The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 800

Xia Wan was just like that.

At the time of Xia Wan's breakthrough, Ding Ning and Baili Suxue and others had returned to Jiaodong County, far away from Changling.

Ding Ning could not see the changes of Xia Wan and others by his own eyes, nor could he sense the fluctuations of the world's vitality that were not strong when he broke through the six realms. do not worry.

Even in the era when Bashan Jianchang was at its peak, young practitioners with the talents of Xia Wan, Yi Xin, and Xu Lianhua were rare and rare.

But at that time, even if these young practitioners were the key cultivation objects of Bashan Jianchang, it was impossible to obtain such resources simply and rudely.

As a very complete sect, there are too many aspects to be considered, especially when there are many excellent practitioners, many things cannot be accumulated on one person.

However, it is different now.

The rest of the Bashan Jianchang are "old people", and the resources obtained in Jiaodong County are even more amazing than the Bashan Jianchang's storage.

When the selected things from these resources are simply violent and do not need to be weighed and smashed on these people, the cultivation of these people can only be faster than those of the same talented Bashan Jianchang practitioners.

All he really worried about was one person.

This person is Jing Liuli.

Compared with Jing Liuli, Xia Wan, Yi Xin and others are the future of Changling. In the future, these rising stars may play a big role, but Jing Liuli is now.

The things she was going to do were big enough to change many of the original plans that Ding Ning and Lin Zuojiu had originally planned. If her plan to kill Li Si could succeed, then many things that Ding Ning and Lin Zoujiu planned would be greatly improved in advance.

Many things that Baili Suxue had planned before were successful. Besides knowing enough about the enemy, the most important thing is that many things he planned were absolutely impossible from the outside world.

If it is on the battlefield, many things will be considered too risky and impossible to be adopted.

No one would think that Jing Liuli could have the opportunity to kill Li Si who repaired him too much. Even Ding Ning and Lin Zhuojiu and others did not dare to design in this way, so the enemy would never think of it.

Because of this, Ding Ning felt that this matter had a chance of success.

So he must also make many corresponding preparations.

"Help me go to Changling to see Huang Zhenwei."

Ding Ning sent the Dantai Guanjian to a boat and made the most important one-step arrangement.To the outside world, Ding Ning is just waiting for the Eight Realms. When Ding Ning breaks through the Eight Realms, it will be the time when Bashan Sword Field fully counterattacks.

However, in Ding Ning's own view, Bashan Jianchang's comprehensive counterattack did not need to wait until that moment.


Under Lishan.

In the palace complex under construction, countless craftsmen seem to be chaotic, but very busy with regulations.

There is a large beam in front of a hall. Two officials in charge of construction should have watched the process to avoid any problems, but at this time their eyes were attracted by a middle-aged man with bare hair. .

The middle-aged man with slightly bald hair was Mo Qinggong, and the official rank was only flush with them. However, when Jian Tiansi disappeared in Changling, Shendu Jian was a low-rank official enough to fear the officials of the other divisions. Not to mention this official who holds an important position in the Shendu prison.

"Who is the person to check this time?"

When Mo Qing Palace passed through this unfinished palace area and completely disappeared in their sight, one of the officials couldn't help but ask in a low voice that only two people could hear.

"I heard that I was a practitioner of Qingyang Jianta, otherwise the Shendujian would not send such an experienced old dog out." Another official said in the same whisper: "It is said that the goddujian was in the front hall yesterday. Take away three people, all related to this."

"Qingyang Jianta?" The official who had previously asked changed his face.

Now everyone in the world knows that the strongest practice place of the Zhao dynasty was the sword furnace in the past, but before the sword furnace suddenly appeared, all the practitioners recognized that the strongest practice place of the Zhao dynasty was the Qingyang sword tower.

If there is any big inversion in this practice place, it is indeed terrifying.

In addition to the officials of the Shendujian who walked on the bright side like Mo Qing Palace, when the Shendujian concentrated on investigating one thing, he would naturally arrange many spies who could not be seen by the outside world as being officials of the Shendujian.

These people usually appear in corners that are not noticed at all, doing the most common things, and then waiting for the end of the investigation of the god prison, even if these people are evacuated, they will still not be noticed by anyone.

Shendujian and the former Jiantiansi have great powers in this regard. Some of the manpower arrangements even the officials under the jurisdiction of the lower level do not know that they are the people of Shendujian and Jiantiansi, because these people also use their upper level. The official's oracles were arranged.

There are two places in this amazing palace group under Lishan Mountain that are forbidden places, and even the officials of the gods and prisons cannot enter.

One is the temporary residence of Li Si and his staff, and the other is the central area of ​​the palace.

Every day, at a fixed time in the afternoon, Li Si will come out of his residence and tour around. Finally, he will stay in the central area and finally return to his residence along the established route.

There are some places on the route that Li Si passes through for the craftsmen and hard laborers who work here.

There are some mobile tea carts, and some doctors shuttle between them to cope with sudden injuries.

When the two officials watched Mo Qinggong's back with vigilance and nervousness, Jing Liuli was also carefully watching Li Si's back.

The identity she is getting here is also a healer, the difference is that the medicine in the medicine box she is carrying is not for human use, but for the treatment of diseases of livestock in this large unfinished land.

Many heavy objects need to be towed by livestock, and the number of livestock in these unfinished fields is also staggering.

She is such an identity, and the identity obtained by Du Gu Bai under the arrangement of the Royal Palace and Shendujian is also very convenient. It is this area that takes her to some low-level officials in the injured livestock.

So even if the two are talking casually, it won't attract anyone's attention.

"He is very self-confident and very organized, and many small things will be remembered in his mind."

When Du Gubai came to Jing Liuli's side, Jing Liuli said softly and directly: "But he is very conceited, and some extreme conceited, because many construction-related controversial issues, he finally convinced here that there are dissent Officials and craftsmen."

"What's wrong with this?" Du Gubai already knows Jing Liuli very well. He knows that Jing Liuli specifically said this, and it must be related to some aspects that might defeat Li Si.

"Too arrogant is also a shortcoming, especially when he feels that there is a possibility, he will definitely hold on, and must let things go in the direction he hopes." Jing Liuli turned his head to look at the Solitary Solitude, seriously Said: "Ding Ning told me that the sword heart is nothing more than a human heart. The first thing to understand before launching a sword is what the other person thinks, not the sword style that the other party might use. So to deal with people like him, I can Use the most time-saving method."