offensive and defensive are all in one, and all the tricks of the sword are abandoned.

Looking at the falling Chen Ling, everyone felt helpless.

Because in the battle between practitioners who are close to each other, even if the difference is not particularly large, no party will ever use such a method.

Such a method will consume a lot of true yuan and natal vitality in a short time, and the weaker side can find a chance to fight back as long as it can avoid or delay the time as much as possible, even if it is injured.

However, the difference between Zhenyuan Xiu of Xia Wan and Chen Ling is too great, that is, if you want to keep it, you can't escape it and keep it.

But no one thought it was unfair or shameless.

Because this is something that you will encounter when you cross the border.

Because there will be such a thing, before Wang Jingmeng appeared, all the practitioners' books also felt that there was no possibility of winning across the border.